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21 | London, UK

After starting college, everything changes in a major way for Aaron when he meets his roommate and suitemates.

Main: Room 141


Aurora "Rory"

25 | New York, NY

Recently moved to New York, Rory meets a boy by the same name and things evolve quickly between the two.

Recurring: My Brother and His Husband



37 | Los Angeles, CA

After building a modeling career in NYC and Europe, Ben retires to LA... and meets his son Sam for the first time.

Main: Model Dad | Model Dad: Like Father Like Son | Model Dad: Trophy Boy



19 | Boston, MA

A college student, rooming with Sam, and in a relationship with David and Sven.

Main: My Boyfriend and My Two Dads

Young_Dad_ 4.png


28 | Philadelphia, PA

Record holder for world's youngest dad, Brandon has his 18-year-old son move in with him.

Main: World's Youngest Dad

Untitled_Artwork 105.png


16 | London, UK

At his 16th birthday party, Callum meets his American dad for the first time.

Main: An American Dad in London

Untitled_Artwork 106.png


28 | Philadelphia, PA

When Cory's best friend Brandon has a baby with Cory's sister, the two boys' friendship changes forever.

Main: World's Youngest Dad



53 | Boston, MA

A writer, recently moved to Boston with his husband Sven and their son Eric, as well as Eric's boyfriend Will.

Main: My Boyfriend and My Two Dads | Love Parade | The King of Saturnalia | Submissive Sven

Eli 2.png


22 | Chicago, IL

When Eli goes back home for the holidays, he gets to introduce his father to his (much older) boyfriend.

Main: My Son's Boyfriend is My Age

Recurring: It's What Brothers Do



24 | Boston, MA

After graduating college, Eric decides to move back in with his two dads and invites his boyfriend Will to come with.

Main: My Boyfriend and My Two Dads

Untitled_Artwork 107.png


18 | Philadelphia, PA

After graduating high school, Ethan moves in with his dad (who is just ten years older than him).

Main: World's Youngest Dad

Greg 7.png


43 | Los Angeles, CA

A lawyer with a penchant for younger guys, Greg dates his ex Ben's son Sam, before starting a relationship with Eli.

Main: Model DadMy Son's Boyfriend is My Age

Isaac 2.png


45 | Columbus, OH

A divorcé living by himself and maintaining a close relationship with his son Eli, Isaac is surprised by Eli's new boyfriend Greg.

Main: My Son's Boyfriend is My Age



24 | Sydney, AU

Aussie tradie Jaxon lives with his dad in Sydney, before moving to New York with his wife... and her curious little brother. 

Main: The Tradie and His Son | Exhibitionist Brother-in-Law

Jordan_ 2.png


20 | New York, NY

Jordan meets fellow New Yorker Rory at her half-brother's wedding, and the two immediately click.

Recurring: My Boyfriend and My Two Dads | My Brother and His Husband

Untitled_Artwork 108.png


37 | London, UK

San Francisco native Josh is a man on a mission: get married and have a kid before 40. Until he finds out he already has a 16-year-old son in London.

Main: An American Dad in London

Mario & Mateo.png

Mario & Mateo

24 | Los Angeles, CA

The two identical twins take WeHo by storm when they move there and get jobs as gogo boys.

Main: Hollywood Twins | Model Dad | A Martinez Family Thanksgiving



24 | Boston, MA

After coming home from serving in the military, Nathan embarks on a quest to find himself.

Main: On My Way to... | My Boyfriend and My Two Dads



34 | New York, NY

A personal trainer in a dom/sub relationship with his husband Taylor.

Main: My Brother and His Husband | Dad's Best Buds | Summer in New York | A Very Personal Trainer

Patrick 3.png


49 | Chicago, IL

Patrick gets a chance to reconnect with his brother Richard when he comes to stay with him, and the two get closer than ever.

Main: It's What Brothers Do

Richard 3.png


46 | Chicago, IL

After a serious accident, Richard has to move in with his straight brother Patrick, who he hasn't been close with in years.

Main: It's What Brothers Do



23 | New York, NY

A recent college grad who moves to New York and stays with his older brother Taylor and his husband Owen.

Main: My Brother and His Husband | Closer than BrothersRoom 141



19 | Boston, MA

After 18 years, Sam finally meets his biological dad Ben.

Main: Model Dad | Model Dad: Like Father, Like Son



54 | Boston, MA

Muscle daddy Sven lives with his husband David and their son Eric.

Main: My Boyfriend and My Two Dads | Love Parade | The King of Saturnalia | Submissive Sven



29 | New York, NY

Married to Owen, Taylor has to learn how to manage their relationship when his little brother Rory comes to live with them.

Main: My Brother and His Husband



24 | Boston, MA

Will's whole world flips upside down when he goes to live with his boyfriend Eric and his two dads

Main: My Boyfriend and My Two Dads



36 | Sydney, AU

Living life between Sydney and LA, Zach does his best to keep his relationship with his boyfriend hot.

Main: You've Got One New Voice Message | Hollywood Twins

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