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"Beach Bonding 9: Brazilian Bromance" is the latest in the Beach Bonding series, a triple crossover between My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × My Brother and His Husband × My Son's Boyfriend is My Age, featuring the main characters from all three stories as well as introducing brand-new guys!


It comes in seven parts:

Part I: A Brother's Dare

Part II: Two Leather Daddies

Part III: First Cumload of 2022

Part IV: David's 55th

Part V: Switch Up the Roles
Part VI: The Supportive Dad

Part VII: Deeper

and it takes place between:

Chapters 60 & 61 of My Boyfriend and My Two Dads

Chapters 36 & 37 of My Brother and His Husband

Chapters 24 & 25 of My Son's Boyfriend is My Age

The full story is instantly available to Supporters of any tier

Here are a few teasers to give you a taste...


    "You alright, Eric?" Rory suddenly said loudly, starling me. He must've caught me staring at his bulge and basically drooling.

    "Yeah, just… enjoying the view," I said mischievously across the table, exchanging a smirk with Rory. The next person I made eye contact with was my dad David, who was busy whispering with Sven. Next thing I know, David looked around the restaurant patio real quick and then slid down under the table. They might be halfway through their 50s, but my fathers had the sex drive of teenagers. There was no need to ask; we all knew what David was doing under the table. Still, Rory decided to make sure so he asked,

    "Is he sucking your dick, Sven?"

    "Indeed he is," my dad replied to Rory. With all of us sitting around the table, David was well hidden as he started servicing Sven's prick right there and then.

    Rory continued to smirk and he let his hand fall down onto his bulge. I was too tempted to ignore it any further. Taking a page from David's book, I quickly slid down under the table. There was just enough room for David and me down here, and I wiggled past him to get to Rory's legs. While my dad sucked my other dad's dick, I placed my hands on Rory's thighs and pushed up, until I was inside his shorts and massaging his growing cock.

    "Fuck! Go for it," my brother-in-law moaned, taking his dick out the leg of his short shorts. I leaned in immediately, taking his meat in my mouth and feeling him get harder and harder until he was pressing up against the back of my throat. David and I were pressed together, side-by-side, both of us acting like good little cocksuckers – a trait I'd inherited from my dad… [continue]


    "I want you both in my ass," I said, taking Taylor's dick out my mouth. "I want you both in my ass at the same time.

    "You sure you can handle that?" Owen smirked and slapped his thick tool against my face like a baseball bat. 

    "Aha," I nodded hungrily, my tongue out, licking Owen's smooth nuts.

    "Well then, where do you keep the lube?" Owen smiled and went back to kissing his husband.

    While I dug out some lube and poppers from my suitcase, Taylor and Owen went to the bed. Taylor lay down on it on his back, holding his boner upwards, while Owen stood next to the bed and waited for me to get on top of his husband.

    I opened the bottle of lube and squeezed out enough to rub all over Taylor's prick as well as my asshole. I dropped the lube and poppers onto the mattress as I straddled Taylor's body and sat down on his prick with ease, taking it as if it were a pinky.

    "Impressive. Let's see how you feel about this," Owen said threateningly as he approached me with his meat in his hands. He got on his knees on the bed, just about to penetrate me… when the door opened and my dad walked in.

    "Whoa! Am I interrupting something?" my father said, taken aback but quickly rolling with it. He shut the door behind him and entered the room, sensing that none of us had a problem with his presence here. Quite the contrary.

    "Hey, Isaac. Your son was just about to take my cock up his slutty little hole. Apparently he can't get enough, taking one dick at a time. He wants to be double-bred," Owen explained to my father. 

    "Well, the boy's on vacation so he should have some fun," Dad added facetiously, with a devilish smirk on his face [continue]

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