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"Beach Bonding 13: Bachelors in Paradise" is a triple crossover between My Uncle and My Dad's Secret × Model Dad × The Twin I Never Knew


When Austin and Rodney decide to have their bachelor party in LA, their friends and family join them for a few days full of sun, sea, and sex. New relationships start and old secrets are revealed – and before the end of the trip, all of the men get much closer together!


It comes in four parts:

Part I: Like Father, Like Son

Part II: Keep It Sexy

Part III: He Loves That

Part IV: Both His Daddies Now

The full story is instantly available to Supporters of any tier

Here are a couple of teasers to give you a taste...


    At the very end of the summer, Nate and I touched down at LAX. Dad was there to pick us up, and he had a surprise to share with us in the car.

    "Do you remember that guy Rafe I told you about? The one I went to visit in South Dakota?"

    "Aha," I nodded, staring at my father from the passenger seat of his car. Even after all this time, I was always in awe of how good Dad looked, every single time I saw him. 

    "Well, Rafe will be here tomorrow," Dad said. "So you'll get to meet him."

    "Really? He's coming to see you?" Nate asked from the backseat.

    "Kinda. His brother's getting married, and they're having the bachelor party here. So a bunch of them are coming over."
   The following evening, Rafe showed up at Dad's house, accompanied by an identical man who was obviously his twin.

    "Hi Sam. Pleasure to finally meet you," he said as he shook my hand with a big smile on his face. "I'm Rafe, and this is my brother Gabe."

    "Nice to meet you both. And congratulations on your wedding," I said to Gabe.

    "Oh, I'm not the one getting married," Gabe laughed.

    "My adoptive brother Austin is the one getting married," Rafe corrected me. "He's back at the hotel with the rest of the crew."

    "Why didn't you bring them over?" I asked.

    "We're a large group, we didn't want it to be overwhelming," said Rafe. "This way we can get to know each other more intimately."

    Even though Rafe was my dad's boyfriend (or something like that), I couldn't help but check him out, as well as his equally sexy twin brother Gabe. Rafe looked like a typical dad in a golf polo and khaki shorts, but he was adorable. Gabe, on the other hand, was wearing a very sheer tank top, one with the sides going all the way down so you could see his pecs and obliques from the side. He also sported what I could only call Daisy Dukes. His jean shorts were cut so short the pockets were hanging out, not that I was complaining. Gabe's thick thighs and even thicker glutes made it clear that he never skipped leg day at the gym.

    Whether they were officially boyfriends or not, my dad and Rafe sure were very touchy-feely with each other. Dad kept standing behind Rafe to hug him and kiss the back of his neck. It was great seeing my father so happy with someone, and I hoped this might turn into something serious. Meanwhile, Gabe kept giving me eyes up and down, without even trying to be particularly discreet about it.

    After a short while, we all made our way to the pool in the backyard. It was a warm day and soon everyone was stripping down to our underwear and jumping into the pool – everyone except Gabe, that is.

    "I'm… not wearing any underwear," he announced coyly.

    "That's alright," Dad said. "Jump in anyway."

    Without missing a beat, Gabe pulled down his jean shorts and joined us in the pool, stark naked. I took note that Rafe didn't even bat an eye at the sight of his naked twin. I suspected this wasn't the first time they'd been naked around each other. 

    "What's it like having a sexy dad like Ben?" Gabe asked me, swimming over to me while Dad and Rafe were sharing smooches on the other side of the pool.

    "I get that aaaall the time," I replied, rolling my eyes in a playful manner.

    "Maybe I should be asking him what it's like to have a sexy son instead," Gabe winked before looking down at the bulge in my underwear. 

    "You know, I think I'll follow your example and take these off," I announced, getting rid of my briefs and throwing them by the side of the pool"… [continue]


    "Uncle Austin… are you getting hard?" Brett asked me candidly.

    "After hearing about what you did yesterday, can you blame me?!" I replied.

    "I know, it was really hot. They were both so sexy. Sam is adorable. And Ben is probably the sexiest dad I've ever met. Well… other than you, of course," Brett grinned. By now, he had developed a habit of referring to me as his "uncle" and "dad" interchangeably.

    "Brett, I need to get rid of this boner before I get arrested," I said.

    "Let's go in the water," the savvy teen suggested. 

    As soon as we were chest-deep in the ocean, Brett immediately reached in his own speedos and pulled out his cock. I couldn't see very clearly, but it was obvious that he was also hard and jacking off, all while maintaining eye contact with me. I was a horny fucker when I was Brett's age, but he had definitely managed to one-up me.

    "You're such a freak," I shook my head, looking around to make sure no one was around us. I could see one person swimming not too far away, but other than that there was no one else in the water.

    "I get it from my father," Brett said sassily.

    What I thought was going to be a "take a cold shower moment" suddenly turned into this risky public display. I reached for my own dick and I immediately began masturbating just a couple of feet from my son. I took a deep, deep breath, enjoying the smell of the ocean. It felt like paradise.

    "Is that guy swimming our way?" Brett asked after about a minute, pointing at the lone swimmer in the water. I turned around and realized –

    "That's your Uncle Rafe," I said, squinting my eyes so I could see better. It was definitely either him or his twin.

    Indeed, as he approached us, I realized that the man was none other than my adoptive brother Rafe. Rafe was four years younger than me, and I always assumed that he was 100% straight… until recently. Now, I had a suspicion that Ben Turner was more than just Rafe's friend – the two of them might just be boyfriends. As he got nearer, Rafe stopped swimming and waded closer to us with a smile on his face.

    "Hey guys! I thought it was you two," Rafe said with a smile.

    "Oh yes, I was just taking out the youngster for a walk," I replied, letting go of my hard-on under the water. 

    The three of us chit-chatted a bit, and during that time, I paid close attention to Brett, whose right arm seemed to be pumping back-and-forth in the water. That cheeky bastard was still jacking off! Even with Rafe here, Brett never stopped masturbating for a second… [continue]

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