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"Beach Bonding 10: West Coast Wedding" is the latest in the Beach Bonding series, a triple crossover between My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × Model Dad: Model Boyfriend × My Son's Boyfriend is My Age, featuring the main characters from all three stories as well as introducing brand-new guys!


It comes in ten parts:

Part I: In the Neighbor's Garage

Part II: The Massage Therapist

Part III: The New Roommate

Part IV: Unexpected Audience

Part V: See It to Believe It
Part VI: Passion & Perversion

Part VII: Bolts of Pleasure

Part VIII: Sven's Message

Part IX: A Dad's Gotta Make His Boy Happy

Part X: Nice Cock, Dad

The full story is instantly available to Supporters of any tier

Here are a few teasers to give you a taste...


    When Peter and his son Adrian arrived, Dad and I put on some speedos and welcomed them. Before long, the two British men began to take off their clothes, getting down to their own speedos, which took me by surprise.

    "I told them to come ready to get wet," Dad winked at me, making all four of us laugh.

    Seeing Peter Davies nearly naked, I realized he'd put on quite a few pounds since his charity-calendar days. He no longer looked as athletic and in-shape as he did back then, but he had much more of a daddy vibe going on for him now, which was appealing in its own way, especially in combination with the manly tattoos he had all over his body. His son Adrian, on the other hand, was on the skinnier side, and even though he was two months older than me, he actually looked a bit younger. 

    Adrian and I hit the pool together after a while, going for a swim and then taking a break, standing in the water by the edge of the pool and talking about college. Since he had started a year before I did, Adrian had already graduated school and gotten his degree. Not only was he married now, but he also had a young son.

    "Wow, I'm surprised," I admitted to him. "I mean, I know a couple of people our age who have kids, but they're all straight and I don't think they really planned on it."

    "Yeah, well, when it's right, you just know," Adrian said. "How are things going with your boyfriend? You guys have been together for a couple of years as well, right?"

    "Yes," I said, and I told Adrian all about Nate. While we talked, our two dads lounged nearby and chatted. Enthralled in our conversation, Adrian and I didn't even notice when our fathers began making out and pulling on each other's speedos. Suddenly, after looking in their direction, Adrain exclaimed, "Oh my god!"

    Turning my head quickly, I looked at Dad just as his hard dick popped out of his speedos and Peter Davies knelt down to suck it. The two former boyfriends were clearly still attracted to one another, at least sexually.

    "Oh my god," Adrian repeated, looking awe-struck… [continue]


    As I looked at my uncle and cousin walking by me, all three of us shirtless and enjoying the Californian sun, I smiled from ear to ear and said,

    "Thank you guys for being here. I love you."

    This led to a threesome hug, with David and Eric's hands rubbing my back reassuringly. My cousin's hand eventually slid down to give my ass a playful squeeze, which made me laugh. 

    "Stooop," I pretended to push Eric off, even though I was very much enjoying fooling around with him like this.

    "What, you don't want me to grab your ass in public?" he said, sticking his tongue out. Even though we were out at the beach, we were out of the city and a good distance away from anyone else. "Would you prefer if I grabbed this instead?" my cousin asked, letting go of my asscheek and grabbing my cock next.

    "Eric!" I said, taken aback by his brazenness even as my prick grew within his grasp. Eric and David had both sucked my dick on separate occasions; I just didn't know if they'd ever talked about it amongst one another. "Do you guys know…?" I muttered.

    "What your cum tastes like? Yes, we both know that, Nate," Uncle David laughed, placing his hand on my ass now.

    "So you've talked about it," I concluded, enjoying the stimulation I was receiving on both ends.

    "My dads and I talk about everything," Eric said, squeezing my cock even more firmly through my cargo shorts. While my baggy shorts extended down to my knees, my cousin and my uncle had both chosen to wear tight little jean shorts that made them look like retro porn stars. Unable to decide whom I wanted to get my hands on first, I placed one hand on each of their backs and began caressing them.

    "Yeah, I should've known that you guys share a lot," I said softly, barely audible over the sound of the ocean waves. It was windy, but since it was such a hot day the breeze actually felt pleasant.

    "I know of one thing we can share," Eric teased, clutching my nearly-hard cock while crouching down. As soon as his face was level with my crotch, he pulled my shorts and my underwear down, letting them drop onto the sand. My erection popped out and almost hit my cousin in the face, much to Eric's amusement. Squatting down, the back of Eric's shorts rode down to reveal the bright orange waistband of the jockstrap he was wearing today. 

    Meanwhile, my uncle stood by me with a shit-eating grin on his face, looking completely unperturbed. I suspected strongly by now that Eric and his two dads had crossed quite a few lines when it came to sex. But just how far had they gone?? I guess we were about to find out… [continue]


    "See that guy? That's Ben Turner, Greg's ex," Eli said to me as we were standing alone and gossiping. I looked over at the man my son was pointing at and I couldn't help but feel impressed. 

    "Oh, wow," I said. Half of the guests at Greg's party looked like they could be models, but Ben was possibly the best-looking one of them all. "He's a looker, but I'm surprised Greg was together with someone so old. I thought he liked 'em young," I noted.

    "Well, from what I know, he also had a brief fling with Ben's son Sam," Eli filled me in.

    "Is that so?" I raised my eyebrows. This info piqued my interest, so I went over to introduce myself to Ben, who was surprisingly friendly for a person that hot. 

    After talking to him about our host Greg for a while, Ben moved on to talk about his son Sam, who apparently recently got married. With all this talk about gay relationships, I told Ben that I had just recently come out of the closet myself.

    "Congratulations, man!" Ben patted my back. "Greg showing you a good time?"

    "He sure is, he and my son both," I smiled. 

    "Have they taken you out to any good clubs in LA?" Ben asked.

    "They have. Just the other night, we went to this party…" I began, filling Ben in on the sex party I'd attended with Greg and Eli. I mentioned it by name and figured if Ben was into the whole fetish-kink thing he would surely recognize it; otherwise, it would go over his head. Turns out, he knew precisely what I was talking about.

    "If you're into sex parties," Ben grinned at me, "there's one happening tonight… [continue]

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