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NNB Cover
Vance is in for a big surprise when he relocates to Texas and moves in with his nephew Oliver and Oliver's nudist boyfriend Big Mike.

Chapter 1  Gold Supporter 

Stuck in a rut since his divorce, Vance needs a fresh start and ends up landing a job in San Antonio. Luckily, his nephew Oliver lives there, so Vance asks to stay with him for a while. But that also means living with Oliver's nudist boyfriend Mike.

Chapter 2  Gold Supporter 

Vance finds out more about Big Mike's fascinating past – but he also finds out something interesting about his own nephew. That evening, Oliver and Mike get passionate in front of Uncle Vance, raising his interest… as well as his cock.

Chapter 3  Gold Supporter 

Oliver admits what attracted him to his extremely hung boyfriend. Now that Uncle Vance is staying with them, Oliver and Big Mike do little to hide their affection for each other. On the contrary, Oliver's proud to show off his boyfriend's best attribute.

Chapter 4  Gold Supporter 

Vance and his nephew Oliver fly back to Massachusetts for the holiday, where they're about to stay with Oliver's mom… and share a bed in Oliver's old room. Soon, Vance finds out he's not the only one with inappropriate fantasies.

Chapter 5  Gold Supporter 

Big Mike and Oliver feel bad leaving Uncle Vance home alone on New Year's Eve, but they couldn't possibly take him with them to a wild party at a fetish bar that allows nudity and sex out in the open… could they?

Chapter 6  Gold Supporter 

After an intense, sexually charged New Year's Eve in a gay fetish bar, Uncle Vance is ready to call it a night. Stuck in the city, he has no choice but to share a bed with his horny nephew and his hung boyfriend…

Chapter 7  Gold Supporter 

Oliver comes to the conclusion that he enjoys hooking up with his boyfriend Mike even more when Uncle Vance is watching. But just how far will Oliver and Mike go in Vance's presence? And how will Uncle Vance react?

Chapter 8  Gold Supporter 

Big Mike is amused by his boyfriend's exhibitionist tendencies, which are getting more and more extreme since Uncle Vance moved in with them. One night, Oliver comes up with a plan that puts his own uncle to the test.

Chapter 9  Gold Supporter 

Uncle Vance is confused by his own interest in Oliver and Big Mike's relationship. To make matters worse, he gets a phone call from his son Tatum, who asks to come over and stay with them for a while.

Chapter 10  Gold Supporter 

Big Mike is throwing a bachelor party for one of his good buds, and Vance and his son Tatum are invited. Vance is worried about going to a strip club with his son… but the club isn't even the wildest part of the evening!

Chapter 11  Gold Supporter 

Tatum is pleasantly surprised by how much his father has changed since moving to Texas. When the two of them go to a bachelor party together, they end up getting a sexy lap dance – and much more – right next to one another.

Chapter 12  Gold Supporter 

After the wild bachelor party, Vance can't help but look at his son Tatum in a brand new way. One day, a candid conversation between Tatum and his cousin leaves Vance both shocked… and uncontrollably horny.

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