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"Yet Mr. Crane just sat there motionless, observing me calmly. And then, in the most inopportune moment… I felt my dick start to chub up."
Football jock Brent feels untouchable at his private high school… until he meets the new Math sub.

Category:  DOM-SUB  |  HIGH SCHOOL 

Chapter 1 |  Gold Supporter 

With his athletic prowess – and his parents being the biggest donors to his expensive private school – Brent feels completely untouchable… until his math teacher goes on leave and Brent is acquainted with the new sub.

Chapter 2 |  Gold Supporter 

In an effort to find out more about the mysterious Mr. Crane, Brent talks to his football coach in the lead-up to the big homecoming game. The game itself goes horribly, thanks to Brent's recklessness, and he has to face his punishment.

Chapter 3 |  Gold Supporter 

While patrolling the locker room, Coach Carver notices a handprint on his star player's ass which is a cause for concern. After an intimate chat between them, Brent leaves and heads to Mr. Crane's apartment for a new experience.

Chapter 4 |  Gold Supporter 

Although Coach Carver has a soft spot for his star player Brent, he has no choice but to discipline him to set an example for the rest of the team. After a one-on-one in Coach's office, he and the teen find themselves alone in the locker room…

Chapter 5 |  Gold Supporter 

Ross Crane makes sure Brent's family attends Principal Crane's Christmas party. Mr. Crane and Brent go upstairs to fuck behind everyone's backs… when they're joined by none other than Mr. Crane's cousin: Coach Carver.

Chapter 6 |  Gold Supporter 

Principal Crane reminisces about his dominant son's youth, including some of Ross's careless, hormone-driven actions. One evening, he walks in on a shocking scene in the Math classroom, involving the two people he least expected!

Chapter 7 |  Gold Supporter 

On Super Bowl weekend Brent's school organizes a father-son football game, which gives Brent and his dad a chance to hang out – including hitting the showers and locker room together, where they are joined by Mr. Crane.

Chapter 8 |  Gold Supporter 

When Brent's mom and sister go away for a few days, the high school quarterback is left home alone with his dad, who's acting more demanding than ever, even spanking his son for the first time in years. And the spanking is only the beginning…

Chapter 9 |  Gold Supporter 

Left home alone with his father, Brent gets to see his dad's behavior change now that he knows all about his cocksucking ways. The situation escalates from sucking cock to much more when Brent's dad takes the reins and drives his dick up Brent's ass.

Chapter 10 |  Gold Supporter 

Brent's dad pays a visit to Mr. Crane one evening, and the two men talk about the latest developments with the pervy teenager. Mr. Crane has a couple of surprise gifts… which Brent and his dad both get to use.

Chapter 11 |  Gold Supporter 

With his father's help, Brent uses the special toy from Master Crane, all the while keeping his horny teen cock locked. Later, at Master Crane's apartment, the father and son find themselves shocked by a suggestion made by Brent's teacher.

Chapter 12 |  Gold Supporter 

Brent's dad reminisces on his own experience with porn and sex. At Mr. Crane's apartment, the fun continues when Brent heads to the bedroom with his teacher and his father, and Mr. Crane resumes his dominant role.

Chapter 13 |  Gold Supporter 

With only a few words, Master Crane flips the switch on Brent and his dad. The horny teenager is the one to get on top now, and with the help of his mentor, Brent gets ready to give his father a treatment unlike anything before.

Chapter 14 |  Gold Supporter 

With Crane's encouragement and guidance, teen jock Brent proceeds to bury his cock up his father's ass; flipping the script on their whole relationship. As time goes on, Brent feels the urge to only get more and more extreme…

Chapter 15 |  Gold Supporter 

Now that the roles between Brent and his dad Damian have flipped, Damian gets used to playing the submissive part for the first time in his life. Pretty soon, he is following his jock son's every order, and begging for Brent's permission to unload.

Chapter 16 |  Gold Supporter 

School's back on, and now that Brent is a senior, he feels even cockier than before. In between football and girls, the high school jock leads a busy life. But the new school year also means the departure of Mr. Crane. How will Brent take it?

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