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21 Loads, Pt. II

Read Part I Here



    "So how did you meet my husband?" I asked the teenager sitting next to me at the coffee shop. It took me a few seconds of trying to remember his name until it came to me: it was Brady.

    "We met at the bank where my mom works. When I found out he was gay I kinda struck up a conversation with him and... things sorta went from there," he trailed off without making much eye contact.

    It's funny; David and I didn't usually meet guys at their parents' places of employment. Most of our friends and fuck buddies came from gay apps and websites and nearby bathhouses we would drive to. This boy seemed too innocent to have ever stepped foot in a place a place like that.

    "Have you two fucked?" I asked point-blank, my usual style. It made the boy embarrassed, but I hoped that by being direct like this he would see there is nothing to be ashamed of.

    "No... No, it's not like that. He's been more of a mentor to me," Brady said, finally looking up. 

    "It's okay if you have," I quickly added. "My husband and I have sex with others all the time," I smiled, thinking about the twenty loads currently in David's stomach.

    "No, for real. We just talk. I... I don't know any other gay people, so..." 

    Yikes. I'd forgotten that for some kids this was still even an issue.

    "That's nice," I said. "So what do you and David talk about?"

    "Just you guys. Your family. He's told me about your son. He's so lucky to have parents like you."

    "We're the lucky ones," I smiled thinking about Eric. "And..." I reached down and picked up Brady's illustration of me to examine it more closely, focusing on my oversized dick. The fact that he drew this made me think he was after more than just a heart-to-heart, "... you called me 'Daddy' earlier."

    "Yeah," the boy chuckled. "It just sorta slipped. I call David that." He was still blushing, but I could feel him starting to relax.

    "So he's your mentor... and you call him Daddy."

    "Yes. I never knew my real dad, so... And if I got to pick one, it would be someone like you."

    I smiled again, still looking at the drawing. If he thought of me as a father figure, I might as well act like one.

    "And you're really not skipping class right now," I asked, "sitting here in the middle of the day on a Wednesday?"

    "Okay, you caught me. Yes, I'm skipping class, but NOT because I'm failing it. I have an A+ in it. I just can't stand the teacher and her dumbass comments."

    "What kinda comments?"

    "The kind where you can tell they're homophobic, but not overt enough to get her fired." 

    "Directed at you?" I said, almost feeling the need to get up, drive to the school and give them a piece of my mind.

    "No, just in general. No one knows I'm gay."

    "Aha. And you're an A+ student, huh?"

    "Yeah. And I skipped a grade. So I'm a senior this year."

    "Good boy." I'd made the comment very casually, but I could tell it meant a lot to the teenager. We sat and talked for about half an hour until, finally, I handed him back his drawing of me.

    "I'd like you to keep that," he said, "if you'll have it."

    "I'd be honored," I said, laying the sexy illustration down next to my phone and car keys, noticing a notification on my phone. "I better head back. David's texted to say he's up."

    "Listen, before you go," Brady said, putting one hand on mine to get me to stay, "I wanted to ask you something. I've asked David before and he said maybe it's not the right time. So if I ask you too maybe you'll get him to change his mind."


    "Do you think it would be okay... Can I... Can I watch you guys have sex?"

    Wow, I was NOT expecting that. I laughed, amused to be having this conversation at a coffee shop full of people typing away on their laptops and yoga moms with their strollers.

    "See," Brady spoke more quietly. "I've never had sex. So I wanna... watch two people do it. Two guys. And NOT online!" he interrupted me because he could tell that's what I was about to say. "In person. Especially someone as hot as you and your husband."

    I looked at the boy with amusement. Then, looking through the window behind him, I noticed a familiar car pull up in the parking lot.

    "You might get your wish sooner than you expected," I said to Brady. A minute or two later, we looked at the door to see my husband walking into the coffee shop.

    "How did you know I was here?" I stood up to give David a kiss.

    "I tracked your phone. Thought we could have coffee here together, but I didn't expect to see Brady here as well. Hey, honey," he gave Brady a quick peck next.

    "We were just talking about you," I told David.

    "Really? Let me just get a coffee and you can fill me in."

    "Oh, I'll fill you in, alright," I chuckled and I waited for my husband to come back with his drink. "See, Brady was just telling me that he would like to watch the two of us fuck."

    Brady looked down again, but had a smile on his face. David was speechless for a couple of seconds.

    "He's asked me that as well," my husband spoke slowly, "but he's still young, so I wanted him to be sure that that's what he wants..."

    "Oh, I'm sure," Brady chimed in, looking the most confident since I'd met him. "And I'm old enough in this state. You won't get into trouble."

    "Well if you're so sure," I said, pointing out the window, "you see that car over there, the one with the tinted windows? That's my car. Why don't we go right now."

    Less than three minutes later, David and I were in the backseat of my car, with Brady in the passenger, turned back to look at us. 

    "Now, Brady, how would you like to know a secret about your daddy?" 

    Brady just nodded, and I made David turn around so his ass was poking out in Brady's face. I pulled down the back of my husband's shorts, exposing his bare ass.

    "Your daddy here was a huuuge slut last night. Guess how many loads he took up this hole of his?" I started fingering David's smooth asshole as I spoke.

    "You mean more than one?" Brady smiled. "Three."

    "Oh, more than that." 

    My index finger was how going in and out of my husband's wrecked hole, already lubed up by the sperm that was still in there. 


    My middle finger went in as well, with no pushback from David's ass. He could probably take my whole fist right now if I tried.

    "All in all, your daddy has twenty loads inside of him right now," I told Brady, and I could see the disbelief in his eyes.

    "No way!!"

    Of course, to a virgin, being able to take so many cocks in one night seemed like science fiction. To David and me, it was just another Tuesday night.

    "Oh yes. See, your daddy here is a real cum dump. So, would you still like him to mentor you?"

    "Fuck yes," Brady said, looking even more interested. He unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his teenage cock, which was now hard as a rock.

    I continued to finger-bang David, who pushed out some more cum onto my fingers. 

    "Wanna taste?" I asked and put my finger in front of Brady's face.

    "Yes please, Daddy."

    "There you go. Good boy," I said, swirling my finger around Brady's tongue as he sucked on it like a pacifier. "Nice. Swallow it all down. My cum's somewhere in there as well."

    Brady smiled when he heard that, and sucked on my cummy finger with even more gusto. 

    "Now, usually you'll need some lube when fucking someone's asshole," I said, feeling like I'm teaching a class, "or when you're getting YOUR asshole fucked." Somehow, Brady gave me the impression he'd be more interested in the latter. "Some men like to take these things called poppers to get their hole to relax. But when you've had as much practice as David here, you can take anything, anywhere."

    I smirked, looking at the people getting into their car a couple of parking spots away from us.

    "He's right," my husband spoke for the first time since we'd gotten into the car, "that's why I married him. He's the only one ready to give it to me anytime, anyplace."

    "He's already had a load from me this morning," I filled Brady in, "but I think I can dump load 21 in there now."

    I pulled out my dick and heard the teenager in the front seat audibly gasp when he saw how big my cock was. He'd already seen it yesterday, in all of its hard glory, but now he was sitting just inches away from it. While all his peers were sitting in school, he was here learning a completely different lesson.

    "Get on all fours," I told David. Luckily, my car was large enough for some doggy-style fucking in the back seat. It was confined, but possible.

    "Can I see?" Brady leaned in closer, carefully paying attention to David's hole as it pulsed hungrily, eagerly awaiting another load. I almost expected Brady to pull out a notepad and start taking notes.

    "Just relax," I said as I put the tip of my cock next to David's hole. I wasn't speaking to my husband; he was fully able to take my cock without guidance. Instead, I was addressing Brady, telling him what he'll need to do when bottoming for the first time. "It'll hurt at first, but remember: you control it. If you just relax, it'll start to feel so good."

    "Yeah," Brady said, noticing the joyous expression on David's face. Just then, I started to push my pierced dick inside my husband's hole, which swallowed it up. "Holy shit!" came from Brady.

    "See? I'm pretty big, and he's able to take me," I winked at my new pupil.

    Indeed, David's hole was so well-used by now that it was protruding out every time my cock thrusted backwards. It felt roomier and softer that it had been in quite some time. Even after he'd pushed out all those loads earlier this morning, I could still feel plenty of cum left inside of him, mixing together while I fucked him in front of our audience member.

    "Careful," Brady said, pointing out a car that was coming to park right next to mine.

    "Don't worry." Feeling even more turned on, I started to fuck harder instead of slowing down. My husband tried not to moan too loudly, but he let out an "Ah, fuck!" every now and then. My car shook, but not enough to draw too much attention.

    My balls slapped against David's thighs as I continued to drill his ass. A man got out from the other car and tried to look through my window, probably intrigued by the shaking of my vehicle. He and I made eye contact for a second and I wondered if it was a coincidence or if he could see through the tinted window. Either way, he headed toward the coffee shop, leaving me even hornier. In the front, Brady was stroking his cock while watching us.

    "You like seeing your daddy getting fucked?" I asked the teen.

    "Oh yes. You're both so fucking hot!"

    My husband whimpered, begging for more cum inside of him. He was an insatiable pig; that's why I loved him. 

    "I'm gonna dump my load inside of him," I narrated, feeling my ball sack tightening, ready to blow. "FUCK!"

    My load wasn't as big as the one this morning, but it felt phenomenal. In the passenger seat, our teenage friend was cumming all over his toned stomach, holding his shirt up with his chin. He and I made eye contact as I shot my cum inside of David and left it there to mix with all of those other men's DNA. 

    "There you go, baby," I slapped David's ass, talking to him and Brady simultaneously.

    "Fuck, Daddy," Brady panted, still looking at me and draining the last few drops of cum from his cock.

    "Did you like the way all that cum tasted?" I asked him.

    "Yes," he answered with a devilish smirk, maybe sensing what was coming next. 

    "Want some more?"

    "Fuck yes!"

    Instead of fingering David's hole this time, I had him turn around again so his ass was in Brady's face.

    "Help yourself," I told the boy.

    "What, how?"

    "Just dive right in," I put my hand on the back of his head, slowly guiding him forward. "Stick your tongue out. There you go. Get in there. Right in the middle."

    With Brady's face parked between David's cheeks, my husband started to release all the cum that was left inside him. All 21 loads' worth.

    "There you go. Good boy!" I patted the back of Brady's head and watched his Adam's apple move up and down as he swallowed. It reminded me of bottle-feeding Eric when he was little. "Good boy. Now, button your pants back up. It's time to drive you back to school."

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