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My Dad's Sons

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    The phone call that would change everything happened on a sunny Friday morning. It was one of my rare days off and I opened Grindr just to check my messages. There were a couple of offers to hook up and although flattered, I wasn't interested in any of them. After turning 33 a few weeks ago, I was trying to look for men who were interested in a more serious relationship – something I hadn't had in several years.

    Suddenly, an unknown number flashed on the screen. Assuming it was a spam call, I intended to decline, but my finger missed and tapped the green button instead.

    "Hello? Is this Darren Baker?" a female voice asked.

    "Yes," I confirmed. Clearly, I'd been mistaken about the nature of the call. But what happened next was beyond what I could ever imagine.

    The woman introduced herself as the principal of a high school a couple of towns over, before adding, "I'm calling about Landon and Reed."

    "Who?" I asked, genuinely puzzled.

    "Reed and Landon Baker. Your brothers?"

    It took me a while to connect the dots. Years and years ago, back when I used to use Facebook, I remembered stumbling upon a photo of them with my father – a man I hadn't seen since I was 13 years old. A man who, as far as I knew, was the two boys' father as well.

    "Excuse me but… why are you calling me about them?" I asked the woman. I'd never met the two boys and I couldn't pick them out of a lineup. I didn't even know how old they were.

    "Because you're their only adult relative whose number they had," the woman answered. "Mr. Baker, I just found out that Landon and Reed have been living on their own for the past three months. Neither their mother nor their father is anywhere to be found."

    "I'm sorry to hear that, but unfortunately I can't help you track them down," I said. "I don't know a single thing about that woman, and I haven't spoken to my father in twenty years."

    "I see. And do you know of anyone else who might have more information?" the principal asked.

    "No. My father and I don't move in the same circles," I explained.

    My father had moved here to Nevada from Maine, and I'd never met any of his family, who as far as I knew wanted nothing to do with him. He was a drunk and a flake who had never held a steady job that I was aware of. The highlight of his life was meeting a wonderful woman like my mother, who had somehow allowed herself to get knocked up by him. Since then, my mother and her family were the ones who raised me, with my dad making sporadic appearances when I was little, until one day he stopped. I knew he had a bunch of kids with other women all over the area, but that was none of my concern. The only thing tying me up to that man was my last name, which I'd always meant to change but I never got around to actually doing it.

    "Mr. Baker, here's the issue," the principal continued. "Reed is 17 and Landon's 16, so I cannot allow them to live on their own without a guardian. They need someone to stay with, at least for the next few months until Reed turns 18."

    "I understand, but I really can't help you find anyone," I said.

    "I know this is out of the blue, but would you be able to have them stay over for a bit, until we can track down either of their parents? It would be much better for them than being placed in the system."

    I was speechless. 

    "I… I don't even know them," I pointed out.

    "I understand. So would you at least be willing to come to the school and meet the boys? Please."

    All of a sudden, I imagined my teenage self, abandoned by my dad just like these two boys. At least I was lucky enough to have a responsible mom. Most of my father's baby mamas were drunks and drug users like he was, and I had a suspicion that was the case with Landon and Reed's mother as well. I lived on my own and had an extra bedroom in my house. I occasionally rented it out to tourists but lately it had been sitting empty. So could I really…?

    "Okay, I'll drop by the school. I have the day off today anyway," I said. This was NOT how I'd hoped to spend the day. Then, I told the principal, "And please understand, I'm only coming to meet the boys. I can't make any promises."

    Even though it was October, the temperature was over 100°, so I drove with the A/C on full blast. When I arrived at the school, I was surprised to see two shirtless teenagers sitting and smoking in the parking lot.

    "You happen to be Darren?" the taller of the two asked as I got out of my car, probably looking a bit lost.

    "Yeah," I said hesitantly.

    "I can see the family resemblance," the boy said sarcastically. I always looked a lot like my black mom. The two blond teens were almost a spitting image of my white dad.

    I hated to think it, but my half-brothers were incredibly attractive, even as teenagers. The older one who had spoken first was Reed, and he looked like he'd just gotten out of prison. Even though he was 17, he had tattoos scattered across his muscular arms and torso, which looked firm from working out and not just natural muscle tone. His younger brother Landon had far fewer tattoos but they were similar to Reed's, which made me wonder if they inked themselves. While Reed was muscled, Landon was almost scrawny. I could see each of his ribs clearly enough to count and I worried he wasn't eating well.

    Reed's buzz cut looked like it had grown out a couple of weeks. He had strong cheekbones and jawline that made him look older than he really was. He had his shirt tucked into the back pocket of his jeans, which were belted tight to keep up as he had them pulled down well past his hips. His jeans were so low I could see the v-shape of his obliques leading down to a hint of pubic hair and a rather noticeable bulge. 

    Landon's hair was longer and his bangs covered his eyes. He had full, pouty lips and still a hint of baby fat in his cheeks. He wore nearly skin-tight light-wash jeans. It seemed any other fat he had was in his ass, since the denim was stretched thin over his bubble butt. The jeans must've been too small as I could see the top of his crack below the dimples of his lower back.

    Without wasting too much time, Reed got right into his spiel.

    "Listen man, we have some money. We can help you pay rent and shit."

    "Yeah, you ain't gotta watch over us or anything, we can take care of ourselves. We just wanna get the principal off our fucking backs," Landon chimed in.

    I was surprised by the forcefulness and confidence in these two boys' voices. It was clear they were used to their independence and having to fend for themselves. I agreed to speak with the principal but told them to wait outside in case she tried to coerce me into promises I couldn't keep. After half an hour in the principal's office, I'd agreed to take the teens for the weekend and be back to speak with the administration on Monday to figure out what would come next.

    I drove the two teenagers to my apartment. Landon subserviently took the backseat, leaving the front for his older brother. Landon put his shirt back on but Reed kept his off. The seatbelt crossed between his pecs and I noticed the air conditioning had a near instant effect on his nipples.

    My condo wasn't much, but I was proud I could afford a two-bedroom on my own. It was a single-story duplex connected by a two car garage that I split with my neighbor. Landon's jaw dropped as he looked around and Reed tried to keep a stoic face but even he seemed impressed.

    "How much is rent for a place like this?" asked Reed.

    "Oh, I have a mortgage. I don't pay rent. Which is actually a lot cheaper than rent would be," I replied and the two exchanged astonished looks. The school principal had mentioned the boys lived in a mobile home with their mom, so as modest as my house was it probably seemed like a mansion to them.

    I showed them to my guest room, which had a single chest of drawers and bedside table with a queen-size bed. 

    "You'll have to share the bed, I hope that's okay," I told them.

    "No worries, bro," Reed smirked and shot a conspiratorial look at his brother, who blushed and chucked at the same time. 

    I felt an interesting vibe between the two brothers just then, but no one addressed it. I didn't want to make things more awkward, considering I just met them, even though they were my half-brothers. Whatever was going on, I ignored it and continued with the tour, taking them to the bathroom next. While I was showing them where to find towels, Reed suddenly brushed past me and before I knew it, he had his dick out and started pissing. I nearly choked when I saw the length of his soft dick as he unleashed his stream. Modesty made me turn and leave but I noticed Landon continued to stand in the doorway and comfortably stare at his brother's package. I figured they weren't used to having much privacy, especially between the two of them; and I wondered if I had grown up with a brother would we share that same level of closeness.

    I let the boys settle in and they both took separate showers. We ordered pizza and shot the shit for a while, which made me quickly realize I have nothing in common with two teenage boys. They asked if I had a girlfriend, which I said no to, but I stopped short of telling them I was gay. 

    We ran out of topics so I let them play video games with a console I owned but never used. I watched mindlessly, my eyes going from the screen to my new-found brothers, who apparently loved being shirtless and remained that way all evening. Each time I looked at them, my eyes couldn't help but scan their bodies. It made me feel pervy so I decided to get up and leave them alone. Besides, it was getting late. I didn't care if they stayed up, but asked them to shut off the lights when they were ready for bed. I read for a bit in my bed and then fell asleep.

    A few hours later, my bladder woke me around 1 AM. Out in the hallway, I saw that the door to the guest room was wide open and the bed was empty. Further down the hall, I noticed a soft glow of light from the living room. I figured the boys were probably still up playing a game. I crept down the hallway and peered around the corner. All the lights were off except for the glare of the TV, displaying the menu from whatever game they'd had on. There was music from the game playing softly, and something else. Was that… slurping?

    I looked a little further and quietly gasped at what I saw. Reed was standing in front of the couch, completely naked. Landon was on his knees with his shorts around his ankles, eagerly sucking on his brother's rock-hard dick! I completely ignored my call of nature and my dick chubbed in my briefs as I watched the younger teen orally service his older brother. I shouldn't be watching this, especially considering they were my half-brothers… but I couldn't take my eyes off of them. 

    "Ah, fuck, bro," moaned Reed. "Fucking suck my cock. Yeah. Good job."

    The compliment encouraged Landon and he wrapped his arms around his older brother's ass, trying to get him to thrust into his mouth.

    "Such a good fuckin' cocksucker," Reed growled, running his fingers through his younger brother's hair and gripping tightly. 

    I was both shocked and impressed by Reed's dominance and his large, throbbing teen meat. The glow from the TV hit his tool like a spotlight, illuminating every detail – at least during the time when it wasn't buried down Landon's throat. I was equally impressed that Landon was swallowing his brother with ease. I was almost certain this wasn't their first time doing this.

    My hand went to my briefs and I pulled the waistband down under my nutsack. I fished my cock just as Reed put both his hands on the back of Landon's head and viciously fucked his baby brother's throat. Landon dropped one hand to his own impressive hard-on, jerking it furiously while fondling his brother's balls with his other hand. There was enough light from the TV I could see spit and drool streaming from Landon's mouth as he accepted Reed's pole down his gullet.

    "Fuuuuckkkk, you gon make me cum. I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Shit," Reed growled, increasing his pace in and out of Landon's mouth as Landon looked up at him in lust. "Here it comes, bro… aghhh!"

    Balls-deep in his brother's mouth, Reed deposited his fraternal seed down Landon's throat. While still deep-throating Reed, Landon blew his own teen sperm onto the carpet. Witnessing my half-brothers nut sent me over the edge as well, and I came into my hand right before Reed pulled his dick out of Landon's mouth.

    "I need to clean this up," Landon whispered, pointing down at the mess he had made on my carpet.

    "Leave it. I think our brother might enjoy finding it there," I heard Reed say as I tiptoed away from the door.

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