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New Year's Eve 2019

These vignettes were available to  Gold Supporters  on New Year's Eve 2019, which is when they take place




    "Oh!" I looked back startled. "Brady, it's just you. C'mon in."

    "What're you doing here?"

    "Well," I said, adding tissue in the large gift bag, "Eric and I ordered this for his dads, but it didn't get here in time for Christmas, so we figured we'd give it to them tonight. You know, New Year's Eve and all."

    "Can I see?"


    I opened the gift bag and showed Brady the large framed photograph. It was a black-and-white of Eric and me, naked, our hands on each other's bodies, kissing. David and Sven had a similar photo of themselves up in their room. We figured they might like one of their son and me. Kind of like "the second generation."

    "That's nice," Brady nodded in approval. "Are you giving it to them at midnight?"

    "Yeah, around that time."

    "Man, what a year it's been," Brady walked up to the window, looking out. The streets were full of partiers headed out for the night. In contrast, the five of us had decided to count down the new year at home. 

    "Yeah, you can say that again," I agreed. "Especially for you, starting college and all."

    "And you guys as well. You got your first big-boy jobs."

    "True. Yeah, moving to Boston's been quite a change. But it all happened so smoothly, like, it just feels so… normal."

    "Yeah, David and Sven definitely have a knack for that."

    "Speaking of, let's go join them," I said, heading out in the living room, leaving the present in the bedroom for later.

    "Where's everyone else, Daddy?" Brady asked when we walked out to find Sven by himself in the living room.

    "They're doing something in the kitchen," Sven replied, sprawled out on the couch in his usual attire: naked. 

    "And they left Daddy all alone?" I said, cuddling up to him on one side while Brady did the same on the other.

    "Yeah, all alone and cold. You need to do something to warm me up."

    "Oh, I think we can do that, Daddy," Brady smiled. Our hands were resting on Sven's chest, when Brady's slid to one of Sven's nipples, giving it a pinch. When I saw that, I did the same to the other nip.

    It was like flipping an on/off switch: Sven's dick rose up right away. 

    Brady and I made eye contact and smiled, sliding down to Sven's dick and taking it in our mouths, sucking it between us and kissing at the same time, until his daddy cum coated our lips.



    "Hello? Sam, can you hear me?"

    "Dad! Yeah, hold on, let me just go to the other room."

    I heard my son walk away from a room full of people and loud music, toward someplace more quiet. Meanwhile, I lay on my bed nude as I was, and looked at myself in the mirrors facing me.

    "There, that's better," Sam shut the door behind him, drowning out the noise.

    "Where are you, honey?" I asked.

    "My friend Lamar's. He's back from Toronto and he's having a New Year's Eve party. You?"

    "Oh I'm at home, all by my lonesome."

    "No! Are you serious?"

    "Yeah. What did you expect?"

    "I thought you'd be tearing up West Hollywood or something."

    "Nah, I'm too old for that."

    "Fuck off, you're not even 40 yet. Plus, you're hotter than anyone there. Like, you're literally the hottest person I've ever known."

    I saw myself smile eat-to-ear in the mirror, feeling happy and proud to hear my boy say that.

    "Speaking of," I said, "I saw your latest pic."

    "What, the one from the party here?"

    "No, must've been the one before. You flexing in the mirror with just your underwear on. Leaving very little to the imagination," I smiled. I noticed my cock give a stir in the mirror.

    "You're one to speak, Dad."

    "Your gym progress is amazing! Like, for real. I've never seen anyone get so far in six months."

    As I held the phone with my left hand, my right hand started to wander down between my legs. I gripped my dick, getting thicker by the second.

    "Must be my good genes," my son said over the phone.

    "Yeah," I said, closing my eyes, tilting my head back, and starting to stroke.

    "Listen, Dad, it's almost midnight here so I need to go, but I want to say something first."

    "Go head," I said, still jerking off. 

    "This past year was the year we met. And I… I don't really know how to put this but, like… It really meant a lot to me, Dad. Like, a lot. I'm so happy with everything that's happened since, and I… I can't wait to see you again soon."

    What Sam was saying wasn't even remotely sexual, yet it made my dick get even harder! I don't know if it was because I was just horny, or because I missed him, or because I liked jerking off while on the phone with someone without them knowing (especially when that someone is my son). In the short time I'd been stroking, I was already getting close to cumming.

    "Son, you mean the world to me as well," I said, feeling extra naughty and turned on to say that while edging myself to the verge of an orgasm. "Whatever you need, I'm there for you. And I can't wait to see you either. You can –" ("mmm," I moaned discreetly) "– you can show me that bod of yours in person."

    "I love you, Dad. Happy New Year."

    As I heard him say that, cum shot out my dick and landed all over my chest and my stomach, while my whole body jerked on the bed. 

    "I love you too, Son. Happy New Year."



    "You alright? You seem kinda flushed."

    "No, I'm fine," my brother Rory said. We were close as kids, and even closer now that he was living with us in New York. I knew him well enough to know he was lying. 

    "What's wrong?" I put my arm around him in our old room, trying to ignore the noise coming from the New Year's Eve party our family was throwing downstairs.

    "Taylor, I… I didn't wanna say anything cuz I didn't want to spoil people's Christmas, but… Rory's pregnant."

    "What?" I couldn't even register what I was hearing. "Girl Rory?"

    "Yes, Aurora. She's pregnant, and it's mine."

    "What… when…" I stuttered.

    "I've known for a little while, right before the holidays but I didn't wanna say anything. But she's been pregnant since the summer, so… we're gonna have it. If all goes by schedule he'll be born in the spring."


    "Yes. It's a boy," my brother smiled for the first time in days. 

    "Rory! That's… That's great news!" I finally pulled myself together. "Why would that spoil anyone's Christmas?!"

    "Well, we're gonna raise him together in New York, but we're not getting married or anything, we're not gonna be like together-together…"

    "This is Mom and Dad we're talking about! They won't give a shit. They'll be thrilled!"

    "And I have some money saved up, I was saving it to get my own place –"

    "Well, now it's gonna have to go toward the baby," I interrupted. "You'll stay with Owen and me."

    "You sure? I've intruded long enough."

    "Nonsense. This wasn't the plan, but plans change. And that's the last I'll hear of that."

    "Taylor… Thank you," my brother leaned in and gave me a hug.

    "Now, what I suggest you do," I continued, "is go down to that living room, get a glass of champagne, and announce you're going to be a dad. It'll be the highlight of everyone's year!"

    "You think?"


    Just then a knock on the door announced my husband Owen walking in.

    "You guys alright?" he asked.

    "Yes," I said. "We're about to go downstairs."

    Yes, at first I had my reservations about my brother coming to stay with us. But now, I had a feeling Owen would be thrilled to hear that Rory was staying. The two had developed… quite an interesting relationship; and it was interesting for me, as Owen's husband and Rory's brother, to watch that happen. My biggest concern in the beginning was what would happen to our sex lives. As it turns out, Owen and I were just as open and wild as ever. And only getting kinkier.

    "I need to make a quick phone call so I was wondering if I could do it here," Owen said.

    "Sure thing, but be back in the living room quick," I said. "Rory's got an announcement to make."




    "Hello, Son!" I said, smiling as soon as I saw Owen's name flash on my phone.

    "Hey, Dad! How's it going?"

    "All good. Just got out the shower. The guests are bout to start arriving soon."

    I looked at myself in the full-length mirror as I talked, water still dripping down my naked body. "Not bad for a man my age," I thought, sucking in my stomach.

    "Great. Listen, I don't have a lot of time, Taylor wants me downstairs, but if I don't get a chance to talk to you again tonight I just wanted to say Happy New Year."

    "Aww. Happy New Year, Son."

    "How's Mom?"

    "She's good, getting stuff ready."

    "Have you guys talked about coming to New York anytime soon?"

    "We have. We'd love to, but she doesn't have any more time off work. I might drop by by myself for a couple of days."

    "Sure, any time. We'd love to have you."

    "I'll keep you posted. Thank for calling, Son."

    "My pleasure, Pops. I love you."

    "Love you too, Owen," I said and hung up. When I looked back up I noticed there was a huge smile plastered on my face.

    "He's a good man," I thought proudly. I was proud of all my kids, but as my only boy, Owen had a special place in my heart. He was a strong man (and I wasn't even referring to his amazing physique). I looked at myself in the mirror some more. I was nowhere near as muscular as my boy, but at 56, I was still quite a fucking catch, if I do say so myself.

    Something led me to leave my bedroom and head towards Owen's old room. Even though he moved out over ten years ago, he always lived in these tiny-ass New York apartments, and a lot of his stuff was still here.

    His old room was still like a shrine of Owen. I smiled proudly, looking at all the medals and trophies he'd won. All the certificates on the walls. All the photos of the handsome, athletic jock he was.

    Without thinking about what I was really doing, I started going through some of the drawers. As I opened one of them, I saw a pile of neatly folded jockstraps. Owen's old jocks from high school.

    I smiled nostalgically, reminiscing about the times I bought them for him. I still remembered the first time he caught me in one and asked what it was, which led me to start buying them for him as well. Over time, they started to get mixed up in the laundry and we couldn't tell which were whose, so we just started sharing.

    I pulled out a black jock from the drawer, size large, which Owen wore even as a teenager. "You know, I think this would fit me," I thought, and slipped on the jock, looking at myself in the mirror in Owen's room. 

    "Kev, are you still in the shower?" I heard my wife yell out from the kitchen.

    "Be down in a minute!"

    I couldn't stop now. I looked at myself in the mirror, my boner poking out of my son's jock. I was horny and started to jack off. I knew I had to be quick. Fuck, I could cum right now! I didn't even know why or how, it'd just come over me all at once. Feeling like a feral beast, I grunted as I jerked off faster in my son's room, my bare feet rocking on the floor, my toes curled. All around me, my son was looking at me jacking off from all the photos that hung on the walls. I felt his eyes on me, gripping his jock in one hand and my dick in the other, until I shot my load all over the black jockstrap, grunting loudly.

    After I shot my load all over the jock, I thought about keeping it or throwing it in the laundry, but I changed my mind. I slipped it off and folded it, putting it back on top of the pile in the drawer. Maybe Owen would decide to wear it next time he was here. My cum load would be nice and soaked in by then. 

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