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After losing his job in Texas, 24-year-old Colton considers moving in with his dad in Seattle. But Colton doesn't know his dad is hiding a secret from him – a secret which will be a lot more difficult to hide with the two of them living together.

Chapter 1  Supporter 

After losing his job in Texas, 24-year-old Colton considers moving in with his dad in Seattle. But Colton doesn't know his dad is hiding a secret from him – a secret which will be a lot more difficult to hide with the two of them living together.

Chapter 2  Supporter 

Trying to replace the dad he never knew, Troy hires Joe and engages in a father-son fantasy with him. Although he does his best to remain a professional, Joe can't help but see some similarities between Troy and his own real son.

Chapter 3  Supporter 

Colton moves into his dad's apartment – their first time living together in many years. It doesn't take long before they see each other naked, and as much as Colton tries to convince himself he's straight, dirty thoughts keep coming to his mind.

Chapter 4  Supporter 

Joe still struggles to adjust to life after his son moves in with him. Luckily for Joe, his most loyal new customer is quite fun to spend time with. But what happens when teen Troy and Joe's real son find themselves at the same spot?

Chapter 5  Supporter 

For the first time since he can remember, Colton spends New Year's Eve with his dad. After making a surprising discovery on his father's phone, Colton is invited to lie down on Dad's massage table and enjoy his first professional massage…

Chapter 6  Supporter 

After all that time together, Troy begins to wonder if Daddy Joe's feelings for him might be real. Soon, teen Troy loses his virginity in a special place. The following day, Joe's son Colton borrows his laptop and is shocked by what he sees.

Chapter 7  Supporter 

When Joe and his son go camping for the weekend, it is finally time for the truth to come out in the open. The two spend some time together in the sauna and hot tub, and share a unique experience in the middle of the night.

Chapter 8  Supporter 

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Joe is ready to show his son what he's hiding behind the locked door at his apartment. Soon, Colton finds himself going through his father's old porn collection, and trying out some of his sex toys.

Chapter 9  Supporter 

During a date with Daddy Joe, Troy gets the best news of his life. Later that night, Colton is alone at the apartment when his dad and Troy show up. Colt retreats to his room to jerk off… until he learns another one of his father's sexy secrets.

Chapter 10  Supporter 

When Colt asks his dad where to find a male stripper in Seattle, he doesn't expect for Joe to offer to do the job himself. Colt's gay coworker's bachelor party is supposed to be a tame affair, but things quickly get much wilder than anticipated.

Chapter 11  Supporter 

After Daly and A.J. get back from their honeymoon, they invite Colt and his dad Joe out for drinks. Joe brings his boyfriend along, and pretty soon the evening at the bar becomes much more sexually charged than anticipated.

Chapter 12  Supporter 

Joe decides to share a sexy story about his son Colt with their new friends. Later, the crew heads to The Falcon, a gay fetish bar unlike any place Joe and Colt have visited together. There, Joe is treated to an unexpectedly sexy sight.

Chapter 13  Supporter 

For Joe's 49th birthday, his son and his boyfriend team up to throw the sexy daddy a surprise party. After the celebration with all of Joe's friends, it's time for a more intimate – and sexier – celebration.

Chapter 14  Supporter 

Joe gets ready to greet a new client, but he is shocked to see who it is. With the help of a family-themed adult movie, Joe finds out what his client's true desires are. Together with his son Colt, Joe is ready to make those fantasies come true.

Chapter 15  Supporter 

When Joe tells Troy about his recent spit-roasting session with Daly and Colt, Troy starts to get jealous. Joe realizes his boyfriend has a crush on his son, so he tries to find a way to make Troy's wishes come true.

Chapter 16  Supporter 

Colton needs to make some extra cash, while his dad needs an extra set of hands at the massage studio. The two of them decide to team up. During the first lesson Colt gets from his dad, the client becomes aroused… and he's not the only one.

Chapter 17  Supporter 

As Joe's reputation grows, it becomes almost impossible to score an appointment at his studio. He is willing to make an exception, however, when two hot daddies from Boston drop by and ask for a special couple massage.

Chapter 18  Supporter 

With David and Sven still in town, they invite Colt and his dad to go out. However, Joe's not in the mood for a party, so Colt goes to meet the two daddies on his own. Soon, he finds out he and his dad aren't the only pervy father-son duo out there.

Chapter 19  Supporter 

After his tryst with David and Sven, Colton goes through a sexual renaissance, always keeping his father and their kinky friends by their side. During the hot summer, a dinner party leads to new lines being crossed between Colt and his dad.

Chapter 20  Supporter 

Colton meets a man who's willing to pay good money to see a father and son engaging in some taboo action in front of him. But is Colt ready to follow in his father's footsteps? And just how many lines will they cross?

Chapter 21  Supporter 

While Joe's busy with a client, his boyfriend Troy and his son Colt stumble upon one another's profiles on Grindr. A quick coffee date ends up in bed – Joe's bed, to be exact. And when Joe returns, the sexcapades reach new extremes.

Chapter 22  Supporter 

When moving in with his dad, Colton never expected their relationship to go in this direction. But tonight's the night – Colt can feel it. He's finally ready and he takes the first plunge. No matter what, it's a night neither of them will ever forget.

Chapter 23  Supporter 

When Colt decides to follow in his father's footsteps in terms of career, there's no one better than Daddy to show him the ropes. A photo session in Joe's "sex room" leads to a bond between the two that's more intimate than ever.

Chapter 24  Supporter 

Colt and his dad advance their careers side-by-side. Soon, there are multiple reasons to celebrate, and where better to do it than everyone's favorite fetish club? At The Falcon, Joe and Colt take their kinky relationship to the next level.

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