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A Martinez Family Thanksgiving



    I love my family, I really do. And the holidays used to be my favorite part of the year. But that was all much more fun when I was a kid. Now, as the family grew and I was expected to help set everything up, it felt stressful more than anything.

    "Mia! Mija, come down, everyone's almost here," I heard my mom shouting from downstairs. 

    "Ay. Coming, Mom!" I shouted back, lying in bed in my room. 

    "Sorry, gotta go," I continued texting with my boyfriend Rory. "The horde's almost here 😓😓."

    "Same, my brother and his boyfriend just got here," he texted back. "Gonna go join everyone. I'm just waiting for this to go down."

    Under the text, he sent a photo of his dick. It was huge, like always when he was hard. Rory was holding his pants down with one hand, while with the other taking the pic of his cut dick, hairy pubes, and nice smooth balls.

    "Mmm. Wish I were there," I texted Rory.

    "Can I come to you instead? Too much snow in Pennsylvania."

    "Poor baby. I'll take good care of you when I see you next week."

    "Oh, I bet you will 😈😈."

    With that, I put my phone in my pocket and headed downstairs. The smell of the galletas de suero Mom had in the oven lofted through the house, suddenly making me realize how hungry I was. The twins were already in the kitchen, ready to start teasing me as soon as I walked in.

    "There's the college girl!" Mario said.

    "Not for much longer, she's a senior now," said Mateo. "What're you gonna do when you graduate, huh?"

    "I was thinking of getting into modeling. If they took you, the industry must be really desperate."

    Mateo and Mario had been modeling since they were kids. A year older than me, they were the only ones of my siblings not to go to college. They were also the only ones still living at home.

    I heard a car pulling up outside and looked out the window to see who it was. The bright sunshine blinded me for a second. Rory was right: the weather in Southern California was gorgeous, even on Thanksgiving morning.

    The car was my brother Manuel's. I watched him get out of the car with his wife, son, and daughter. Only 28, my favorite brother Manuel already had two kids, which seemed awfully young to me now that I was in my 20s as well.

    Everyone came in the house and started making noise right away. "Abuelita, look, I'm a pavo!" my nephew screamed after his grandmother, running around the house dressed in a turkey onesie. I needed a drink, but I pretended not to drink in front of my parents.

    About half an hour later, Dad's car pulled up in the driveway as well. He'd gone to LAX to pick up my eldest brother Miguel and his husband Vaughn. With 13 years between us, Miguel was already out of the house by the time I can remember much. He got a good education and set the bar high for the rest of us. He was now a successful therapist in Chicago.

    "Hola, mamá," Miguel said, kissing Mom on both cheeks once in through the door. "Where should we leave our bags?"

    "In the twins' room," Mom replied. "The four of you will be sharing the room while you're here."



    My parents were quite wealthy, which you needed to be to afford a four-bedroom house in this area. However, four bedrooms were hardly enough for everyone now, but our mom would never even hear of anyone staying at a hotel instead of her house.

    This time, Manuel and his wife got his old room (which was now the guest bedroom). Their kids would be sleeping with Mia in her room, the only place where you could fit two extra beds. 

    "Guess they're grouping all the queers together," I joked, bringing Miguel and his husband to our room. 

    Like our eldest brother, my twin brother and I were also gay. We'd all lucked out, having parents who, although Catholic, were not homophobic in the slightest.

    I looked up. Miguel didn't seem very amused by my joke.

    I stood in the doorway, making him and Vaughn squeeze past me to get in. They were both really fucking good-looking, I just don't know why they had to have such sticks up their asses. They were the heteronormative kinda gays: married, with a dog, a house of their own, living in monogamy. Sometimes I wondered if it was all just a show; if they had a darker, sexier side to them, or if they were really that boring. My twin and I on the other hand... well, that's a different story.

    I watched from the door as they put their bags down. My brother-in-law bent over and opened a bag to take out some clothes, giving me a prime view of his thick ass in those tight chinos. I always assumed my brother was the bottom in that relationship, but with an ass like that it would be a shame if Vaughn didn't take it as well.

    "I'm gonna change before going down real quick," he announced.

    "Go ahead," I said from the doorway with a smirk on my face.

    Vaughn looked at me with confusion and turned to his husband.

    "You can close the door now," Miguel barked at me. 

    I winked at them before shutting the door behind me.



    "Hermanita, are you hiding from everyone?"

    Mia turned around to look at me as I walked out into the backyard, where she was sitting by herself.

    "Hey," she said cheerfully. "Maybe just a little bit."

    "Here, I have something for you," I went to sit next to her and pulled out a flask from the inner pocket of my jacket.

    "Ooh," she accepted the flask and took a hearty swig before handing it back to me. "This is fucking delicious. What's in it?"

    "Miguel made cranberry margaritas in the kitchen," I replied, taking a sip myself. "But I know you don't wanna drink in front of them so I brought this flask for you. You can keep it."

    "Ay Manu, you're the best," my sister gave me a hug.

    Growing up, the twins mostly stuck with each other, which gave Mia and me a chance to get closer. I was the protective older brother, but also her best friend.

    "How's things?" Mia asked as we passed the flask back and forth.

    "Good. Decent, I guess. Work, family, bullshit."

    "Have you been working out? You look ripped!"

    "Ha, maybe a little bit," I tried to sound modest, but I was thrilled she noticed. With the twins being professional models, and our older brother being "the successful one," I felt completely average in comparison. I'd been hitting the gym on the regular lately, trying to stop time from getting the best of me.

    "No, for real," Mia nodded. "Good for you. Maybe the twins can give you some workout tips."

    "Maybe," I turned away, taking another swig. I was less than thrilled to be compared again.

    "You know, you and I were always the exceptions in the family," my sister said. "That's probably why we get along so well."

    "How so?" I asked.

    "Well, I'm the only girl. And you're the only one interested in pussy."

    I smacked her shoulder as we both laughed.



    Thanksgiving dinner was absolutely beautiful. Mom insisted on outdoing herself every single year. The only thing I didn't appreciate was how rowdy people got after a few drinks. The twins were especially loud, but Dad and Manuel weren't too far behind. I knew everyone thought of me as the stuck-up in the family, but I felt like someone needed to maintain some control, and as the oldest I felt obliged to be the one. 

    It's not like I didn't want to let loose! At work I sat in my chair listening to patients' stories all day; some of them quite sad, but some of them very exciting. At times it made me feel so boring in comparison... like I was letting all the fun in life pass me by.

    That evening, my husband and I were the first ones to go to sleep. Using the excuse that we were running on Central time, we headed to bed while everyone was still having tres leches pumpkin flan in front of the TV and making plans to go shopping tomorrow.

    Once upstairs, Vaughn and I got down to our underwear and tucked ourselves in.

    "You know, I bet it'll be a while before the twins come upstairs," I whispered when the lights were off. "We could..."

    I let my hand wander to my husband's chest, slowly stroking it. In my boxer briefs, my dick started to grow, begging to be released.

    "I'm tired, honey. Let's go to sleep," he mumbled.

    It took me half an hour of staring at the ceiling to fall asleep.

    "¡Chingados! Fuck!"

    I was suddenly woken up by an extremely loud bang and someone's cusses. Next to me, I felt Vaughn stir as well.

    "Sorry," one of the twins said, and then I heard both of them giggling. The fuckers were probably drunk. "Couldn't see in the dark, and we knocked the lamp over."

    "Well no use whispering now," I said loudly. "Go to bed. You can turn on the light if you want, we're both awake."

    The twins shut the door and turned on the light, still giggling. One of them picked the lamp off the floor and set it back in its place. Normally, even though they were astonishingly identical I could tell the twins apart, but not in the sleepy state I was currently in.

    I always found it weird that Mateo and Mario still shared a room even though there were empty rooms in the house throughout most of the year. They each slept on a queen-sized bed. With us here, they would share a bed while Vaughn and I occupied the second one.

    The twins took their time taking their clothes off. Even when they weren't modeling, they often acted like there was a camera on them. They took their shirts off slowly, almost seductively, flexing their pecs and impeccable abs. Vaughn and I were in good shape, but more than a decade younger than us, my brothers had that level of attractiveness that only comes with youth.

    As they slowly pulled their pants down, both of the twins wiggled their asses with their backs turned to us. They were wearing ridiculously tiny briefs that left nothing to the imagination. "For fuck's sake," I rolled my eyes as they stood in front of us unashamedly. 

    Then, much to my surprise, they pulled their briefs down simultaneously. 

    I swallowed, and looked to my husband who was also staring at them. Mario's and Mateo's perky asses were gorgeous. Impossible not to look at. 

    "Good night!" they said confidently and turned to get into the other bed. As they turned around, they gave Vaughn and me a view of their dicks. Unlike me, my younger brothers were circumcised. They both had identical patches of neatly trimmed pubes over their cut cocks.

    Before I ever knew what to say, the lights were off. Next to me, I felt my husband's arm move. From what I could tell, he was reaching down to his crotch.

    I couldn't help it and I reached between his legs as well, feeling curious. He had a raging boner, and now so did I. We lay silently in bed, breathing heavily, as my brothers lay together in the other bed completely naked.



    "Did you look at their faces?" Mario said, standing in front of me still naked, brushing his teeth.


    I was still in bed. Our older brother and his husband had already gone downstairs, and we were in our room talking about them.

    "I don't know why they gotta be so... boring," by brother mumbled, mouth full of toothpaste.

    "I know, it's weird. Like, all the gay guys I know are so much more... loose."

    True, the circles Mario and I ran in were extra outgoing; but also, as soon as I heard someone was queer, I always expected them to be much more open-minded and honestly, much more interested in sex.

    "I'm gonna shower," Mario headed back to the bathroom. "We're out of towels so if you need one grab some from the guest room."


    I put on my underwear from last night which was still on the floor, and walked across the hall. The door was wide open and peeking in, I didn't see anyone.

    I started going through the drawers, unsure which one the towels were in.

    "Honey, is that you? Did you forget something?" I heard my other brother Manuel's voice behind me.

    "Yup honey, it's me," I replied, when I knew he thought he was talking to his wife.

    I turned around and saw Manuel fresh out the shower, a white towel wrapped around his waist. Damn, when did Manuel get so hot? He was still a bit chunky but it looked great in combination with the muscle he'd put on. Not even 30 yet and he was starting to look like a proper hot daddy. Well... I guess he was a daddy. 

    "Hey, sorry," he said, water dripping down his hairy torso. "I thought it was..."

    "Yeah, she's out shopping with Mom and Mia and the kids. I needed to get some more towels."

    "Help yourself," Manuel said and walked back to the bathroom to finish getting ready, leaving the door open behind him. 

    "Can I take a shower in here?" I walked in behind him. "Mario's using our shower."

    "Sure," Manu replied, shaving in front of the mirror.

    I pulled my underwear down and left it on the floor. Once in the shower, I started chatting with Manuel, asking him how things were going, talking loudly so he could hear me over the sound of the water running. The shower was clear glass, and I didn't try to hide my body as my brother glimpsed my way occasionally.

    Even after he was done shaving, Manuel stayed in the bathroom and continued to chat with me, leaning against the sink in just his towel. He didn't seem to be in a rush to put on any clothes. When I got out of the shower, I used an identical white towel to dry myself in front of him. Looking out the window, I noticed the sun was shining brightly today.

    "Hey, I got an idea. Let's go skinny dipping!" I said randomly. 

    "What? Where?" my brother laughed.

    "Out in the pool, c'mon."

    "We just showered!"

    "We'll shower again. C'mon, it's just us guys in the house, how often does this happen?"

    "You're crazy," he shook his head. He thought I was joking.

    "I'm serious, c'mon. Let's be random!"

    Manuel looked at me with a mischievous grin. It felt like we were kids again; two naughty boys planning to do something forbidden.

    "Okay, let's go," he agreed gleefully. Just like children, we ran down to the backyard. Once there, Manuel finally dropped his towel before we jumped in the pool. We splashed water at each other, laughing and play-fighting loudly. We grabbed the water guns his kids had been playing with yesterday and had some fun shooting water at each other with them. 

    After about ten minutes of that, we started to get cold. It may have been sunny, but it was still too chilly to be skinny dipping for too long this early in the day. We swam to the small hot tub which was right next to the pool, and got in.

    "Ahhh. Much better," my brother exclaimed, closing his eyes and tilting his head back. In the hot tub, we were much closer together, his hairy knee bumping into my own.

    I looked at my brother's body, surprised how much it'd changed since the last time I saw him shirtless. I had a thing for older guys, and the physical differences between my brother and me made it seem like there was even more of an age difference than just five years. I kept my body smooth, while he let his fur grow out. At 5% body fat, I kept as lean as possible. Manuel seemed to be going for the muscle bear look. Not that he knew what a muscle bear was.

    Looking down, I noticed another difference.

    "I never knew you were uncut," I noted.

    "Really? You've never seen it before?"

    "I guess I have, when we were kids maybe, but I never noticed."

    "Yeah. Mom and Dad didn't have Miguel and me circumcised, but I guess they changed their minds by the time you were born."

    I never asked how he knew that our older brother was also uncut, but the question did go through my mind. Have the two of them ever compared? I know Mario and I definitely have.

    "That's weird," I said. "I've never seen an uncut dick."

    "What?!" my brother seemed surprised. "Don't get me wrong, but I thought you and Mario were... out there, when it comes to dating guys."

    Ha! "Dating." Straight people can be so cute.

    "We are, but I guess everyone I've been with has been cut so far."

    "I love being uncut," my brother said and to my surprise, reached for his dick and gave it a couple strokes, making the foreskin move up and down. 

    Whoa! I was taken aback. Manu was supposed to be the boring one.

    "Does it like, retract when you get hard?"

    "Course it does," he answered, his hand still on his dick. I don't think I was imagining it: it had gotten plumper than it was a few seconds ago.

    "Can I see?"

    Manuel looked at me with a smirk on his face.

    "Oh, alright," he said. He lifted himself so his dick was above the surface of the water. I got an even better view of it now. Holy shit!

    My twin brother and I were identical to the T. That included our penises. Not my older brother's, though. I don't know if it was the foreskin that made all the difference, maybe it was also that he kept his pubes much longer and bushier; but as I watched him get hard in front of me it didn't feel like it was a family member's cock I was staring at. And yet it was. My big brother's. The only straight boy in our family.

    "There," he said after a couple of minutes of me closely observing his semi turn into a full-blown erection right in front of my face. 

    "Cool," I reacted, partly turned on, but partly genuinely curious. "Can I touch it?"

    "Go ahead."

    As my right hand slowly moved to my brother's dick, I looked up and looked him straight in the eyes. He had a smile on his face he was trying to suppress. There seemed to be a look of pride in his eyes. Manuel, the middle child, the "average one." Maybe he enjoyed being admired for once, even if it was by a man. And even if that man was his own brother.

    I finally reached his dick and wrapped my hand around it tightly in one swift move. 

    "Ahhh," my brother exhaled. "Careful now."

    "Yeah, I've heard uncut dick are a lot more sensitive," I said, slowly stroking the cock in my hand, feeling the skin move under my fingers.

    "I don't know about others," he struggled to speak with a straight face, "but I'm really fucking sensitive."

    I looked down at the dick I was holding, in awe of the way it looked, but even more surprised by the fact this was all happening. I continued to stroke it, slowly at first then intensifying. I could feel it pulse in the grip of my hand.

    "Fuck, Mateo, if you keep going I'm gonna cum."

    My brother's body started to spasm. I could see his legs shake under the surface of the water. He could barely keep himself up.

    I started jerking faster, gripping the dick even tighter. 

    "Ahhh, fuck!!!" Manuel screamed out loud. His knees gave in, and he sat back down in the hot tub. I didn't allow myself to lose grip of his cock. I continued stroking and saw my brother's white jizz shoot out into the water. One rope of cum after another, mixing with the water we were in, while my brother tried to control his moans and screams without a lot of success.

    "Holy fucking shit," he laughed when he was done cumming, his body still spasming. "Phew. Now that's something to be thankful for."

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