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DNH Cover
Everett grows up without ever knowing his dad, so it's a brand new experience for him when he starts to bond with his soon-to-be father-in-law…

Chapter 1  Supporter 

Shortly after graduating college, Everett decides to propose to his girlfriend, but not before getting a blessing from her father Bruce. An unexpectedly strong connection with Bruce surprises Everett, who's never had a dad of his own.

Chapter 2  Supporter 

After proposing to his girlfriend, Everett needs to move in with her dad Bruce for a few months. Now, the two men who barely know each other get to live on their own… which leads to some unexpectedly horny situations from day one.

Chapter 3  Supporter 

When his daughter's fiancé comes to live with him, Bruce treats him like a son of his own. Soon, Bruce realizes he's always yearned for a son, and the bond between him and the younger man quickly grows stronger, with few taboos between them.

Chapter 4  Supporter 

At the strip club, Bruce and Everett get confused for actual father and son. Back at the house, while hanging out naked together, they decide to break out the tape measure and measure each other's cocks… hard.

Chapter 5  Supporter 

Everett and Bruce go to a baseball game with one of Bruce's buddies and his sons. Afterward, the two men get a chance to relax by the pool, and what starts off as applying sunscreen on each other's backs turns into much, much more.

Chapter 6  Supporter 

Everett and Bruce have a conversation about open relationships and their past sexperiences with other men. Later, Everett decides to take his future father-in-law up on his offer and the two end up in Bruce's large shower together…

Chapter 7  Supporter 

Everett and his future father-in-law go down to Miami, and one of the first things they do is hit the nude beach together. There, Everett enjoys all the eye candy, but pretty soon he and Bruce go from being voyeurs to exhibitionists.

Chapter 8  Supporter 

Everett and Bruce make friends with the strangers from the beach: a married couple named Taylor and Owen. The four men get to know each other over lunch, followed by a sexy shopping trip and a surprising invitation.

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