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"Suddenly, I heard our son's bedroom door opening upstairs, and he yelled out from his room. 'Yes, honey?' I said, just as my husband's cock slipped inside of me balls-deep. I tried keeping my voice as neutral as possible, which wasn't easy."
David and Sven try juggling parenthood and their high sex drives.

Chapter 1  Supporter 

Sixth-grader Eric begs his dads to stay home from school, but they won't cave in just yet. The two husbands go for a risky romp in the hallway, when Eric opens his door. The next day, the whole family meets their new neighbors.

Chapter 2  Supporter 

Eric tries to get out of going back to school on his first day, to no avail. At the end of the day, when David goes to pick up his son up from school, he ends up talking to one of Eric's teachers... which quickly leads to much more.

Chapter 3  Supporter 

Eric talks his father into letting him come to the gym with him and Bryce, the new neighbors' teenage son. In the showers at the gym, Bryce is fascinated by Sven's pierced cock and just can't keep his hands off it...

Chapter 4  Supporter 

It's Eric's birthday and the new neighbors are invited. While the boys are busy playing in the pool, Bryce has a plan on how to get closer to Eric's dads. In the hot tub, the teenager experiences something new thanks to David and Sven.

Chapter 5  Supporter 

On the day of Eric's birthday party, David and Sven retreat to the shower with their teenage neighbor for a mutual rub-down. That evening Bryce has an offer for the married couple, and the next day, young Eric and his dad David have a chat.

Chapter 6  Supporter 

David and Sven talk to their new teenage lover's father. A few weeks later, the two families spend Thanksgiving together. When Bryce gets horny, he leads the two daddies to his parents' bedroom… where they get caught during Bryce's first time.

Chapter 7  Supporter 

David and Sven take Eric and his best friend to see a movie. At the theater, David gets dickstracted in the men's room, before returning to his seat and sharing the whole story with his husband, who decides to amp it up right there and then.

Chapter 8  Supporter 

When David's plans of getting a couple's massage with his husband fall through, he caves in and lets Eric come to the massage instead. Trouble is: David is used to massages with a happy ending, which is a problem with his son there.

Chapter 9  Supporter 

It's the end of the school year, and Sven gets a visit from his teenage neighbor Bryce. After a romp between the two, Sven heads to his son's school, where he ends up alone in a classroom with Bryce's dad, who seems just as horny as his son.

Chapter 10  Supporter 

Dolan is getting ready to move back to the city and reminisces about his family's relationship with their neighbors. Dolan and Sven walk in on David fucking Dolan's son, and pretty soon all four men end up intertwined with each other.

Chapter 11  Supporter 

In the summer of 2012, 15-year-old Eric and his two dads spend a week in Berlin. There, they meet Sven's nephews, and David and Sven waste no time before getting in trouble. But this trip will also change young Eric's whole life…

Chapter 12  Supporter 

Sven has a chat with Axel and finds out more about both of his teenage nephews' sex lives. That night, David and Sven go to the leather bar where Axel works; and they get to experience first-hand just how kinky Sven's nephew is.

Chapter 13  Supporter 

It's David and Sven's 20th anniversary, and they find a way to (cum)mark it as soon as they wake up. Later in the day, Sven goes to a sex shop with his teenage nephew in order to pick out a present for his husband.

Chapter 14  Supporter 

Axel looks back at his childhood and his relationship with his uncles Sven and David. Now that he's older and living in Berlin, Axel is free to let his freak flag fly… and does just that as he and Uncle Sven have some inappropriate fun at a café.

Chapter 15  Supporter 

David makes a revelation about his son's sexuality, which he then shares with his husband Sven. The two dads end the day at a gay bathhouse with their teen nephew, where things get hot (in more ways than one) in the sauna.

Chapter 16  Supporter 

After a hot time in the sauna (literally), Sven, David, and their nephew relax on the bathhouse terrace. Later, the three men get into the hot tub, where they are surrounded by a group of voyeurs, and Axel joins his uncles' fun.

Chapter 17  Supporter 

On their last day in Berlin, Axel and his two uncles go to a nudist park in the middle of the city. Surrounded by all of the hot men that are there, David, Sven and their nephew soon get very bold… even by their standards!

Chapter 18  Supporter 

Back from his trip to Berlin with his dads, teenage Eric finds himself more sexually curious than ever. His curiosity leads him to Milken Park – which according to the internet is a nearby cruising ground. But what awaits Eric there?

Chapter 19  Supporter 

Eric and his dad David go to the gym together, and in the open showers they bump into the top that Eric was spying on in Milken Park. David and the young guy head to the sauna, where unbeknownst to David, they're being watched by his son.

Chapter 20  Supporter 

As soon as he turns 16, Eric gets a job as a towel boy at his dads' gym. Now, he gets to cruise the men's locker room pretending to work, all the while ogling at the nudity on display. Soon, he runs into a familiar face… and a familiar hard cock!

Chapter 21  Supporter 

Eric is thrilled to be invited out on a date – his first date ever! And it's not just anyone, but his gym crush Brax. Afterward, the two end up in Eric's parents' pool; but what happens when Eric's dads come back home earlier than expected?

Chapter 22 |  Silver & Gold 

Brax looks back at his time growing up with his dad. After becoming Eric's boyfriend, it is time for Brax to meet Eric's other dad, Sven. Family dinner is followed by an intimate conversation between Brax and Sven, and a sexy suggestion.

Chapter 23 |  Silver & Gold 

Determined to throw his two dads a surprise for Father's Day, 16-year-old Eric wakes up early and heads to the kitchen. However, once the conversation turns to sex and sex toys, Eric is the one to get a surprise from his parents.

Chapter 24 |  Silver & Gold 

Eric and Brax continue their relationship with Eric's dads' blessing, and the sex between them only gets hotter. That summer, the four men decide to spend a week at a cabin in the woods… and the fucking starts during the ride there!

Chapter 25 |  Silver & Gold 

Sven takes advantage of the rural seclusion and goes for a naked run early in the morning. On his way back, he bumps into his son, who is in need of some fatherly advice. Later, Sven gets to witness Eric put that advice into action.

Chapter 26 |  Silver & Gold 

As Eric's relationship with Brax continues, Brax spends more time at Eric's house and gets even closer to Eric's dads. This is especially tempting for David, who craves another taste of his son's boyfriend's dick.

Chapter 27 |  Silver & Gold 

Although they're having a lot of fun together, Eric and Brax have to say goodbye. But before: One final visit to the cruising area in Milken Park, where Eric and his first boyfriend bump into none other than Eric's parents.

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