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Fourteen years after moving to Sioux Falls Rafe has it all: a wife, three kids, a great job, and plenty of friends. But one night, an unexpected phone call from his buddy Evan is about to change Rafe's life for good.

Chapter 1  Gold Supporter 

Fourteen years after moving to Sioux Falls Rafe has it all: a wife, three kids, a great job, and plenty of friends. But one night, an unexpected phone call from his buddy Evan is about to change Rafe's life for good.

Chapter 2  Gold Supporter 

Only a few days after discovering he has a twin brother, Rafe is on a plane to San Francisco to meet him. The two twins get to spend a day together… before spending the night together as well, including some sexy late-night action.

Chapter 3  Gold Supporter 

Gabriel wakes up with a rock-hard dick and reaches down for it before realizing his twin brother is lying in bed next to him. Later on, the two brothers are sharing the bathroom, and Gabriel is unable to control his horniness any longer…

Chapter 4  Gold Supporter 

Before leaving San Francisco, Evan and Rafe go for a night out with Rafe's twin Gabriel, who takes them to his favorite club. The sex-fueled gay club is nothing like what the two Midwesterners are used to… and things only get wilder.

Chapter 5  Gold Supporter 

Rafe's twin brother makes the big move from San Francisco to Sioux Falls. When Evan shows up at the house to welcome Gabriel, Rafe finds himself invading his brother's privacy in more ways than one, mere minutes after his arrival.

Chapter 6  Gold Supporter 

It is time for Gabriel to meet Rafe's adoptive family, including his gay brother Austin. In Minneapolis, the brothers end up attending an underwear party. That night, the twins openly take things further than ever before!

Chapter 7  Gold Supporter 

After what happened in the hotel room in Minneapolis, twin brothers Rafe and Gabe proceed with some awkwardness in their relationship. Gabe starts a new career as a massage therapist, and his brother decides to turn to him for some relaxation.

Chapter 8  Gold Supporter 

Gabe and Rafe continue to struggle with the recent sexual awkwardness between them. But when the two twin brothers are left home alone, an impromptu photo shoot leads to an unplanned cumshot as well.

Chapter 9  Gold Supporter 

Rafe is up for a surprising sight when he enters his brother's room without knocking. Before long, the two of them are reminiscing about their (s)experiences with their adoptive and foster brothers… leading to more action between the twins.

Chapter 10  Gold Supporter 

Gabe tells his boyfriend Evan about everything that happened between him and his twin. In an effort to cheer Rafe up, Evan and Gabe invite him for dinner and drinks. The cocktails lead to cocksucking and Evan's biggest fantasy coming true.

Chapter 11  Gold Supporter 

After getting a bit too tipsy at the office holiday party, Rafe goes to Evan's house to sober up. Whether it's the booze or the hormones, before long, Rafe finds himself getting more intimate than ever with his brother's boyfriend.

Chapter 12  Gold Supporter 

Gabe makes a big decision in moving his relationship with Evan forward. After a sexy celebration, the two of them are joined by Rafe, who has sadder news. Since it's New Year's Eve, will Evan and Gabe be able to cheer up Gabe's twin?

Chapter 13  Gold Supporter 

While going through his divorce, Rafe has his brother Gabe and Gabe's boyfriend Evan to lean on. The three men move in together, turning their home into a frat house where they can share everything… including Evan's holes.

Chapter 14  Gold Supporter 

While Gabe is at work, his twin brother and his boyfriend have a fun night out on their own. Later, Rafe decides to help his brother relax by turning the tables and offering Gabe a massage, which soon grows sensual…

Chapter 15  Gold Supporter 

Gabe is bummed out to see his twin brother moving out, so he tries to make their final hours under the same roof extra special. The twins have been through a lot since meeting each other… and they're about to cross new boundaries yet again.

Chapter 16  Gold Supporter 

Rafe decides to jump back into the dating pool. After some initial disappointment, Rafe seeks comfort with his twin brother. Gabe has just what it takes to make Rafe feel better – but are the two of them truly ready to take this step?

Chapter 17  Gold Supporter 

Gabe and Evan do their best to make their relationship work even though they both prefer to bottom. One night, they're on the prowl for a top to join them, when Evan comes up with an idea: invite Gabe's twin brother Rafe.

Chapter 18  Gold Supporter 

Rafe heads to Minnesota for his first Easter since the divorce. With no wife and kids in tow to cheer him up, it's up to the other members of Rafe's family to make him feel better – and two of his brothers are up to the task!

Chapter 19  Gold Supporter 

Leading up to their 37th birthday, twins Rafe and Gabe decide to take a trip to their birthtown of LA together. There, they bump into none other but model Ben Turner – a man Gabe has had a crush on for decades.

Chapter 20  Gold Supporter 

Ben decides to show the twins a good time on their birthday, so he takes them out to a private club for a very special kind of party. With masks on their faces and in a city where no one knows them, the twins are free to do whatever they please.

Chapter 21  Gold Supporter 

The twins make another trip to Minnesota for a Father's Day family reunion. There, Rafe's adoptive brothers make a big announcement. Afterward, Austin and the twins find themselves caught up in some sexy fraternal fun.

Chapter 22  Gold Supporter 

Back in Sioux Falls, Rafe still can't stop thinking about his sexy acquaintance from California. Gabe goes behind his brother's back and organizes for a surprise visitor to show up, leading to a dinner party that turns into a family foursome.

Chapter 23  Gold Supporter 

After a night of sex, Rafe takes the day off work and spends the morning in bed with his twin. Soon, Gabe and Rafe are joined by their new buddy Ben, who encourages the brothers to take their sexcapades to the next level.

Chapter 24  Gold Supporter 

As Rafe struggles to make peace with his feelings for Ben, he finds out a shocking secret about Ben's past. Later, Rafe's twin brother joins the couple, and the three men end up in Rafe's bed, where Gabe comes up with a crazy idea.

Chapter 25  Gold Supporter 

An unexpected turn of events presents Rafe with a chance to be together with the man of his dreams. But before he can take the next step, Rafe needs to tie up a few loose ends, and seek his twin brother's blessing.

Chapter 26  Gold Supporter 

Gabe and his boyfriend Evan have an interesting encounter while out for lunch. Later that day, they invite Rafe over for dinner once again, eager to have as much fun as possible together before Rafe leaves for California.

Chapter 27  Gold Supporter 

Rafe finally succumbs to his urge and decides to explore every aspect of man-on-man sex. For him, doing this with his best friend and his twin brother is perfect; and Gabe takes his role as a supportive brother seriously.

Chapter 28  Gold Supporter 

Gabe ponders Rafe's suggestion and gives a surprising answer. When the two brothers end up in bed together, they're ready to cross yet another line and experience a forbidden act for the first time.

Chapter 29  Gold Supporter 

Twin brothers Rafe and Gabe are in for an emotional, tearful, and sex-charged goodbye as Rafe leaves South Dakota. Over in California, he introduces his family to his boyfriend Ben – and gets very close with Ben's son Sam as well.

Chapter 30  Gold Supporter 

After a few weeks apart, Gabe goes to visit his brother in LA. There, the twins don't even leave the airport before hooking up. Later, they play a prank on Ben and take their brotherly relationship to a whole new level.

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