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College seniors (and boyfriends) Eric and Will are about to graduate and have no idea where to go from here. Too broke to have too many options, Eric has an idea: move in with his parents (who also happen to be a gay male couple).
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Sawyer and his boyfriend Brock get a new roommate: Sawyer's straight older brother Kurt. After a few drinks and sexy pics posted online, Sawyer realizes his followers would love to see more of Kurt. So he gets an idea: make his brother an Internet porn star!
Dad's Right-Hand Man

Ever since his parents' divorce, Justin has grown used to his dad Terry's many affairs and hookups. But everything changes when Justin begins harboring a crush on someone very close to Terry – a crush that will change up the whole family dynamic for good!
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After losing his job in Texas, 24-year-old Colton considers moving in with his dad in Seattle. But Colton doesn't know his dad is hiding a secret from him – a secret which will be a lot more difficult to hide with the two of them living together.
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 Gold Supporter 

"My father was becoming a bona fide, card-carrying leather daddy."

Back in his hometown of Columbus, Eli is determined to get his dad Isaac to come out of his shell and experiment with his sexuality. But before long, Eli is shocked by the progress his father makes, and just how quickly things can change…
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Stag Meadow Lane is an idyllic suburban street… on the outside. Behind closed doors, the men of the Lane get to live out their dirties fantasies, including father and son Tom and Henry…
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Single-chapter stories currently including: 

Seducing My Husband's Brother
My Sister's Boyfriends
My Little Brother is Huge
"Now, all these years later, Quin was thrilled to hear that Uncle Eddie was coming to stay with them for a while. Eddie was the epitome of a 'cool uncle.'"
Brothers Del and Eddie move in together and try co-parenting Del's teenage son, each brother with a very different approach to it.
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"This is the home of 10-year-old Brandon, who in a few short months is expected to become the world's youngest father."
Everything is about to change for young Brandon and everyone around him. Finding his footing as a father, he forges a relationship with his son while juggling growing up himself.
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 The main characters from My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × An American Dad in London × Model Dad go to Brighton for some sexy seaside fun. In between all the fucking, they realize their growing family is all intertwined, with tight family ties bonding them all together!
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Introducing Rory & Taylor's dad Stephen, as he attends his son's wedding in this quadruple crossover.
Rory goes to Fire Island with all of his family and friends for his hot summer wedding! Things get steamier than ever as Rory and his many guests experience first-hand the island's infamous reputation as a legendary cruising ground.

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A special My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × Model Dad crossover.
Sam and Ben meet up with Eric, Will, David, Sven, Brady, and Nathan for San Francisco Pride, where they meet... YOU! ​
An exclusive interactive crossover that puts you in the midst of the action.
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"All I'm saying is, with men like him, if you flatter them a little bit... you could go a long way."

18-year-old Ben finds himself in New York with no one but his uncle Mitchell. Determined to succeed as a model and make money for his newborn son Sam, Ben is willing to do whatever it takes.
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Junior tells the story of growing up with his dad, Foster's coming-out, and the point where they started being open with each other. After their adventure with David and Will, Foster and Junior have an adventure of their own... and take it much further. 
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"You're never alone, Son. We're always here for you."
Owen's dream finally comes true as he moves to the big city. He can't even imagine what awaits him there, though...
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"His juicy ass shook to the beat of the music wrapped in nothing but a neon-green jockstrap that glowed in the dark, drawing eyes to him. As if he needed help attracting attention with a body like his."

Fresh out the closet, John moves to West Hollywood and gets into some double trouble.
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Ken is a man on a mission: find his online fetish for male incest out in the real world. What seems like only an Internet fantasy at first, Ken learns, can be found in reality if you look hard enough...
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George has been looking forward to one of David and Sven's infamous sex parties since he got the invitation. This year, though, there is a surprise theme. George has no idea what he's getting into as he heads to the party alone.
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Wet Wednesday

Feeling naughty, Frank takes the day off work and heads out looking for some fun. When he meets a new buddy who seems to be into piss as much as he is, the two spend the day roaming around Berlin.

High school hockey player Brett gets along with both his dad Charles and his uncle Austin. What Brett doesn't know is that they're keeping a huge secret from him.
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After graduating college, Rory moves to New York City but, unable to afford his own place, he stays with his 24-year-old brother and his husband. It's an adjustment for the newlywed couple, who are used to getting it on whenever and wherever they want...
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After two decades of reading erotic fiction online, Luke decides to take the plunge and start writing his own family-themed story. Soon, he gets an interesting email from a young fan named Jayden, who shares Luke's fascination with the genre.
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As brothers Sawyer and Kurt's porn career flourishes, it becomes more difficult for them to keep it a secret; including from their dad Harry, who grows suspicious of his sons' new source of income.
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Looking forward to a Friday off, Darren's whole day is turned upside down when he receives a phone call from an unknown number. A short while later, he is introduced to Landon and Reed: the teenage half-brothers he's never met.
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 FATHER-SON  |  Complete 

18-year-old Sam gets a chance to meet his biological dad who he's never known. With some hesitation, he flies to California to spend the summer with him before starting college. When the two meet, Sam quickly realizes his dad is nothing like he could've expected...
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A Halloween special in 4 parts

High school senior Dustin is preparing for college without much help from his father Howard. One Friday, the two of them receive mysterious gifts from Howard's boyfriend Marcus, allowing them to see things from a whole new perspective.
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"Besides, you're Rory's best man, which makes you in charge of the bachelor party."
At Rory's son's first birthday party, multiple surprising announcements thrill all of the guests. Taylor finds himself planning a bachelor party. He takes his task seriously and is dedicated to giving Rory one of the best nights of his life.
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"As we showered side-by-side, wearing nothing but flip-flops, I couldn't help but look at Uncle Ryan's body a few times…"
World's youngest dad Brandon and his son Ethan build a brand-new kind of relationship with Brandon's brother Ryan after he comes to crash on their couch.
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Eric and his family and friends visit California for a surprise wedding!

 An extra-long My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × Model Dad: Model Boyfriend × My Son's Boyfriend is My Age crossover, featuring all of the main characters and introducing new ones!
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Eric's, Rory's, and Ethan's families go to Miami in this My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × My Brother and His Husband × World's Youngest Dad triple crossover.
Clothing-optional beaches, bathhouse celebrations, and a house full of hot men = an unforgettable spring break!

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A special My Brother and His Husband × Model Dad crossover.
Rory, Taylor, Owen, Ben, and Sam all get together in Cancún to throw Rory a dadchelor party. Whether on the beach, in the pool, or in the hotel room, the five men get very close during this sexy holiday.
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"Well, Dad, you just got yourself a new workout buddy. I hired us a personal trainer."
Mark feels ambushed when his son Logan signs them up for personal training classes together. But when Mark finds out their new trainer is Owen, an old family friend, he suspects things might just get very interesting.
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 STRAIGHT MEN   Complete 
"I knew nothing about the guy (except how fucking hot he was) and now… now we'd be living together?"
Casey is thrilled to start college and move to New York City all by himself. But, his plans are soon thwarted when he realizes he'll be living with his older sister... and her hot new husband Jaxon.
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"It felt... like we were building a bond that made us closer than brothers."

Used to sharing a room with his brother, Rory starts college and finds himself sharing a suite with three other guys. Before he knows it, they're as close as brothers. Closer, even...
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18-year-old Aaron is excited to start college. Finally out of his parents' house and in a dorm, where he'll share a room, shower, and new experiences with several different guys; and in the process, learn something about himself and his sexuality.
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After getting in a serious accident, 45-year-old Richard has no one but his recently-divorced older brother to take care of him. After decades of estrangement, the two find they need each other more than ever...
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New Year's Eve 2019​
Travel through four states and see what Will, Sven, Ben, Sam, Rory, Owen and others are up to on New Year's Eve.
Staying with Uncle Stan

When Nash's dad announces they're leaving New York and moving in with Uncle Stan in rural Maine, Nash is devastated. However, he is soon comforted by the sight of his studly uncle.
NNB Cover

Vance is in for a big surprise when he relocates to Texas and moves in with his nephew Oliver and Oliver's nudist boyfriend Big Mike.

18-year-old Jude is done with his freshman year of college and ready to spend the summer with his mom and her new husband. There's only one problem: he's expected to share a room with his intimidatingly hunky stepbrother Chad.
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Isaac meets his 21-year-old son Eli's boyfriend for the first time, and tries to make peace with the fact he's almost his own age. It doesn't help that Eli and Greg don't hide their affection for each other either...
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"Can you imagine, if a woman from my past popped up and said I had a teenage son?"
Josh is a man on a mission: get married and have a child before he turns 40. That is, until he gets a call from London and learns that he already has a son, who is just about to turn 16.
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Ben starts dating the first openly-gay footballer in the Premier League… and meets his curious teenage son.

The summer before his senior year of high school, Aidan plans to spend the entire time watching porn and jerking off. However, his plans are changed when he has to leave his parents' house and go live with his big brother for the summer.
Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 12.06.38
Victor is planning his best friend Kris's bachelor party – in between sucking anonymous cock in his garage. When Victor invites Kris to his homemade gloryhole, something unexpected happens.
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When Austin and Rodney decide to have their bachelor party in LA, their friends and family join them for a few days full of sun, sea, and sex. New relationships start and old secrets are revealed – and before the end of the trip, all of the men get much closer together!
Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 10.35.27 AM.png
Eric and his family and friends are off to sunny São Paulo!

 An extra-long My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × My Brother and His Husband × My Son's Boyfriend is My Age crossover, featuring all of the main characters and introducing new ones!
Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 7.07.31 PM.png
Eric's and Eli's families meet in this My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × My Son's Boyfriend is My Age crossover.

Both Sven and Greg are invited to a conference in Sydney, Australia. It is there that their two families meet... and what follows is plenty of fatherly and inter-generational exchanges.

Untitled design-9.png

A special My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × My Brother and His Husband crossover.
The main characters of both stories find themselves in Provincetown at the same time, and send the summer off with a bang. An extra-long story with multiple sex scenes and narration by all eight men.
Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 5.47.23 PM.png
The day after Halloween, Sven wakes up next to his husband, remembering last night's party, counting the loads inside his husband's ass, and deciding to add to them. But the fun is far from over! Out for a coffee run, Sven bumps into someone who will become a staple in their lives.
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"What was it, three times for you and four or me? Our personal best, I reckon.."

When Zach goes back to Sydney for a while, he leaves his boyfriend Riley behind in LA. Missing him, he sends him voice messages and shares every sordid detail, for Riley (and you) to hear.

"Eli just smiled though, and I smiled back. I wanted to project that I was cool with it. And I was."

Single dad Isaac tries his best to show his teenage son Eli that he is completely comfortable him being gay. But just how comfortable is he when Eli starts pushing it?
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Surrounded by a sexy new roommate, a horny suitemate, and an exhibitionist stepdad-to-be, Skyler doesn't know which way to look first, and just what to do with all the temptation...
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 Silver & Gold 
How did David and Sven meet? Take a trip to Berlin back in 1992; a trip that would change David's life forever.
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Holiday Hijinks

A collection of five holiday-themed short stories featuring well-known characters, including Owen, Skyler, Vaughn, and others.
DNH Cover

Everett grows up without ever knowing his dad, so it's a brand new experience for him when he starts to bond with his soon-to-be father-in-law. After moving in together, the two men quickly grew closer than either of them could've imagined…
TINK Cover

Fourteen years after moving to Sioux Falls Rafe has it all: a wife, three kids, a great job, and plenty of friends. But one night, an unexpected phone call from his buddy Evan is about to change Rafe's life for good.
Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 3.23.15 PM.png

Micah is thrilled to finally move to Colorado and begin life as a college student. Although he's usually into older guys, he can't ignore his attractive new roommate Danny. But then, a hot hookup is followed by a shocking revelation that will change everything!
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 Gold Supporter 

"Yet Mr. Crane just sat there motionless, observing me calmly. And then, in the most inopportune moment… I felt my dick start to chub up."

Football jock Brent feels untouchable at his private high school… until he meets the new Math sub…
Three father-son duos travel through Europe together, building bonds that will last them a lifetime.
Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 2.25.08 PM.png
"Suddenly, I heard our son's bedroom door opening upstairs, and he yelled out from his room. 'Yes, honey?' I said, just as my husband's cock slipped inside of me balls-deep. I tried keeping my voice as neutral as possible, which wasn't easy."
David and Sven try juggling parenthood and their high sex drives.
Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 3.00.36 PM.png
Dylan is on a roll! He moves into his new San Francisco apartment and immediately hooks up with not one, but two hot men! Little does he know, just how much his new love interests have in common...
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Ben puts his modeling career on hold to fly to rural Vermont and spend the holidays with his father. Alone in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, Ben and his dad get to know each other better than ever.
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 The main characters from My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × My Brother and His Husband go back to Provincetown for some dad-on-dad fun! Two generations of Hillbeckers and Johnstons celebrate another reunion of their growing, incestuous family.
Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 5.22.17 PM.png
 Eric and his family are back in Barcelona… and this time they brought friends along!

A My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × My Brother and His Husband × Making My Straight Brother a Porn Star crossover, featuring all the main guys from the stories as well as introducing new original characters!
Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 4.56.32 PM.png
A triple My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × My Brother and His Husband × Model Dad crossover.
Daddies Sven and David throw their son a wedding the way only they know how: with lots of sex! The two grooms and all of their guests are off to Hawaii for a fun time they'll never forget.

Screen Shot 2021-11-14 at 9.53.40 AM.png

The Martinez house is always full for the holidays. From the naughty twins, to Manuel and his wife and kids, to Miguel and his husband... Year after year, the siblings share bedrooms, sexcapades, and secrets for Thanksgiving.
Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 12.05.01
After Eric and Will's big day, they're left alone in Hawaii for their honeymoon! The two newlywed husbands waste no time and manage to "keep things fresh" with another groom-to-be... on the evening of his wedding with his family there.
Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 11.01.15
  Choose Your Own Action 
"And there he is," Duncan jumps off the couch when you walk into the living room. He introduces you to the boy sitting next to him, before turning to you and adding, "and this is my son, Marty."

A story with YOU as the main character! Meet your fiancé's son, and decide where to go from there
Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 11.08.37
    "My eyes started to close as the sky got even darker. No! I jolted. I have to stay up! 'The worst is over,' I tried to convince myself."

A mysterious stranger travels through the country, trying to get away from his past and figure out his future.
Untitled design-3.png
After he turns 16, Owen asks to join in his dad's annual tradition of going away with his buddies for a few days of quality male bonding time. Accompanied by Dad's four best friends, the father and son head to a secluded cabin by a lake.
Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 2.59.32 PM.png

At a kinky party at their house, David and Sven give their friends and fuck buddies quite an unexpected show. Others are invited to watch and join in, as Sven takes up a role he very seldom does.
Untitled design-12.png
Flight 2F6

"Perfect couple" Miguel and Vaughn's marriage seems less perfect behind the curtain. On their flight from Chicago to LA for Thanksgiving, the couple sit next to a teenager named Sam... setting into effect something that'll change their whole relationship.
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