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"I heard what could only be the sound of two people making out. Guided by my dick rather than by good reason, I left my room and naked as I was, I proceeded to stealthily climb down the stairs. I felt like I'd been hypnotised; I KNEW this was a bad idea, yet I couldn't fight the temptation. I just had to get a look of the scene in the living room. And when I finally did, it blew my mind."
While living in London, Ben starts dating the first openly-gay footballer in the Premier League… and meets his curious teenage son.

Chapter 1  Supporter 

Peter Davies becomes London's biggest celebrity overnight when he comes out as the first openly-gay player in the Premier League. But how will Peter's 16-year-old son cope with the news, especially after Peter meets American model Ben?

Chapter 2  Supporter 

Peter receives instructions from his PR team: start dating Ben Turner. In addition to getting closer to the American model, Peter also finds out that his own teenage son Adrian is gay… and very curious about his father's sexuality.

Chapter 3  Supporter 

Ben and Peter's unconventional relationship continues, making the tabloids wonder if there are wedding bells in their near future. Meanwhile, the two men attend an exclusive sex party; and later meet up with Peter's son.

Chapter 4  Supporter 

While his father is out doing god-knows-what, Adrian spends the night watching porn and having a long wank. Yet in the morning, he is somehow even more horny… especially when his father and his boyfriend Ben come home and get naked.

Chapter 5  Supporter 

After an exhausting sex party, Peter wakes up in his own bed with no idea of how he got there. And he's not alone in the room! Both Ben and Pete's son are there, engaging in something Peter never thought he'd get to see…

Chapter 6  Supporter 

Pretending to be asleep, Peter witnesses the blowjob that his son gives Ben. After everyone realizes that Peter is awake, Adrian moves away from Ben and onto his father. Meanwhile, Ben encourages the father and son to break new barriers.

Chapter 7  Supporter 

Peter and his son go for a jog in the park, where Peter gets to share the intimate story of his earliest sexual experience. Then, Adrian makes a very special request of his dad… and it involves Peter's model boyfriend Ben.

Chapter 8  Supporter 

Ben's kinky suggestion nudges Adrian and his father to try out something they never thought they would. As the teenager has his first time on the day after his birthday, all three men are in for an unforgettable experience.

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