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Dad's Right-Hand Man
Ever since his parents' divorce, Justin has grown used to his dad Terry's many affairs and hookups. But everything changes when Justin begins harboring a crush on someone very close to Terry – a crush that will change up the whole family dynamic for good!

Chapter 1  Gold Supporter 

Ever since his parents' divorce, Justin has grown used to his dad Terry's many affairs and hookups. Justin is harboring a crush on someone very close to Terry. Soon, there is a secret Terry keeps from Justin as well.

Chapter 2  Gold Supporter 

During an intimate one-on-one conversation, Justin gets to learn more about his father's sexual history. Later, the horny teen steals his dad's phone and stumbles upon some very unexpected material.

Chapter 3  Gold Supporter 

As a delivery boy, Chase meets a lot of people all over town… including some horny guys in need of release. As for Justin, he is still struggling to make peace with his dad's secret – when he's shocked to learn something about his mom next!

Chapter 4  Gold Supporter 

Rhett is no stranger to getting in trouble thanks to his dick. This time, shit really hits the fan when Rhett finds out he's been nailing his boss's ex-wife. To make matters worse, his boss's son is right there to witness all of it.

Chapter 5  Gold Supporter 

Terry is shocked to hear about his right-hand man messing with his ex, so he heads straight to Rhett to square up. Justin finally gets some one-on-one time with Rhett, and he is surprised by some of the intimate details he finds out.

Chapter 6  Gold Supporter 

It's the start of summer and sex is in the air. Struggling to get his mind off Justin, Rhett heads to a cruisy area where he bumps into a familiar face. Even after blowing a load, Rhett later succumbs to an invitation from his boss's son.

Chapter 7  Gold Supporter 

In an effort to rebuild their relationship, Terry takes his teenage son on a camping trip for Father's Day. There, the two of them get much closer; but will it all go up in flames as soon as they return and a shocking discovery rocks their world?

Chapter 8  Gold Supporter 

When Terry walks in on his teenage son together with Rhett, things almost escalate to the point of no return. Justin does his best to calm everyone down, but can his relationship with his father ever recover from this?

Chapter 9  Gold Supporter 

Back in 2003, teenage Rhett spends an interesting day – and night – with his first girlfriend and her father. And in the summer of 2023, Rhett's young boyfriend throws him a surprise for his birthday, which also turns into a family affair.

Chapter 10  Gold Supporter 

Justin tells Rhett a few sexy stories from his past and what it was like growing up with his uninhibited dad. That day, Rhett gets to know a whole new side of his buddy. When Terry asks Rhett for some sexual advice, Rhett has a solution.

Chapter 11  Gold Supporter 

The cat is out of the bag after Justin walks in on his dad and Chase together. But how will the teen react to his father's sudden sexual interest in men? Plus, the whole situation gets even hotter when Dad's right-hand man drops by for a visit.

Chapter 12  Gold Supporter 

With a little help from Dad's right-hand man, Justin and Terry take their father-son relationship to the next level. Rhett is amazed by what he sees, and he is all too happy to participate and push the duo to go further.

Chapter 13  Gold Supporter 

Now that his relationship with Rhett is no longer a secret, Justin goes on his first official date. After dinner, the happy couple returns to Justin's dad's house, where they're joined by Terry for yet another fun night as a threesome.

Chapter 14  Gold Supporter 

During a cruisy summer, Terry grows more comfortable with man-on-man action – so much so that he ends up dropping to his knees in front of his son's boyfriend. But what happens when Justin finds out about his dad's latest sexcapade?

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