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… Oklahoma

    The storm started just as I crossed the state border; almost down to the minute. I wondered if it's some sort of sign.

    After a couple of days spent in Dallas, I was back on the road again. "Discover Excellence," said all the welcoming roadsigns as I drove into Oklahoma. For now, all I wanted to discover was a dry room to crash in. I'd only been on the road for a couple of hours, but the pouring rain made me decide to stop at the nearest motel and call it a day.

    I looked at my phone. The latest generation smartphone and I only had one app on it: a map to consult as I drove through the country. The closest motel was nearby.

    Once there, I was greeted by a friendly, middle-aged woman sitting at the desk. Behind her, a young man who looked to be her son sat scrolling through his phone.

    "My, what crazy weather out there. How may I help you today?" she offered.

    "A room until morning, please. Single, double, whatever you have."

    My curtly tone let the lady know I wasn't in the mood for chitchat. She respected that, and didn't ask any unnecessary questions from there on out.

    "Will that be by card?" she reached for the card reader.

    "Cash, please."

    "Alright. And I'll just need your name to put down on the list."

    A basic question that felt invasive.

    "James Smith," I said.

    "Alright," the women jotted it down and accepted my cash, before turning back. "LeRoy! Get up and offer to show Mr. Smith to his room."

    "No, that's fine," I insisted. "I'm sure I can find it. No need."

    The boy sat back down on the chair he'd started to rise from. I took the key and walked out. There were only about a dozen or so rooms and I found mine easily.

    I shut the door, dropped my bag, and exhaled. Now that I was indoors, the rain sounded quite nice. Soothing.

    I wasn't alone for long, though. I'd barely had the time to take a piss, when there was a knock on the door. I answered it to see LeRoy standing outside.

    "The ice machine's broken," I heard the boy speak for the first time. "Ma wanted me to bring you a bucket of ice, case you need it."

    "Thank you," I said, accepting the bucket. The interaction was done, but LeRoy made no move to leave. Instead, he stood there, looking me straight in the eyes. He was years younger than me but the same height, maybe even an inch or two taller than I was.

    "Wanna come in?" I offered.

    "Sure," he said casually, and stepped in.

    "So, you work here as well?" I asked the obvious.

    "Yes, sir. My whole life."

    "Family business, huh?" I sat on the bed, as LeRoy remained standing.

    "Yup. My daddy started it before he passed. Now it's just Ma and me."

    "Sorry to hear that. How did he die?" 

    "Iraq," he said, trying to show as little emotion as possible. "I was gonna join, but Ma wouldn't let me after that."

    "She did the right thing," I said, avoiding eye contact. "So, what's it like working round here?"

    "Boring. Quiet. Not many people passing by. Mostly truckers. But some of them are… fun."

    I eyed the boy suspiciously.

    "Ever think about leaving?"

    I was usually much more discreet instead of being invasive like this. But there was something about the boy that gave me the impression he needed someone to talk to. If I had to guess I'd say he was 19; the prime age for kids to leave their hometowns.

    "Nah. It's got its downsides, but I like it here. It's home," he said. "What about you?" he asked after a while. "Where's home for you?"

    "Nowhere, really," I answered truthfully.

    "Bet you're from one of those big coastal cities," he smiled.

    "That's… half-right," I shook my head.

    "You're mysterious, huh?" the boy took a step closer to me, and then another one.

    "What makes you say that?"

    "Well for starters, your name ain't James Smith."

    "I don't know what you're talking about," I smirked, knowing fully well we could both see past the façade.

    "That's a fake name if I've ever heard one. Besides," the boy took one final step forward, until he was just a foot away from me. He bent down and whispered, "your shirt's monogrammed, NH."

    I looked down at my chest pocket, laughed, and ignored the comment.

    "So, you're really sticking around here?" I changed the topic. I rested my arms on the bed and leaned backward. "Doesn't seem like the easiest place to be black. And gay," I added.

    "That's all of America," the boy laughed, confirming my suspicions that he was indeed into men.

    I leaned back further on the bed, as the boy stepped forward. There were no more words; our bodies were saying enough. One more step and he was kneeling on top of the bed, straddling me and sitting in my lap.

    "How old are you?" I asked.

    "Old enough to not get you into trouble."

    He started unbuttoning my shirt, slowly stroking my chest hair.

    "You're hot," he whispered to me.

    "I'm alright," I talked myself down. I was in good shape in the military, but my diet of constant junk food and booze since I came back had added some fat on top of the muscle.

    "You're hot," he repeated, putting one hand on the side of my neck and stroking me there.

    "And you're fucking adorable," I said, and finally leaned forward to give the boy a kiss. I put my arms around him, making sure he doesn't fall back as we kissed passionately. LeRoy wrapped his arms around me as well, before bringing his hands up and running them all through my hair.

    We kissed, and without much ado, he put one hand on my bulge, feeling it grow.

    Smoothly, as if he'd practiced it, he managed to pull down the sweatpants he was wearing, until his ass was bare. My hands slid down from his back to his asscheeks.

    My growing boner started to feel painful, pressed down by my tight jeans and my belt buckle. Luckily, LeRoy didn't wait long before unbuckling my belt and unbuttoning my pants, releasing my cut cock, which by now was hard as a rock.

    Looking at me dead in the eye, LeRoy spit in his hand and brought it down to my lap. He rubbed his fingers against the head of my cock first, getting some of my precum on them, before continuing to stroke the shaft, squeezing it tightly.

    Breathing through our mouths, we could both feel our breath on each other's faces. We continued to kiss; this time LeRoy being the one initiating it. His tongue roamed in my mouth, while his fingers jerked my dick.

    Slowly, the boy started to crawl forward. He pulled my boner under his sweats, until it was touching his bare ass, smoother than anyone else's ass I'd ever felt.

    Next, he spit in his hand again, this time guiding it to his hole. After lubing it up, he took my left hand with his right and guided it to his asshole, making me massage it and showing me how eager it is for me to go in.

    I didn't wait much further. I looked him in the eyes and he nodded. I took my dick and pressed the head of it right against the boy's asshole. His hole opened wider. We started kissing again. My cockhead was in. As he moved to sit on my dick, inch by inch I was all in, as we kept kissing all throughout.

    "Fuck!" I moaned, finally feeling the boy's asscheeks all the way down to my balls. My now, he was just as hard as I was; his boner rubbing between our two bellies.

    From this position, I couldn't do much; it was like the boy was fucking me. Or rather, fucking himself on my dick. I sat still, pointing up, while he bounced up and down on my dick like a seasoned pro.

    "Fuck yeah," I encouraged him. Not that he needed much encouraging. He was doing an excellent job. 

    I'd never had a fuck quite like this. This was the youngest guy I'd ever had sex with, and he was better skilled at it than everyone before him. I clutched his ass as it went up and down on my cock like a spring.

    "Give it a smack," he told me.

    I indulged him, and slapped one of his asscheeks.



    He wanted harder? He'd get harder.

    Now that I knew what this boy could handle, I went harder and stronger on him. Using all the strength in my thighs, I started to lift my hips off the bed and fucking him even deeper.

    "Mmm, yeah!" he moaned with his eyes shut, making me feel proud for doing a good job.

    He continued to bounce on my dick, proving just how much stamina he had in his legs. 

    "Can I cum inside you?" I asked after a few minutes of intense fucking in this position.

    "Fuck yeah," he moaned, wrapping his fingers around my neck, making me wonder who was in control here.

    Like a toy with fresh batteries, he started to bounce on my dick harder than ever! Wild with pleasure, I felt the tip of my dick hit his spot, making both of us scream out loud.

    "Fuck!" "Oh, hell." "Yeah!" echoed around the motel room. I hope the walls were thick enough to conceal the noise from the neighboring rooms, but somehow I doubted it.

    "Here it comes," I said, a second before I felt my load splashing out. I curled my toes in the boots I hadn't even taken off since entering the room. I gave one final, loud shout as I filled the boy's insides with my jizz, emptying my balls in his gut.

    "Fuck yeah," he moaned, his big cock unloading all over my hairy chest. 

    When we were done, he ran his fingertips through my chest hair again, just like he was done earlier. He scooped his own cum and lifted his hand up to my face, offering it to me. I opened my lips, and let him feed me every drop. 

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