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"My father was becoming a bona fide, card-carrying leather daddy."

After coming out of the closet in his mid-40s, Isaac decides it's finally time to experiment with his sexuality.

Category:  DOM-SUB 

Chapter 1 |  Gold Supporter 

Back in his hometown of Columbus, Eli is determined to get his dad to come out of his shell. On a quest to get Isaac to go out with other gay men, Eli thinks of the perfect companion: his high school best friend Noah (plus: a surprise addition).

Chapter 2 |  Gold Supporter 

Isaac attends his first meetup with the local leather men's association, getting to know a variety of new people and having some sexy fun at the fetish bar where the meeting takes place. Later, still horny, he invites brothers Noah and Jake for a visit.

Chapter 3 |  Gold Supporter 

Out of options for New Year's Eve, Jacob decides to join his brother at a gay fetish bar (but only after he learns that Isaac will also be in attendance). At the party, Isaac teaches Jacob a few unexpected lessons with the help of his slutty younger brother.

Chapter 4 |  Gold Supporter 

After a month of barely talking to his older brother, Noah starts to worry that something may be wrong. Did the events from New Year's freak Jake out? Is it too late to fix things? And would having Isaac around help?

Chapter 5 |  Gold Supporter 

Isaac's birthday approaches once again, and this year he spends it with his new leather friends at The Falcon. Also at the fetish bar are brothers Noah and Jake. Even though it's Isaac's party, he's not the only one receiving a surprise treat.

Chapter 6 |  Gold Supporter 

After breeding Jake's ass at the bar, Isaac has an even pervier idea: pass on the torch to Jake's younger brother Noah. As the two brothers get into position, they are soon joined by Isaac as well as more of The Falcon's fetish-loving patrons.

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