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Junior 2: Daddy's Turn

Read Part I here


   After fucking my dad for the first time, things were surprisingly... normal. I'm aware how absurd that sounds, but the rest of my day was completely average. I took the T back home; I had dinner with my roommates. For the next couple of weeks, I was quite busy with school. Since it was the beginning of a new semester, I was doing my best to get started off on the right foot in my new classes. Dad and I texted, but it wasn't even anything sexual, just our regular stuff: him checking up on me, making sure I'm alright, asking if I need any money or anything else.

    It would be a month before I saw my father again. Since one of my professors was sick and canceled his classes, I found myself with some extra time one weekend. Dad's husband Angelo was visiting his sister in Chicago, which Dad and I took as a sign that we should get together and catch up.

    "So how've you been?" Dad asked as we sat down to eat at a burger joint, both of us digging into our quarter pounders. "How's school?"

    "School's alright. I'm just trying to leave a good first impression this semester. So it's busy, but not too crazy yet."

    "That's good. You gotta make time for some fun as well. Any hot dates lately?"

    "Eh, a couple of girls. Nothing too serious," I answered.

    "Any guys?" he asked with a smirk on his face.

    "A few. There's no shortage of bottoms in Boston," I said, keeping my voice low. This was a family-friendly joint, after all. 

    "Amen," my father agreed.

    "Dad... How often do you fuck other guys? Other than Angelo, I mean," I asked, feeling curious.

    "I go through phases. Sometimes I'll go for weeks without doing it. Other times I feel the need to fuck five guys in one night."

    "And I'm sure you act on that need," I chuckled.

    "You bet your ass I do," Dad nodded, and took a moment to chew a mouthful of fries before saying, "And what about you? Last time we talked about this you just said you've been hooking up with guys a little over a year. How did it start? Are you careful, are you being smart about it?"

    "Are you asking this as a concerned parent, or a friend that I'm chatting about sex with?"

    "Can I be both?" 

    I genuinely pondered that for a minute before answering. 

    "I guess. To answer your question: I am being smart, thanks for asking. You're the one fucking five guys in one night! I've never done that... yet."

    My father squinted his eyes at me, making me smile. In that moment I realized that our eyes were identical. The biggest difference were the crow's feet that he had, that I'd heard him complain about, but which I found attractive. To me, they evoked wisdom and paternal care.

    "I started in high school," I continued, "end of my senior year, with my football coach."

    "Holy shit, Junior. Did he come on to you?"

    "Maybe he did. I know I came on to him. I gave him a handjob after school one day. He kinda... nevermind."

    "Oh, c'mon! Say it!" Dad commanded.

    "He kinda reminded me of you," I admitted with a smile.

    "Oh well, I always thought he was quite handsome," my father said cockily.

    "Yeah, well, it was only the one time. He thanked me and said I did great, but that I should probably focus on guys my own age."

    "And you didn't listen," Dad chuckled.

    "Nope. You know I like daddies, Daddy," I said while making intense eye contact. This was the first flirtatious thing I'd said today, and the words had come out my mouth before I even knew it.

    My father looked me dead in the eyes for a few moments before saying, "Let's get out of here. What do you feel like doing?"

    "I dunno. Wanna go see a movie?"

    "Let's watch one at my place. Simpler, and much cheaper," Dad suggested, and ten minutes later we were in his apartment.

    "Damn, you keep it hot in here!" I said two seconds after walking in, racing to take off my coat.

    "Yeah well, you know we like to walk around naked," Dad said.

    "Don't let me stop you."

    "I won't," he winked at me, and after taking his jacket off, he proceeded to undress until he was standing in front of me in nothing but his socks. "What do you think? I've been bulking lately," he said, flexing his muscles, which were now covered in a bit more fat than usual, but he looked even better this way.

    "You look great, Dad," I said, and since it felt weird to be dressed while he was naked, I stripped as well. 

    "Where do you wanna watch the movie, living room or bedroom?" Dad asked.

    "Umm, bedroom," I said, keen to go back to the room where I'd fucked him just a few weeks ago. 

    As I entered the bedroom, suddenly all the images came back to me. Dad's husband lying next to us, encouraging us to go further. My father kissing me passionately while pinching my nipples. The way he jerked me off until he got me completely hard. My rock-hard cock inside his tight, hairy hole that rarely got fucked...

    "What do you wanna watch?" Dad interrupted my daydream as he joined me in the bedroom. We picked a random thriller and got in bed side-by-side. Now that I was naked I wasn't quite so warm anymore, and I cuddled up next to my father for warmth.

    The movie started off strong, but half an hour in we were barely paying attention. Suddenly, Dad surprised me when he asked something that had nothing to do with the action on screen.

    "Junior... How many men do you think you've fucked?"

    "I don't know, I don't really keep count. Ballpark, somewhere between 10 and 20 by this point. I... I've been doing it more ever since I fucked David and Eric... and you," I admitted. "Why?"

    Dad thought about it for a second before answering.

    "Well, this is gonna sound weird, but... I like the thought of my son getting around town and dumping his seed inside many men."

    I did NOT expect to hear that! My cock instantly reacted by pulsing, feeling instantly excited.

    "Wow. H– How come?" I stuttered.

    "I don't know," Dad said, and by this point he was rubbing my chest with his right hand. "You're my son. In a way, I made you, and when you cum inside these men it's kinda like I'm leaving my mark in them as well. I like the thought that maybe I've randomly hooked up with some of them as well, and they never know they've been fucked by both father and son."

    By now, my dick was half-hard, and starting to point up as I listened to my father speak while caressing my chest.

    "I was a complete slut when I first came out," he admitted. "And I'm glad to hear you're having fun as well. You're not getting tied down too early, a mistake I made at your age. Junior... the thought of you going from hole and hole and dumping your load in both men and women... it really turns me on."

    I looked down and saw that my father's cock was getting hard even faster than mine. For a few seconds, neither of us said anything, until we were both fully hard and pointing upwards. I reached with my hand and wrapped it around Dad's boner.

    "Junior, will you suck Daddy's cock? Daddy needs his cock sucked," my father said, surprising me more and more with every word out his mouth. With his left hand, he grabbed his erection and wagged it around, tempting me.

    I never bottomed and I rarely sucked cock, but I couldn't resist the temptation in front of me. I didn't want to, anyway. My dad had said he needed a blowjob; and I wanted to make sure he felt good, just like I did when he let me unload inside of him last time.

    I scooted down until I had Dad's rock-hard cock in my face. I licked my lips, before reaching out with my tongue and carefully licking his cockhead and then wrapping my lips around it.

    "That's a good boy," Dad said, lying back and running his fingers through my hair. I felt his whole body relax, except for his cock, which kept getting harder and harder in my mouth.

    I'd gotten enough blowjobs to know what I liked, and I assumed my father liked the same. I paid attention to his delicate cockhead before going down and taking his entire dick in my mouth, feeling it hitting the back of my throat until I started to gag, which is when I came back up for some air. 

    "Daddy," I moaned, trying to catch my breath before diving back in on his pole.

    "You're doing a great job, boy. This feels fucking amazing."

    I put my right hand on Dad's hairy stomach and my left hand on his even hairier thigh, and caressed them as I started sucking his cock again. After a few more attempts, I was getting used to deepthroating it. I bobbed up and down on it like a seasoned expert; the noise of the movie completely ignored in the background.

    And that's when I heard...

    "Junior, have you ever been fucked?"

    I lifted my head up, but continued to stroke Dad's cock with my hand.

    "No," I shook my head while looking at him. Dad opened his eyes and made eye contact with me, and then said "Wanna give it a go?"

    I'd had several men make this offer to me in the past. I always declined, partly because I was nervous, but partly because it never felt right with any of them. Now it hit me: who better to do it with than my dad?! After meeting Eric and his family, this no longer felt taboo. I wanted in on the family fun! 

    "Yes. But you... You gotta go slow," I asked like a nervous child.

    "Don't worry, honey. Daddy'll take good care of you."

    My father smiled as he said that, filling me with confidence. 

    "How do you want me?" I asked. 

    "Try and sit on my dick," my dad said, still lying on his back. "Facing me. I wanna see your face. Let me get some lube first."

    Dad reached in the nightstand where I saw multiple bottles of lube. He took out one of them and applied a generous amount of his cock, 

    "But first," he said while stroking his big boner with two slippery hands, "come sit on my face. I'm gonna eat your ass."

    A big smile appeared on my face. Even though I didn't usually bottom, I loved getting my ass rimmed. On my knees, I crawled on the bed until I was straddling my dad's chest and squatting on top of his face.

    "Fuck!" I yelled out as soon as I felt his stubble scratching the inside of my asscheeks. Dad hadn't shaved in a day or two, so he was particularly scratchy. Even though it took some getting used to, I loved the rough sensation on my skin. And then... "FUCK!"

    Dad's tongue was now licking the outside of my hole. I started to open up, and a few seconds later I felt it inside of me. Not every rimmer always went inside, but Dad went all in, deeper than any man had ever gone before. 

    "Fuck!" I couldn't help but continue to swear out loud. My cock was now rock hard and I jacked myself off while enjoying the feeling of my father's tongue inside my hole. We went on for over ten minutes, until my asshole felt looser than ever before.

    "I remember the time I fucked you in this bed," I said, thinking back to that day again.

    "I remember it too. Now, it's Daddy's turn," my father said and smacked my ass with both hands. Then, he pumped some more lube onto his hand and smeared it all over my hole, reaching inside it with two fingers and getting the insides nice and wet as well.

    "I think you're ready," he said, and I crawled down his burly body until my ass was hovering above his cock. "Go for it, boy!"

    I felt down for my father's cock with my hand and I felt it pointing up, ready to go inside me. I fingered my hole for a second, before sitting down on the tip of his cock and slowly going down, breathing deeply.

    "Attaboy. You're doing a great job!" Dad encouraged me, rubbing my chest with one hand and watching me go down. Inch after inch, I felt his dick filling me up.

    "I feel it," I said loudly. "I feel your cock."

    "Yeah. You feel that cock that made you, inside your hole?"

    "Yes," I nodded. Hearing him say that turned me on even more, and my hole swallowed up the last couple of inches of his dick. "AHHH!" I moaned out loud.

    "There you go, baby! Fuck, you're one HOT fucker!" Dad grunted. 

    "You too, Dad. Fuck, I love you," I said without even planning it.

    "I love you too, boy," he replied as I started to bounce up and down on his dick. I realized... this wasn't so bad. I'd been afraid of bottoming all this time, but now I felt safe. And the fact that I was doing this with Dad was a big part of that.

    "Fuck, I want you to cum inside me, Dad. Just like I came inside you."

    "Grrr," Dad growled. "I kept your cum inside me all day that time. Never wanted to let it go."

    "Fuck, I want your cum as well. I want your baby-making jizz inside my guts," I found myself saying words I NEVER though I'd say.

    "Slow down, baby," Dad reigned me in. "Go slower. Don't worry, you'll get your reward."

    I slowed down my bouncing movements and experienced a different kind of pleasure. After getting comfortable with riding a cock like this, I lowered my upper body and started to kiss Dad. I felt his stubble scratching my skin again as his tongue went inside my mouth and wrestled with mine, while his cock continued to thrust back and forth inside my ass. I stopped bouncing and it was Dad doing the thrusting now, using the power in his thick thighs to drill my virgin hole.

    For the next hour, we kept going like this, switching it up between fast and slow; between me bouncing and Dad thrusting. One thing we never switched up was the position, and the intense eye contact we were making almost the entire time. I was impressed by my father's stamina and ability to fuck for this long. Although, admittedly, I was very much looking forward to getting my reward as well. And then, finally...

    "I think I'm getting close. Don't slow down. I'm gonna cum inside you," my dad announced while picking up speed and thrusting inside my ass. By this point, my hole was so used to this that it felt like we'd been doing it my entire life.

    "Fucking load me up, Dad," I said, our noses inches away from each other. 

    "AHHH!" Dad screamed in my face as he started to shoot his cum inside my guts. It took every bit on willpower I had not to cum in that moment. Dad continued to thrust, planting his seed as deep as possible, and I squeezed my sphincter around his cock, draining every last drop and soaking it in. 

    After a couple of minutes, when I was sure that Dad's orgasm was over, I stood up and quickly put my cock next to his hairy asshole.

    "My turn," I said, and with a single thrust I went all in. Just a couple of humps, and I was blowing my load inside of my dad as well.

    "Good job, Junior. Fucking good job," my dad exhaled, sounding exhausted. I thrusted a few more times, depositing all my babies inside Dad's guts, before pulling out and cuddling up next to him again, just as the closing credits started running on screen.

    "That was a good movie," Dad joked. "We should watch it again some time."

    "I'd love that, Dad," I smiled, and gave him another kiss.

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