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Brotherly Spit Roast

Category:  BROTHERS 


    "I know a better spot where you can cum."

    Reed's words seemed to echo throughout the room, even though they'd been whispered softly in my ear. I couldn't believe what was about to happen! As if it wasn't bad enough that I'd allowed my half-brother Landon to suck my dick; now, Reed was encouraging me to stick my dick in Landon's asshole, which up until half an hour ago had never known contact with a hard penis.

    "Ahhh," I moaned uncertainly, leaking out so much precum that it was almost as if I was cumming. My brother Reed was grasping my hard dick with his hand, holding it right up against Landon's hole, which had a waterfall of Reed's freshly-released teenage cum oozing out of it. 

    I licked my lips and unable to resist the temptation, I bent down and planted my tongue on the back of Landon's nutsack. Then, I moved up and slid along his taint, getting a taste of Reed's jizz, which was now flowing into my mouth. Finally, I made contact with Landon's hole, poking my tongue in it. Just then, my newly-deflowered brother relaxed his asshole and pushed out, flooding my mouth with our other brother's sperm.

    "Fuck, you pigs. The both of y'all," Reed laughed in amusement, jacking his still-hard dick next to me. He was no longer holding on to my boner, and I found that I missed the touch of his fingers on my dick.

    I stood back up, feeling hornier than ever after swallowing Reed's nut. I made eye contact with him and we both grinned. Reed used his free hand to grab hold of my dick once more, guiding it to Landon's hole… and pushing it in.

    "AHHH!!!" Landon and I moaned out in symphony. What was left of Reed's jizz in Landon's hole served as lubricant, allowing my tool to slide in deeper and deeper by the second. 

    "Fuck me! Ahh, cum inside me," my teen brother growled, opening his hole up even wider for me. Reed was grasping at the last inch of my dick that he had access to; finally, he had to let go because I was now balls-deep inside out younger sibling.

    "Do it, Darren! Give him what he wants," Reed encouraged me, slapping my back with the same hand that had been holding on to my prick a moment ago. 

    With my hands on Landon's hips, I thrusted back and forth with gusto. I couldn't believe how good this felt. It wasn't just the physical sensation; it was also the fact that I was doing this with my two brothers! Landon and Reed had been having fun with each other for a while now, and now they'd initiated me into the brotherhood… literally. 

    As much as I wanted to drill Landon's hole for hours, a few minutes was all I could muster before blowing a huge load inside his guts. Without even touching his dick, Landon bust a nut all over the back of my couch, marking it with his teen seed.

    "Whew. Fuck. You boys are crazy," I said as I slowly pulled out of Landon's ass a few moments later. Then, just like I'd done earlier, I bent down and I felched the fresh cumload out of my brother's hole.

    "Not a bad way to start the week, huh?" Reed patted me on the back again and he headed toward the bathroom to take a shower.

    Meanwhile, I helped Landon stand up. He turned around to face me, his face beaming with exhaustion as well as satisfaction.

    "That was amazing," he said, giving me a big hug, rubbing our two dicks together, before planting a big wet kiss on my lips.

    That night, I lay in bed in the dark, unable to fall asleep well past midnight. No matter how hard I tried to switch my brain off, it kept replaying the evening's events over and over again. Even though I'd busted an epic nut inside Landon's ass, my dick was STILL hard as a rock under my sheets. To make matters worse, my bladder was full, and I did not look forward to having to piss with a hard dick.

    I got up and walked to the bathroom, doing my best to piss without making a mess. When I got back to my bed… I was surprised to see both Landon and Reed lying in it.

    "We couldn't sleep, and we heard you moving around so we thought we'd come hang out," Reed said. "Wanna watch some TV?"

    "Sure," I replied, turning on the TV in my room. However, I had a feeling as soon as I got into bed, nobody would be paying much attention to the show that was on. And I was right.

    Within minutes, I could feel Landon's hands on me. Suddenly, he climbed over me so I could be the one in the middle, with Landon on my left and Reed on my right. They both lay on their sides resting their heads on my bare chest. Their hands were instantly all over me. I could feel them caressing down my stomach, to my quads, and inner thighs. Landon was even running his foot up and down my calf.

    Their hands kept creeping closer and closer to my bulge, making me sweat and my heart race. My dick was already mostly hard but now it was full-on raging. The boys were clearly enjoying themselves as I could feel their teen erections grinding against the sides of my legs. I put my arms around them and gently ran my hands along their smooth backs. 

    Surprisingly, Reed went for my cock first, tugging at my underwear to free my meat. Landon followed suit and seconds later all three of us were naked in my bed. Reed fisted my dick while Landon fondled my balls. In return, I had both of their dicks in either hand. My brothers took turns jerking me off while I simultaneously gave them each a handjob. We made no sounds except for the creaking of the bed and our soft moans.

    "So, Landon told me you also like getting' fucked," Reed broke the silence while giving me a mischievous smirk. 

    "Uhh… Aha. Yeah, I do," I confessed, feeling flushed.

    I had an inkling of where this was going, and my suspicion was quickly confirmed when Reed's fingers delved into my taint and pressed against my sensitive perineum. I stifled a gasp, encouraging Reed to graze my hole with his fingers. In the meantime, Landon managed to crawl in between my spread legs, exposing my hole.

    "I wanna try rimming you," Landon stated, before pushing his face into my taint, his tongue instantly finding my hole.

    "Ahhh, fuck! I forgot how good that feels," I exclaimed, letting Landon's tongue relax me.

    I adjusted myself more onto my back and lifted my legs to give Landon better access. I already knew he had a talented mouth, and his tongue was no different. In no time at all he already had the tip inside me, getting me loose and wet with saliva. I kept my hand tightly wrapped around Reed's cock, my fingers getting sticky from his precum. Reed surprised me again by turning my head towards his and kissing me. He wriggled his tongue into my mouth and now I had both of their tongues inside me. After being single and celibate for so long, it felt amazing to feel all this pleasure again – and with my half-brothers at that!!

    Landon had his arms wrapped underneath my legs to pull himself as close as possible. He clearly felt right at home munching away at my ass. I used my free hand to push his face against my hole, making sure his tongue went deep. Reed kept making out with me, his hand underneath my head to keep our lips mashed together. I'd only been in a threesome once before, which was mostly just an awkward experience. This was quickly shaping up to be one of the best sexual escapades of my life.

    "I think he's ready," said Landon shortly, lifting his face up from between my legs with the biggest grin on his face.

    Reed mimicked his smile and stood up next to the bed. My brother manhandled me into doggy-style position. Even though I was much older, I felt totally submissive to him, and I was putty in his hands. I heard Reed spit and then felt the head of his dick pressing against my tongue-loosened hole. I relaxed and pushed back onto him, taking him inside me, grateful for my youngest brother's rim job. I was shocked I could take Reed so easily, but I still felt the undeniable pressure as my brother's meat stretched my insides. 

    "Ungggghh, fuck! Go slow!" I cried out, though I was quickly silenced by Landon stuffing his teenage dick into my mouth. 

    I never knew Landon to be anything above meek, but he was showing new-found confidence. I gladly let my baby brother fuck my mouth while my other brother started fucking my ass. These two boys were bringing out my inner slut and I wanted to show them I was capable of taking both of their tools. 

    Pretty soon, Reed had my hole loose and gaping. He had picked up his speed and his hips slammed into my ass with loud slaps that made my cheeks bounce and his balls knock into mine. I could feel Reed's dick glide across my prostate, making me drip precum onto the bedspread. Each time he thrust his meat deep inside me, I grunted onto Landon's prick, deepthroating him at the same time. This was the perviest moment of my life, and I absolutely loved having both of my brothers balls-deep in my holes.

    "C'mon little bro," Reed said to Landon, slowing down his thrusts. "He fucked you earlier, it's time for you to take a turn with this ass."

    I took Landon's dick out of my mouth and nodded my consent, just like he'd done with me. He looked a little unsure, so I guided him to sit down. With his back resting against the headboard, I straddled his waist with my back to him so he could watch as his dick disappeared inside my hole. 

    "Holy shit! It's so tight and warm," Landon groaned, scrunching his eyes shut and probably trying not to cum.

    Already thoroughly stretched out by Reed, Landon's dick filled my chute easily. I sat still and enjoyed the feeling of my little brother exploring my insides. He grabbed onto my waist, seemingly indicating he was ready, and just like he'd done with his dildo, I slowly started to bounce up and down on his firm rod. 

    I held onto Landon's shins and got into a better rhythm, hitting that special spot just the way I like it. Reed, having a moment of brotherly pride watching his little brother fuck someone for the first time, still wanted to join in on the fun. He stepped up on the mattress and stood in front of me, wagging his dick in my face. I looked up as he towered over me with a smug look on his face and opened my mouth to swallow the dick that had just been fucking me. He stroked my hair appreciatively before holding onto both my ears and pumping his meat in and out of my gullet. 

    Reed held my head still and started using my throat like a fleshlight. Concentrating on trying to breathe and not gag, I had to slow down riding Landon. He seemed to get the hang of things and started pumping upwards into my hole. Once again, my little brothers were spit-roasting me. For hours they switched back and forth, taking turns fucking my mouth or fucking my ass. We must've tried out every position imaginable, and always with a dick in either hole. I was going to be tired and sore tomorrow, but this was all worth it.

    I was truly impressed by my brothers' stamina, but all good things must come to an end. As the sun started to come up, we finally finished the way we'd started. I was bent over the side of the bed while Landon sat on the edge, keeping my face down on his dick, while Reed banged me from behind. My hole was feeling pretty raw, and I didn't think I could take much more. Reed held onto my shoulders, pounding faster and faster, making my entire body vibrate. 

    "Here it comes, big bro!" Reed cried as he finally released his orgasm, shooting spurt after spurt of his fraternal seed deep inside me. 

    Landon hopped up and rushed behind me, shouldering his brother out of the way to push his dick into my ass one last time. Two pumps later and our little brother was depositing his seed right behind Reed's. I rolled over onto my back and furiously jerked my dick. I could feel their loads start to leak out my hole, but they'd been fucking me for so long I couldn't even clench. Landon dropped to his knees and started licking up the jizz from my hole. Reed quickly joined him and the two shared the cum as I erupted from my own dick, spraying them both with my load. 

    The blinds started to illuminate from outside as the sun rose higher. My brothers and I had a literal all-night family fuckfest. We took a quick shower together, without much time to spare. As I drove to work, I felt more of my brothers' cum start to seep out of my hole, but I was determined to keep their loads inside me. All through the day, I reached into my pants when no one was looking to finger my sloppy hole. I was hoping I would get them to breed me again later that night… which was exactly what happened.

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