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"Beach Bonding 11: Family Ties" is the latest in the Beach Bonding series, a triple crossover between My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × An American Dad in London × Model Dad


The main characters from all three stories go to Brighton for some sexy seaside fun. In between all the fucking, they realize their growing family is all intertwined, with tight family ties bonding them all together!


It comes in four parts:

Part I: Dads Gone Wild

Part II: The Teen and the Two Older Men

Part III: Ben's Big Announcement

Part IV: The Final Four

The full story is instantly available to Supporters of any tier

Here are a couple of teasers to give you a taste...


    "Only seven o'clock in Boston," I sighed in the dark. I didn't feel a trace of sleepiness, 

    "Yeah, I'm not tired, but we might as well get some sleep," my husband said, lying in the middle between his dad and me, all three of us still naked under the covers. "I mean, not like there's anything to do around here. It's weird, London's this huge city, but this hotel is so quiet, just surrounded by these huge parking lots."

    "It kinda reminds me of the hotel where Sven and I had sex for the first time," I said. "When I got back from Berlin."

    "How did that happen?" Larry asked, turning to his side to face my way, placing his right hand on his son's chest and gently stroking Will's chest hair.

    "Well, we were with another guy. God, I couldn't remember his name if you paid me. A married man from Europe who was staying at the same hotel," I said. "We started talking on an app, and at first the plan was for Dad and I to hook up with him but not engage with each other. That was a line we'd never crossed."

    "And then what happened?" my father-in-law asked, clearly excited by my story. Illuminated by the moonlight coming in through the large windows, I could see Larry's hand roaming lower down his son's torso, drawing circles around Will's belly button.

    "Wellll…" I said with a smirk, turning to face Will as well and placing my left hand on his left pec, pinching his nip. "The guy Dad and I were with turned out to be a perv. He wanted to fuck me while my father was fucking him."

    "Wow, that sounds complicated," Larry said, his fingers now combing through his son's short pubic hair. Meanwhile, Will remained silent, only letting out an occasional moan as he wriggled in the middle of the bed.

    "You have no idea," I said to Larry, pinching his son's nipple even harder. "But you know what they say… where there's a Will there's a way."

    "That's right," Larry said, and I could see a grin appear on his face in the dim light. My husband's dick was almost fully hard now, and his dad slowly took it in his hand and asked, "And then what happened?" [continue]


    The older man walked away to the kitchen while his grandson led me to the living room, where he basically pushed me down onto the sofa and crouched down between my legs.

    "Seriously? What about your grandfather?" I asked, my already throbbing within the grasp of the horny teen's hand.

    "My grandfather's… cool," Callum said just enough for me to take the hint. I made no further effort to prevent him from pulling down my shorts completely, admiring my smooth cock and balls in his face. I kicked off my flip flops and spread my legs, naked as the day I was born. "You're huge," the boy said, literally salivating at the sight of my meat.

    "I ain't even hard yet," I smirked, showing off my cock as it got larger and larger by the second, just like Callum's eyes. Finally, the temptation was too much for the teen to resist. He dove in and took half of my prick in his mouth, clearly overwhelmed by the size to take all of it in. "You've sucked dick before, right?" I asked, just to make sure.

    "Yeah. But never a pierced one," the boy replied before going back down on me.

    "You'll be fine, then. Just don't nick it with your teeth," I said.

    Callum took turns sucking and stroking my junk, with all the eagerness of a beginner but the technique of a pro. I was enjoying myself so much that I completely forgot the boy's grandfather was here, until Ron appeared in the living room, holding two scotch glasses.

    "Well, would you look at that," he said, watching his grandson as the teen worked my thick tool. I made eye contact with the older man, unsure where things might go from here. With a stoic expression on his face, Ron simply said, "Here's your drink, Sven."

    "I appreciate it," I replied, accepting the glass that Ron brought over to me. Next, the man went to sit down in an armchair across from us, watching the ongoing blowjob like it was a show put on for his amusement.

    "Cheers. To a… good summer," I said, holding my glass.

    "To a good summer," Ron smirked, lifting his scotch. We both took a sip at the exact same moment as his grandson loudly slurped a wad of precum off my pierced piss slit.

    "So, um… you two do this together a lot?" I asked. It wasn't often that I was speechless, but in this situation I wasn't sure what to say. Judging by Ron's nonchalant reaction, I was led to believe this wasn't the first time something like this was happening, but I didn't know if I should address it or just roll with it.

    "A few times," Ron replied. "That's my grandson for ya. You put a dick in front of him and he'll go to town. Just earlier today on the train here, I was saying how he's almost as big of a slut as his dad when he was his age" … [continue]

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