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$9.99 monthly

  • access to Making Our Straight Dad a Porn Star and Making Our Teen Nephew a Porn Star

  • access to Dating Father and Son: Coming Out

  • access to Letters from a Fan

  • access to The Dad I Never Had

  • access to Rent My Dad

  • access to chapters of The Men of Stag Meadow Lane two years after they're available to Gold Supporters. Current books: Helping Dad Remember, Brotherly Bonds, XXX Triplets, The Senator's Son

  • access to "Beach Bonding 14: Fun with Four Dads"

  • access to "Beach Bonding 13: Bachelors in Paradise"

  • access to "Beach Bonding 12: Daddy Getaway"

  • instant access to "Beach Bonding 11: Family Ties"

  • access to Model Dad: Model Son

  • access to every chapter of Summer in New York

  • instant access to "Beach Bonding 10: West Coast Wedding"

  • access to You've Got One New Voice Message, my first audio series

  • access to World's Youngest Dad: Horny Uncle Ryan

  • access to Bro-Parenting – a series about brothers Del and Eddie co-parenting Del's teenage son Quin. My first story written in third person

  • access to Marrying Marty's Dad, my first Choose Your Own Action series with you as the main character 

  • instant access to "Beach Bonding 9: Brazilian Bromance": featuring Eric's family and friends and introducing new characters 

  • instant access to "Beach Bonding 8: Back to Barcelona"

  • instant access to "Beach Bonding 7: Fire Island Wedding": the story of Rory's wedding; my first quadruple crossover

  • instant access to "Beach Bonding 6: Spring Break": my first triple crossover

  • instant access to "Beach Bonding 5: Down Under": my first story with comic-book style illustrations

  • instant access to "Beach Bonding 4: I Do": an illustrated story of Eric and Will's wedding attended by all of their friends and family

  • instant access to "Beach Bonding 3: Small World": my first Choose Your Own Action story with YOU as a character; also including multiple illustrations

  • instant access to "Beach Bonding 2: Dadchelor Party": my first illustrated story

  • instant access to "Beach Bonding" – my first extra-long crossover story

  • access to torso shots of all major characters

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$14.99 monthly

Everything from the Supporter tier plus:

  • access to chapters of The Men of Stag Meadow Lane one year after they're available to Gold Supporters. Current books: Helping Dad Remember, Brotherly Bonds, XXX TripletsThe Senator's Son, Submissive Stephen, Disciplining Dennis, Brothers on the Prowl, Stephen Switches

  • access to BackStories: a collection of stories going back in time, introducing the past of well-known characters

  • access to every chapter of Model Dad: Model Boyfriend – a series about Ben's time in London with a famous footballer… and his teenage son

  • instant access to every chapter of Two Dads: Raising Eric – a series about David and Sven juggling parenthood and their high sex drives

  • instant access to every chapter of Dad's Best Buds: Summer in New York – a series about Owen and Taylor moving to New York and discovering their kinky side

  • instant access to "Love Parade" – the story of how David and Sven met

  • regularly added BackStories

  • access to more X-rated illustrations, with new ones added regularly

Gold Supporter.png

$19.99 monthly


 Gold Supporter Yr. 

Everything from the Supporter and Silver Supporter tiers plus:


  • access to Dating Danny's Dads – a Gold Supporter exclusive story updated weekly

  • access to My Nephew's Nudist Boyfriend – a Gold Supporter story

  • access to Dad's Right-Hand Man – a Gold Supporter exclusive story 

  • access to The Twin I Never Knew – a Gold Supporter exclusive story

  • access to Summer with My Stepbrother

  • access to Leather Daddy Isaac, a new series about Isaac's sexcapades in Columbus

  • access to The Men of Stag Meadow Lane, a series of interconnected stories taking place in Rory's hometown, updated weekly, including Book 1: Helping Dad Remember, Book 2: Brotherly Bonds, Book 3: XXX Triplets, Book 4: The Senator's Son, Book 5: Submissive Stephen, Book 6: Disciplining Dennis, Book 7: Brothers on the Prowl, Book 8: Stephen Switches, Book 9: Brady's Boyfriends, Book 10: XXX Triplets' Stepdad, Book 11: A Growing Family, Book 12: Love Thy Neighbor

  • access to The Dom Sub, a series about high school jock Brent and his new substitute teacher Mr. Crane

  • access to The Face Painter

  • access access to Drinkin' with Dad

  • access to Earl's First Time

  • access to Shower with Dad and Shower with My Son

  • access to Be My First

  • First Access to chapters before anyone else

  • full access to all illustrations

  • access to full-frontal body shots of all major characters, with new ones added regularly

  • instant access to "Submissive Sven" showing a different side of the dom daddy

  • instant access to Holiday Hijinks: a series of five holiday-themed short stories 

  • Decide What Happens: polls where you get to decide the future of your favorite characters

  • Pick an illustration: vote to decide what you want to see next

  • Pick a BackStory: polls where you can pick which character's life you'd like to know more about

  • exclusive stories for Gold Supporters


    Gold Supporter Yr.

    Every year
  • Supporter

    Every month
  • Silver Supporter

    Every month
  • Gold Supporter

    Every month
• Price Pledge: the subscription price you choose will never go up
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