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The King of Saturnalia

    Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival in honor of the god Saturn, held on the 17th of December. It was celebrated with a public banquet where masters and slaves reversed roles, the masters providing table service for their slaves. 

    A common custom was the election of a King of the Saturnalia. Chosen by lot, his role was to give orders to the others and preside over the merrymaking.

    "Are you sure you can't come?"

    "George, I feel like shit. You go."

    "No, I'll stay in to take care of you."

    "I said, go! You've been talking about Sven and David's party for weeks. I'm just gonna have some soup and go to sleep. I'll be fine."

    My husband was right: I had been looking forward to this party since we got the invitation. But I never thought I'd be going there without him. Now that he was in bed with a cold, I felt anxious about doing it alone.

    "I don't even have anything to wear…" I tried to get out of it.

    "What're you talking about, the invitation just said 'general fetish.' Wear your leather pants."

    "Ha, as if they fit me anymore."

    In my late 40s, I was no longer as slim as I once was. Unlike Sven and David, who seemed to just get hotter with age. Bastards.

    "Of course they fit you," my husband continued trying to encourage me. "Go, so you can tell me what the theme was this year."

    Our friends David and Sven used to throw a themed sex party every December, to end the year with a good bang (pun intended). The parties stopped for a while when the two decided to have a kid, but now that their son was off to college, the kinky fun continued as usual. The theme was usually shared with guests in advance so they knew how to dress, but this year it was a surprise. 

    "Fine, I'll go," I succumbed to both my husband's words and my own curiosity. "I better go get ready."

    I spent over an hour trying my hardest to look as good as possible. David and Sven were two of those gays that always looked immaculate, whether they were wearing a suit, a harness, or nothing at all. I had to resort to winning people over with my personality. Ha! As if anyone gave a fuck about that.

    David and Sven lived in the middle of nowhere. The drive there was a pain, but it's what allowed their parties to get so raucous. I was sure Sven would be playing whatever techno he'd imported from his native Germany, and guests would be allowed to fuck as loudly as possible, even if they wanted to do it in the front lawn.

    Judging by the amount of parked cars, I seemed to be one of the first people there. I knocked on the door, to be greeted seconds later by a smiling jockstrap-clad David. Always a gracious host, he welcomed me with a kiss and a hug and let me in the very well-heated house.

    In the living room, there were drinks and snacks laid out. The atmosphere was that of a polite soirée, if you just ignored the fact the few men who were already there were all in either fetishwear or completely naked. A daddy with a big beard sat on the couch dressed in head-to-toe leather; next to him, a boy who seemed to be in his 20s was on all fours on the floor, wearing nothing but a butt plug and a collar around his neck, attached to a leash that his daddy was holding. Across from them, Sven sat in an armchair, also in a jockstrap, casually chatting like this was the most normal setup in the world.

    Slowly, more people started to arrive, until there were around thirty of us. I recognized some of the usual guests and talked to them. Standing in the kitchen eating mini quiches, no one blinked an eye while somebody was being spanked or sucked in the same room.

    Once everyone was there, the hosts invited us all in the living room.

    "Welcome everyone, and thank you for coming," David said, standing next to his husband, each holding a glass of champagne. 

    "Yes. Thank you for making it," Sven chimed in. "It may be a bit different from other holiday parties you'll go to this year –," (people laughed) "– but I hope you reconnect with some old friends, and meet some new ones."

    "Now, as you know, every year we like to pick a theme for our parties," David continued. "This year, it was Sven's idea so I'll let him explain it."

    "Thank you, darling. Yes, this year's theme is: Saturnalia. It was an old Roman festival, where masters and slaves would reverse roles for a night, and it would be the masters serving the slaves and taking orders from them. There are many couples in this room –," (I looked around; he was right) "– and many of you have assigned roles. Daddy, boy, master, slave, dom, sub; being gay's all about labels. For one night only, we wanted to… flip that upside-down."

    "Now," David said, "obviously no one's expected to do anything they're not comfortable with. Like always, you're welcome to participate, or watch, or just hang out and have some of the delicious stollen Sven baked." (He paused for more laughter.) "We'd just like to encourage you to consider role reversal and try something new if you haven't already."

    "Now, that's not all," Sven said, picking up a large bowl filled with dozens of little black pouches. "Inside each of these baggies is a rubber cockring."

    "Sven wanted to get metal, but we weren't sure about everyone's girth," David joked.

    "Not yet, we might by the end of the night," Sven winked. "All of them are black, except for a single yellow one. The person that picks that one is our King of Saturnalia."

    "The King is here to rule us all. He can walk around, making wishes, and giving orders to everyone. There will, of course, be a safeword if anyone would like to decline an order."

    Sven walked around with the bowl and everyone picked a bag. We waited until everyone had one, and then people started opening theirs. When most guys were done, they looked disappointed to not get the yellow ring. I looked at the handful of pouches left in the bowl and wondered what happens if the ring was still there.

    Only a couple of us were slow with the opening of our pouches… I took a deep breath, opened it… and found a yellow ring inside.

    "All hail the King," Sven shouted, and people bowed their heads to me.

    The mood didn't change immediately after that. People continued to chat and drink. A few of them asked me if the King requires anything and I playfully sent them to fetch me drinks, or remove an item of clothing. Little by little, as the night went on, and people got drunker and hornier, the action got more and more hardcore.

    From the get-go, it wasn't unusual to see someone getting a blowjob or being jerked off, but now people were starting to fuck. Some of them right there in the living room, some of them retreating to other parts of David and Sven's large house. Only their son's room was off limits.

    Unsure where to go, I decided to stick close to the hosts. Across from me, Sven still sat in his armchair. Even though he was turning 50 in a few months, the man was all muscle. Smooth as a baby from the neck down, I admired his pecs and his thick thighs that barely fit in the chair. Two large rings hung from his nipples, and I knew there was a third one on the tip of his dick. In his armchair, he looked like a Norse god on his throne.

    His husband was the hairy one, which stood in contrast with the more "traditionally female" roles he often played in their relationship. David was the host, the cook, the cleaner, the one who homeschooled their kid before he went to college. They were both versatile, but if I had to guess I'd say it was David bottoming 80% of the time. He had a submissive streak and still called Sven "Daddy" occasionally. 

    But tonight, the roles would be reversed. I watched David as he stood towering over Sven's chair. With a snap of David's fingers, Sven was down on the floor, kissing and licking David's feet.

    While doing so, Sven turned his ass in my direction. Since he was wearing nothing but a jock, I got a prime view of his hole. "Holy fuck," I said sotto voce, admiring it. It was incredibly smooth, and perky as if it had never been fucked before.

    "Tight, isn't he?" David commented, noticing the direction I was looking at. We smiled at each other, and he bent down, putting a finger, and then two, against his husband's asshole. 

    "Show your hole to the King," David ordered confidently. Sven bent down even lower, his head against the floor. He reached over and spread open his cheeks for me, making his hole pulsate as if it were winking at me. 

    "Nice," I said, getting hard in my leather pants.

    "Show off your smooth pussy," David continued, starting to pat Sven's hole. I knew Sven as a muscled dominant alpha top, and to hear anyone refer to his hole as a "pussy" was amazing to me. David's pats got harder and louder, until he was spanking Sven's hole as Sven moaned out in pleasure. Or pain. Or both.

    I watched my friends play with each other for a while, before getting up to walk around the house and check what everyone else was up to. Knowing David and Sven, I was sure they'd be at it all night.

    There were people hooking up and fucking in every room. Some of them were ignoring the theme, either because they weren't into power exchange or because they didn't feel ready to do it. I headed to David and Sven's bedroom, expecting to find a large group of men there. I was wrong; there were only two. The bearded daddy and the buttplugged boy I saw when I first came in.

    The master bedroom was incredibly stylish and sexy. Most of the furniture was black, and the walls decorated with homoerotic imagery. A sex swing hung in one corner, put up especially for the party. In the center of the dimly-lit room, the daddy and boy were standing, hugging, almost as if they were dancing. 

    "Hello," the daddy said when he noticed me walk in.

    "Hope I'm not intruding," I said.

    Of course not. Your Majesty," he smiled.     

    "Are you a couple?" I asked, feeling curious.

    "Yes," the daddy answered. "We were just having a chat about tonight's theme and whether to… go ahead with it."

    I noticed the boy cling closer to his daddy, almost as if he were afraid. 

    "I mean, it's an interesting idea," I commented. "But you don't have to –"

    "No, I want to," the boy suddenly interrupted me, which came as a bit of a shock. "I just… I haven't done it before."

    Without warning or hesitation, the daddy slowly started to go down on his knees, his leather outfit creaking as he did so. He looked up at his boy with puppy-dog eyes.

    "We can guide you through it," I stepped forward, feeling encouraged. I walked to the couple and put my hand on the naked boy's ass. Fuck, it was soft.

    "Yes, Sir," he nodded. "Your Majesty."

    I smiled, and put my hand on the back of his neck. Slowly, I glided my fingertips down his spine until I got to the tip of his ass crack.

    "First, we need to get rid of this," I said, slowly pulling out the buttplug from the boy's ass, his eyes closed as I did so. 

    "Impressive," I noted once the plug was out and I got to see its full size and girth. "Come sit down."

    The boy and I took a seat on David and Sven's bed. There were two champagne glasses that the couple had probably brought, and we took one each.

    "Take your clothes off," I told the kneeling daddy, who slowly got up.

    He took of his Muir cap first, resting it on a chair, then started to slowly unbutton his shirt. I watched him do it, until I noticed the boy's hand was shaking next to me.

    "Why are you nervous?" I asked softly.

    "I've never… fucked anyone. I don't know if I can… stay hard. I sometimes have issues with it," he looked down, embarrassed.

    "Don't worry," I put my hand on his knee. "No one here will judge you."

    I turned back to the daddy. He was shirtless by now. His boots were off and he was working on unbuckling his belt. 

    "Bring that to us," I ordered him, pointing at his leather cap.

    "Yes, You Majesty," he obeyed. When he brought the cap to me I just nodded toward his boy. Slowly, very slowly, the daddy put his cap on the boy. They looked at each other's eyes as they did so and I could feel the intense energy between them at that moment. They both had a tiny smile they were trying to suppress.

    "Now pull those down," I told the daddy, who took off his pants. "Turn around."

    The daddy's ass wasn't as nice as his boy's, no doubt about it, but it was still firm and tight. I watched the boy slowly put his delicate hand on it. 

    "What do you think of your daddy's ass?" I asked him.

    "It's nice."

    I put my hand on the man's other asscheek. 

    "Bend over," I ordered him.

    The daddy bent down and the boy and I spread his cheeks open. The crack of his ass and his hole were covered in a fine amount of salt-and-pepper hair.

    "Have you ever seen his asshole?" I asked the boy next to me.

    "I… I haven't," he answered, sounding a bit nervous but trying to remain confident.

    I put my hand on his and slowly guided it toward his daddy's hole. We kept our hands there for a couple of minutes. I could feel the boy starting to relax, but looking down, his cock was completely soft. Meanwhile, I was hard as a rock in my pants.

    "Take this," I handed the large buttplug to the boy.

    He knew exactly what to do with it. There was a bottle of lube on the nightstand next to the bed, and the boy used it to lube up the plug before slowly inserting it in his daddy's ass.

    I was amazed how quickly and easily it went in. 

    "Do you get fucked often?" I smacked the daddy's ass.

    "No, Your Majesty. Not anymore."

    "How about in the past?"

    "Yes, Your Majesty. A lot."

    "Well, I think it's time for a reminder," I said, touching the boy's hand again, while he held the end of the plug. "Fuck him with it."

    The boy nodded his head, and started moving the buttplug back and forth in the daddy's hole. He may not have known it, but he was a natural, doing it with perfect speed and technique.

    Meanwhile, the daddy moaned out in pleasure loudly, supporting his weight on his knees as he bent down.

    "Get on the bed," the boy said. For the second time this evening, I was surprised to hear him speak out, and happy to see he was slowly finding his confidence. Indeed, looking down, his dick looked a bit fuller than before.

    The daddy climbed on the bed, his ass still in the air. His boy continued to fuck him with the plug for a little while longer, before pulling it out and spitting on his hole. Without much hesitation, he put two, then three, then four fingers in it.

    "Fuck yeah!" the daddy screamed out savagely. I wondered when the last time was that he got fisted.

    "Here, have some more," I squirted more lube directly onto the boy's hand. It wasn't the ideal lube for fisting, but the daddy's hole seemed hungry enough to deal with it. Next, I watched the boy's thumb slip into his hole, so his entire fist was in it.

    That's when things really picked up speed. The boy's nervousness seemed to disappear, as he started to fist-fuck his daddy more and more aggressively.

    "Fuck yeah!" the daddy grunted loudly, lube dripping out his asshole. "Wreck that cunt, boy!"

    The boy didn't need asking twice. He continued to go deeper and deeper, until he was almost elbow deep. His small hands and skinny arms were obviously perfect for a hole that was out of practice. Then, he slowly pulled out. The daddy's hole pulsed in anticipation, asking, begging to be filled once more. I looked down and noticed the boy was by now fully hard.

    "Holy fuck," I said. The boy was obviously a grower. His smooth, cut dick wasn't overly impressive when soft, but he looked fucking huge now, especially in contrast with his small-framed body.

    I put my hand on his dick and quickly guided it to the daddy's hole, still pulsating and dripping lube.

    "Go in," I told the boy. He nodded at me, and did as he was told.

    "Fuck," he moaned out loud, closing his eyes.

    "That's it, baby," his daddy encouraged him. "Give it to daddy."

    "Don't think about anything else," I said softly. "Just how nice this feels."

    "Fuck yeah," both men took turns screaming out, as I unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick.

     I jerked myself off while watching the couple fuck in front of me. At first, I could sense the boy was still a bit hesitant and nervous, but that seemed to go away when he noticed just how much pleasure he was giving his daddy. Pretty soon, he was slapping his ass and being verbal, taking to fucking like a duck to water.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna cum," the boy announced after a while.

    "Come here," I told the bottom daddy, who took my dick in his own mouth. "Cum inside his hole," I told the boy. He nodded again.

    "Mmm," the daddy moaned with his mouth full, being stuffed from both ends. 

    "I'm close!" the boy announced. I was as well. 

    "That's it baby, breed your daddy," the daddy took my dick out his mouth to say, then slipped it back in. Fuck, I was about to cum.

    "Fuck. Fuck! FUCK!" the boy screamed. The daddy moaned. And I shot my load inside his mouth. We all continued to grunt in ecstasy for a full minute.

    When I was done shooting my load, I looked at the daddy's ass. I could see some of the boy's white jizz dripping out out it, getting caught in the daddy's fine ass hair. The boy smiled, looking both proud and satisfied. 

    "Thank you, Your Majesty," he winked at me.

The action between David, Sven, and George heats up and

continues in "Submissive Sven," available to  Gold Supporters 

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