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21 Loads, Pt. I

This story takes places place the day after Halloween 2017 and My Boyfriend and My Two Dads, Chapter 10: "Two Halloween Parties"


    I wasn't too familiar with Halloween until I moved to America to be with David. At first, when our son was little, it seemed like a harmless children's holiday. But as soon as Eric was off to college, David came up with the idea of Halloween sex parties. And hey, I was never one to say no to anything involving sex.

    This year's party had been a great success. I'd fucked six or seven holes, and cum in three of them. Not to mention the countless tongues and hands that had been on my cock; pretty much everyone at the party went to feel me up as soon as they walked in. I should've known that's what I was signing up for by wearing a costume that didn't cover up my cock.

    I had decided to dress up as a Kinky Cop and take it to the max. I owned a full-body leather harness from Germany that I quite liked but never got to wear. It hugged my upper body the way any good harness would, pushing up my pecs and drawing attention to my sensitive, pierced nipples. But, there were also straps that went further down, cupping my asscheeks like a jock and connecting to a metal cockring in the front. I just added a police badge, a cap, and aviators; and even I got a hardon looking at myself in the mirror.

    "Too bad you can't wear Halloween costumes out in the world every day," I thought to myself when I woke up the next morning. I was already dreading having to put on actual clothes. I'd have much rather put on a harness and some lace-up boots and called it "an outfit." 

    Even though it was way too early in the day to be waking up after a full night of partying (and fucking), my body was programmed to wake up early. It was a Wednesday, and even though I had the day off work I was up before noon. I looked at my husband sleeping next to me, lying on his stomach, orange body paint still all over his naked body. David had gone to the party as a tiger, in full body paint and just a tiny pair of black underwear. He'd tried to shower it off afterwards, but it seemed like these sheets were doomed to land in the trash after this. 

    I gave him a gentle kiss, reluctant to wake him up. He'd taken what, possibly twenty loads last night? Unable to contain myself, I put my hand on his ass and spread his cheeks apart. Fuck, his hole looked wrecked! "Fucking pig," I whispered, just in case he could hear me. I put my index finger in my mouth and licked it like a popsicle, getting it wet all over before pressing it against David's fucked up mancunt. Even in his sleep, his hole pulsed, begging to be filled. It was insatiable, and lucky for it, so was I.

    "Mmm," my husband started to moan, now waking up as I inserted my finger into his ass. There'd been no need to lube it up with my saliva; David's hole was sufficiently wet. I could feel all the loads mixing inside it as I stirred the cum with my finger, before taking it out and putting it under my husband's nose.

    Even in his sleep, David had the sense of smell of a hound dog when it came to semen. He parted his lips and let me put my wet digit inside his mouth, swirling it around his tongue and leaving it there until he'd swallowed all the cum. In the meanwhile, my other hand was stroking my now-rigid cock. 

    "How many loads inside that ass of yours?" I asked. 

    "Mmm. Nineteen," David moaned in a state of half-sleep, eyes still closed.

    "Let's make it twenty."

    I climbed on top, and without wasting too much time I placed the pierced tip of my dick against my husband's stretched out hole. As hard as I was, David's ass still managed to take my entire dick in one quick thrust. This was going to be the perfect morning quickie, I could tell.

    I started piston-fucking David, humping like a horny dog, while he just lifted his ass up even more, taking me in. There was no lube and no need for it: David's ass was absolutely flooded with cum. It started gushing out as I fucked him, and I could feel him trying to clench his ass in an attempt to preserve as much of the precious baby batter inside him as possible. I felt all those men's cum dripping down my balls; some of them friends of ours, some of them strangers. The thought of all of their DNA currently mixing inside my horny husband's guts made my dick even harder.

    "You fucking slut," I grunted to David while I fucked him. "Fuck, I love you."

    Last night, I'd witnessed my husband getting fucked in pretty much every room of the house: the kitchen while he made drinks; the living room while talking to our friends; even Eric's bedroom when every other room was taken. That was when I'd joined in as well, spit roasting David with a man I'd never met before right in our son's bed.

    A few more thrusts, and load twenty was being deposited inside him. "Mmm, yes," my pig husband moaned while I bred him, his eyes still closed. I finished unloading and quickly pulled out, leaving his hole gaping. I looked in, fascinated by the sight of all that cum gathered inside of him.

    "Push it out," I commanded, my hand carefully placed under his hole. David obeyed and started pushing out one of the biggest cum loads I've seen in my life. Pretty soon I realized my one hand wasn't enough, as large as it was. I put my other hand next to it, collecting as much cum as I could before crawling on my knees along the bed, careful not to let any of it spill out of my grasp. 

    "Time for breakfast," I said to David who once again opened his mouth hungrily. Like a puppy dog drinking water from my hands, he slurped up all of the jizz which had just come out of his ass, swallowing all those men's babies like the good fucking cum dump that he was. 

    "I love you," I said, leaning down for a kiss, tasting the cum in my hubby's mouth. And just like that, he was back to sleep, letting out an adorable little snore that made me smile before I hopped in the shower and went out to get some coffee.

    Seldom were the mornings when I didn't start the day with a run. Today was one of them. Instead of making coffee in the kitchen, I needed an excuse to leave the house so I got in the car and drove to a nearby coffee shop. The place had apparently been visited by elves overnight, who took down the Halloween decorations and put everything up for Christmas already. 

    Inside, as soon as I got my coffee, I noticed a boy sitting alone at one of the tables. Where did I know him from?! It was really bothering me. I could swear I knew him from somewhere, but my mind was hazy after the alcohol and drugs last night. Still, I felt like I'd seen him just yesterday... That's it! It was the boy who painted David's body before the party!

    "Hey," I walked up to him, "shouldn't you be in school?"

    "Hey. Umm, free period," he said, looking surprised to see me here. I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth or if he was playing hooky. He had to still be in high school. I remembered what my husband told me about him last night: "Old enough for no one to get arrested."

    "What're you working on?" I asked, looking down at his sketchbook.

    If he was nervous before, now he looked like a deer caught in headlights.


    He tried to cover up his pencil drawing but I managed to get a good look.

    "Is that me?!" I asked, equally surprised to see myself in my Halloween costume and impressed by the boy's drawing skills.

    "Y–Yes," he nodded, and gave up on hiding his art.

    "Wow! That's impressive. Is that how big you think my dick is?"

    I laughed. I was well-endowed, but the boy had made me look like some sort of cock monster. We both chuckled, looking down at his depiction of me.

    "Well, it's just the style," he said humbly. "Like, it's not supposed to be hyper realistic. Plus, you are quite... well, you know."

    We made eye contact before he looked down again. I couldn't tell if he was embarrassed or just playing coy.

    "Mind if I join you?" I asked, standing next to the boy's table, since I had nowhere better to go today anyway.

    "Go for it, Daddy," he said out of the blue, tidying up some of his stuff that was on the table.

    Daddy? Oh. So that's how it's gonna be...

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