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It'll Feel Good, I Promise


    The day after my bachelor party, I woke up feeling like the main character of a movie. Did this all really just happen? Highlights of the party flashed through my mind, and more. Things that happened in Victor's bedroom after the club... Fuck!

    I took a leak and put my underwear on, heading down to the kitchen. Judging by the sun outside, it was well past noon. I entered the kitchen to find Victor there, sitting across from my cousin Matt.

    "There's the groom-to-be!" my friend greeted me cheerfully. "Coffee?"

    "Yes, please. And some water," I grunted in a raspy voice. I hadn't brushed my teeth last night nor this morning. Was that the taste of semen still in my mouth?

    "Why don't you have some breakfast and then we can talk?" Victor suggested. Thankfully, he gave me half an hour to have several slices of toast in silence, before sharing his story.

    "I need to let you guys know something," Victor said. "Last Sunday... both of you were here. Matt, when you were at my gloryhole and I was teaching a buddy how to suck a cock: that buddy was Kris. Kris, it was Matt's cock you sucked. So last night wasn't the first time. It was the second."

    I took a sip of coffee and tried to absorb the information. Last night, alcohol and the molly I'd taken at my own party were a big part of why I felt comfortable enough to suck Matthew's dick. The party had been insane, just like Victor had promised it would be. After getting blown on stage in front of all my friends and family, I guess I just felt... daring. When I heard my best friend sucking my cousin off, I figured "why not join them?"

    But last Sunday, I was stone-cold sober. The stranger whose cock I'd sucked was no stranger at all. It was Matt! If I hadn't been drunk last night I might've been able to recognize it. So the first ever cock I sucked was my cousin's. The first ever load I swallowed. My cousin who I always thought was straight, and vice versa. All thanks to Victor's gloryhole.

    "Do you have anyone else coming over today?" I asked my friend. Both he and Matt looked absolutely shocked to hear me change the topic like this, so casually.

    "N–No. What do you mean?" Victor asked.

    "Anyone coming to use the gloryhole?" I expanded.


    "Maybe we can go back there," I suggested calmly, further surprising the two men.

    "What do you say?" Victor consulted with Matt after a moment of silence.

    "I dunno. I might be down for that. What do you have in mind?" my cousin asked me.

    "I don't know, we can be spontaneous. No need to plan things," I answered. 

    We sat in the kitchen for a while longer, tension building in the air. Finally, Victor said, "You guys wanna go to the garage?"

    "Sure," we replied, and I grabbed a chair to bring along.

    Once in the garage, Matt went through the door and hid on the other side of the plywood wall. I'd never asked how many times he'd used Victor's gloryhole. I knew some of men here were repeat "customers," and somehow I got the impression that my cousin was one of them.

    "I wanna watch," I said, and I set the chair in front of the gloryhole, several feet away. For now, I wanted to watch Victor servicing my cousin. After all, I knew there was nothing in the world my friend liked more.

    The two men got into position as if they'd practiced this many times before. Matt's cock came poking out of the gloryhole, semi-hard before Victor even laid hands on it. Seconds later and it was in my best friend's mouth. I almost felt the need to cheer them on, just like the audience did with me while I was getting sucked on stage last night.

    Even though the two of them were fully dressed, I was down here in nothing but my underwear. Soon enough, I started to pop a boner, watching my friend suck a now-fully-hard Matt. You could just tell the LOVE Victor felt for sucking cock, which probably started all those years ago when he sucked me off as a preteen.

    I took my underwear off and started to stroke myself, enjoying the show. Hearing my cousin moaning on the other side of the divider brought back flashbacks from last Sunday. I should've recognized his moans back then! But how could I? I'd never heard my cousin moaning in sexual ecstasy before. And now, I was hearing it for the third time in less than a week.

    After jacking my cock for a while, I knew I wanted to be more than just a voyeur. I got up and joined Victor on the floor, kneeling right in front of the gloryhole, my cousin's cock inches from my face.

    Victor saw the lust in my eyes and he knew what I was after. He pulled Matt's cock out of his mouth and offered it to me. I saw the precum dripping out of my cousin's cockhead and down his shaft, and I took him in my mouth in one swift gulp. He probably didn't even know it was me until after the fact.

    "Yeah," Matt moaned, voicing his approval. I knew I was no competition to Victor when it came to cocksucking, but I was happy to hear that I wasn't all that bad. My cousin's moans gave it away.

    Victor and I passed the hard cock back and forth, like good friends sharing a toy. I noticed him playing with his ass while sucking, something that I'd never seen before.

    "Ahh, I need to get fucked," Victor let out, almost desperately. 

    "Go for it," I said. I had a feeling it wasn't his and Matt's first time. I went back to my chair and watched as Victor got up and positioned his ass next to the gloryhole. I couldn't see Matt's cock anymore, so I had to gauge the situation by the expression on my best friend's face.

    "Ummm. Aah! Fuuuuuck!" Victor let out a couple of painful grunts while finagling Matt's cock, before an extended moan of pleasure. It meant my cousin was in, and I jerked off while watching him drill Victor's ass.

    "How does that feel?" I asked my friend, even though the answer was clearly written on his face.

    "Feels AMAZING!" Victor said as he bounced back-and-forth, fucking himself on my cousin's long dick. 

    With no clocks or cell phones in the garage, it was like we were cut off from the rest of the world. Time didn't matter here. I have no idea how long I watched Victor and Matt fucking. All I know is how ecstatic my friend's face looked.

    "Ah, this feels so good! This feels so fucking good!" Victor narrated for me. "Fuck, feels amazing. You should try this."

    I don't know if that was a serious invitation, but I got up and said "Maybe I will."

    Victor stopped in his tracks for a moment. He turned around and said a bit louder, "Matt, what do you say?"

    "About what?"

    "Do you wanna fuck Kris?"

    A couple of moments of silence passed before my cousin finally replied, "Sure. Go for it!"

    I stepped toward the gloryhole slowly, while Victor got up off my cousin's dick. Just like last Sunday, my friend went into coaching mode.

    "His cock is fairly thin, so it should be easier for a first-timer. It is your first time, right?" he chuckled.

    "Yes," I nodded, looking down at my cousin's boner. Indeed, it seemed fairly slim, but its length excited me.

    "Put some more lube on, Matt," Victor said. On his side of the wall, Matt did what he was told.

    "Turn around," my friend said. He put his hands on my waist, and he delicately guided me until my ass was pressed up against the gloryhole. I put my hands on Victor's shoulders, as if expecting to lose balance.

    "Don't be nervous now. This will hurt, likely, but then it'll be over and it'll feel good, I promise."

    I felt something in between my asscheeks, and I was surprised when I realized that it was Matt's fingers, not his cock. His hand felt wet, and he was applying lube on my asshole.

    "Ahh, thanks," I said, already feeling the satisfaction from having my hole rubbed. Then, I felt Matt's middle finger enter my chute for a moment, lubing up the insides before plopping out. "Fuck!"

    I was a complete anal virgin. My fiancée Mia had offered it a few times, either fingering me or using a strap-on, and even though I was curious I always felt too nervous to say yes. 

    "You ready?" Victor asked, looking me dead in the eyes. I nodded. "He's ready!" Victor shouted louder.

    I felt the tip of Matt's dick circling around my hole. At first, it had difficulties making its way in. "Relax," Victor encouraged me. He put his hands on my shoulders as well and started to give me a massage. I took a deep breath and tried to relax my hole, and finally felt my cousin's cock starting to go in.

    "Go for it! Push it further!" I said. I wanted to get through the initial painful part as quickly as possible.

    My cousin obeyed. He pushed as far as I would let him. "Halfway in," he announced from his side of the gloryhole.

    "Wow. You're doing great, man," Victor congratulated me. "Matt, hand me a bottle of poppers from the back."

    Without pulling out of me, my cousin handed something through the hole to Victor. It was a small brown bottle with a bright yellow label. I'd seen poppers before; once, Victor let me try some in his living room as a joke. I remembered what to do and took a long huff while my friend held my other nostril closed. 

    A few seconds later, I felt a rush through my head, and it was as if someone had pushed a button that said "Open" to my asshole. My hole relaxed and I couldn't believe the sensation when Matt's dick slipped further in.

    "Fuck! All the way in!" he said.

    I felt a weird sense of pride, as if I'd scored a goal or something. Victor just smiled and ran his fingers through my hair as if to say "well done." A while later, he fed me more of the poppers, which made me comfortable enough with Matt's fuck rhythm, which was growing increasingly fast.

    "You are doing MUCH better than me my first time!" my best buddy said, sounding proud of me.

    "What was your first time like?" I just realized that after all this time, it was weird that I'd never heard that story.

    "It was a mess. I didn't know what I was doing. I was 14, at a gloryhole just like this, but in public. A cruisy restroom in the Castro."

    "Fuck man, why didn't you ever tell me?!"

    I couldn't imagine doing this without Victor here, especially at that age. I wished he'd told me, so I could be there for him. After all, all the straight kids never stopped talking about sex at that age.

    "Because I didn't want you to think that your friend is a faggot who likes getting fucked through gloryholes. Even though... your friend is a faggot who likes getting fucked through gloryholes," Victor laughed.

    "Buddy, I love you no matter what," I said, putting my hands on Victor's cheeks. We both smiled simultaneously, which warmed my heart. "You're my very best friend."

    Meanwhile, my hole was getting drilled by my cousin's cock, who was thrusting so fast right now that I got a feeling he might be close to cumming.

    "Fuck, Kris, I think I'm gonna cum inside your hole. Fuck, man, I'm gonna cum inside your hole!!"

    "Do it!" I said, making intense eye contact with my buddy in front of me, who grinned. Victor and I went into a hug, and Matt started to seed my ass through the gloryhole, shooting his load up inside me, filling me up with cum for the first time in my life.

    "This feels fucking incredible!" I admitted to Victor, who was still hugging me. After loading me up, my cousin started to slowly pull out of me. As soon as he was out, Victor was on his knees, with his face buried between my asscheeks.

    "Push it out! Feed me his load!" my friend demanded, and who was I to say no after he'd so generously introduced me to his gloryhole? I pushed out and felt my cousin's cum dripping out of me, landing on my best friend's tongue.

    "This thing is cool," I said, knocking on the plywood wall with the gloryhole in it. "I need to get me one of these for my garage."

    A week later, Victor and Matt sat next to each other at my wedding. I'd told my wife all about our little ménage-à-trois, and thankfully, she found the story sexy and amusing. At the end of the reception, Victor and Matt announced to me that they are a couple now... but the gloryhole is still open for business. 

– The End –

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