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A Martinez Family Thanksgiving



    "Hello everyone," I shouted, walking into my parents' house. "Sorry we're late."

    Every year, as they got older, my children got more stubborn and difficult to deal with. The fits both my son and daughter threw this morning made us late for Thanksgiving dinner with my family.

    "No worries, you're the first ones here," my sister Mia said from the kitchen, sitting on a bar stool and scrolling through her phone.

    A recent college grad, Mia was back living with our parents for the time being. Our eldest brother Miguel and his husband were flying in from Chicago, so I guess they had a good excuse for being late. But I at least expected the twins to be here.

    "Where are Mateo and Mario?" I asked, kissing my sister on both cheeks.

    "They say they're on their way."

    The twins just recently moved out and got their own apartment in Hollywood. Even in this traffic, it shouldn't take them longer than a couple hours to get here. 

    I was low-key mad. I rushed like crazy to get here, skipped breakfast this morning, and I was starving. The smell of the turkey in the oven wasn't helping either. Luckily, there were plenty of snacks and side dishes at the table to tie me over. I sat down, and let my wife run after the kids for a while.

    The twins walked in an hour later unapologetically.

    "Looking swole, bro," Mario said when he saw me, patting my pec. Even though I was upset, hearing a compliment made me feel better instantly. Since starting to work out a year ago, I'd been taking it more and more seriously every month. Sure, I was nowhere as hot as my twin brothers, the professional models, but I was really happy with the progress I was making.

    "Yeah, Manu. You look great," Mateo said, smiling discreetly. 

    I smiled back. I remembered what happened last year between the two of us. Mateo and I went skinny dipping in the pool, then ended up in the hot tub together. Fascinated by my uncut cock, Mateo asked to see it hard, then to touch it, and... one thing leading to another, my younger brother ended jerking me off and making me cum in the tub. 

    I was the only straight boy in the family, quite unusual for a family with four sons. But I loved all my siblings, and I'm sure growing up with gay brothers made me even more open-minded. And at least girls were the one thing I never had to compete with my brothers over; unlike muscles or money.

    It surprised us all to find out the twins, who were considered the fun-loving and irresponsible ones, had been saving up their modeling money. Now, they could afford renting a place in West Hollywood (they were that kind of gays) and it looked like they'd been splurging on some new outfits and haircuts lately.

    "You look nice too, Mateo," I said truthfully. The tight T-shift he was wearing hugged his muscular body perfectly. It was a simple white tee with some logo on it, but you could tell it came from some bougie shop and probably cost a couple hundred bucks.

    "Yes, you do," our sister agreed, eyeing the twins up and down. "Where are you getting the money for all these clothes from?" Mia, who was more brand-conscious than me, asked.

    "Oh you know, plenty of sugar daddies up in WeHo," Mario teased.

    "Ay mijo, don't talk like that," our mom smacked him, then handed him a set of bowls. "Toma, help set the table."



    "Yay!" I clapped my hands giddily as I saw Manuel come out to the backyard waving a flask. This had become our holiday tradition: sitting in the backyard away from everyone for a while, drinking and talking.

    "What's this?" I asked, taking the first swig of something that tasted like eggnog.

    "Miguel made rompope this year," Manuel answered, and took a sip himself.

    "What's up with him anyway? He and Vaughn have been acting weird all day."

    Our eldest brother Miguel was quite a few years older than us, so I wasn't particularly close to him, or to his husband Vaughn. They were always a bit more reserved, but this holiday it was really starting to show.

    "Well, you didn't hear it from me but they're totally barely having sex," Manuel whispered.

    "What?! How would you know?"

    "I talked to him on the phone once, he told me."

    "So what, you guys just chat about these things?"

    "Well, we are the only two who are married," Manuel winked at me.

    "And how are things with the missus, then?" 

    "I think those two little devils," he pointed at the house, "are proof we're still doing it."

    "I feel bad for Miguel and Vaughn," I admitted.

    "Yeah. They're definitely not gonna get any this weekend, sharing a room with the twins."

    Our sleeping arrangements this year were the same as last. Manuel and his wife got the guest bedroom, and I had to put up with their two kids in my room. Miguel and his husband shared a room with the twins.

    "I don't think Mateo and Mario would mind," I took a hearty swig from the flask. "They'd probably encourage it."

    "Yeah, no shit."

    My brother and I both laughed. I was kidding, but I wouldn't put anything past the twins. They were joking about having sugar daddies, but that would surprise me one single bit. They may have fooled everyone else that they made all their money modeling, but I knew they were also dancing as gogo boys at one of the clubs in WeHo; my gay friends sent me a photo as soon as they saw them. 



    "I'm hard as a fucking rock."

    That was the first thing I heard in the morning the day after Thanksgiving, whispered by my twin lying next to me in bed. I laughed, trying not to be too loud and wake up the other people in the room.

    "So am I," I admitted, stretching under the cover and feeling just how rigid my cock was.

    "Let's go for it," Mario suggested, the usual devilish twink in his eye.

    I looked at the other bed. Our brother Miguel and his husband seemed to be asleep. Sure, Mario and I could just go take care of it somewhere else, but that was part of the excitement. 

    I didn't say anything, instead answering by guiding my hand to my crotch. Mario felt me move and he smiled.

    We were both sharing Mario's queen-size bed for the holiday. It was just big enough for the two of us, but not with Mario spreading his legs the way he currently did, lying on my right. I made myself comfortable and opened my legs as well, so that my right one was across his left.

    Stroking my dick, I could feel my brother's body shaking right next to me. Our bodies, sweaty and sticky after a night's sleep, stuck to each other and we both stretched out, sharing our personal space.

    "Mmm," Mario was moaning out, trying to keep it down as much as possible. We both were, but we were getting so horny that we were starting to care less and less. Our movements intensified and got louder. The sound of two cocks being stroked was now clearly audible. We both moaned, and I felt my twin's thigh muscle tense up under my leg.

    "Fucking hell, I'm horny," Mario said, somewhat louder than he should've.

    "So am I," I admitted, getting closer to the edge by the second.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna shoot soon," he announced.

    "Go for it. I'm getting there as well," I spoke up over the sounds of jerking off.

    "Mmm," my brother moaned quietly. His whole body tensed up and I could tell he was cumming under the cover. 

    I intensified my strokes and a few seconds later I was spurting jizz as well, my body spasming. 

    "Phew! That was intense," I said, closing my eyes. Now that I'd cum I was starting to get sleepy again. "What time is it anyway?"

    "It's early," Mario answered. "We can go back to sleep."

    With that, he kicked the cover and flipped it on the other side that didn't have jizz all over it. Then he turned to me and hugged me from behind. I got comfortable in the little spoon position and started to drift off. There may not have been cum on this side of the cover but there was still some on my brother's still-hard dick. I felt it sticking to my back and my ass as we fell asleep cuddled up.



    "Morning," I heard my husband say quietly after he woke up and noticed I was awake. I'd been staring at the ceiling, lost in thought for the past half hour.

    "We need to talk," I blurted.

    "Jesus, Miguel, first thing in the morning?" he sounded irritated. 

    "You're right, I'm sorry," I regretted my timing. "Maybe we can talk during the hike."

    Vaughn sighed deeply. 

    "Sure," he said and jumped out of the bed. The black boxer briefs he was wearing made his ass look great, and even though I wasn't in a sexy mood at all I couldn't help but appreciate it. We always bought nice underwear to show off on our Instagram to thousands of people telling us how sexy we look. As a therapist, I knew this was our way of making up for the lack of sex in our actual lives, and the lack of times we called each other sexy.

    Vaughn got up with his back turned to me and snuck out of the room quietly, trying not to wake up the twins who were sleeping in the other bed.

    Going for a hike was a tradition for my husband and me the day after any holiday (well, at least the ones we didn't spend in Chicago in the winter). Luckily, the weather here was ideal for that.

    "Is this about your brothers?" Vaughn asked after a few minutes of walking in silence, taking me completely aback. 


    "Didn't you wake up earlier this morning?"

    "No," I said. "Did they wake you up? What happened?"

    "Nothing. Never mind."

    "Do you want me to talk to them?"

    "I said never mind, Miguel, just drop it. What was it you wanted to talk about?"

    I stopped walking and took a deep breath.

    "I had sex with someone else. Well, I got a blowjob from someone, to be exact."

    My husband stopped walking as well. I tried to look at him but he didn't make any eye contact.

    "Was it that kid from Boston who sat next to us on the plane here? What was his name, Sam?"

    Holy fuck! The surprises kept rolling today.

    "How did you know?" I asked.

    "C'mon, Miguel. You two disappeared at the same time, then came back from the restroom within minutes of each other. I'm not stupid."

    I looked up at the dry California ground underneath my feet.

    "How old was he, is he even legal?"

    "Of course," I protested. "He's 18. Not that it matters. I mean, it does matter, but that's not what we need to talk about."

    "What do we need to talk about, the fact you had sex with someone else?"

    I remained quiet. Saying "yes" felt superfluous. 

    "If it was just a blowjob," my husband continued, "it's better than what I thought. I thought he'd fucked you in the restroom."

    "How did you know I didn't fuck him?" I asked. It wasn't that I wanted to know the answer to that as much as I felt that asking would lighten the situation a bit.

    "I guess that's also an option," Vaughn looked at me for the first time on this hike.

    "So where do we go from here?"

    "I thought we're heading up this hill?"


    "Listen, I don't know! You're the one who did this, you tell me."

    I was stumped. He was right.

    "Would you... consider being in an open relationship?"

    As normal as that seemed to be for a lot of gay couples, Vaughn and I had never thought of ourselves or each other as that kinda people. 

    "I don't know," Vaughn answered. "I'll need to think about it."

    "Of course. Take all the time you need. In the meanwhile, I won't do it with anyone else. I promise."

    "You promised not to do it on our wedding day as well. Look how that turned out," Vaughn said with a smirk on his face. 

    I couldn't tell how much of that was said jokingly, or critically. Either way, it was true.



    "Packing already?"

    It was Saturday afternoon. I'd walked into our room to find my brother-in-law folding clothes and putting them in his bag.

    "Yeah, we're leaving in the morning. Gotta be at work on Monday," he replied.

    "Too bad you can't stay longer. You flew all the way here."

    He looked at me for a second, then continued folding.

    "Here, let me help you," I offered and walked up to his bed. "I can fold your underwear."

    I reached for the couple of pairs that were lying on the bed. 

    "Those aren't clean," Vaughn said, but it didn't stop me. I still folded them neatly and left them where I found them.

    "They're nice," I commented. I knew my comments about his underwear would make my brother-in-law uncomfortable... but that's exactly what made it fun for me.

    "Thank you," he said without looking at me, blushing slightly.

    "Can I try them on?"

    "Excuse me?" Vaughn finally looked up and made eye contact.

    "I've just... never tried this kind before. Can I try 'em on?"

    This was an obvious copout. As nice as they were, they were just boxer briefs, of course I'd tried some on. But teasing my brother-in-law this way was making me hard.

    "Um, uh," he stuttered, "they're not clean," he said again.

    "I don't mind," I smirked.

    "Um, sure. Go ahead then," I noticed Vaughn swallow saliva.

    I stood in front of him across the bed, and very slowly undid the button on my shorts. I noticed Vaughn swallow again. He seemed nervous, but he didn't look away. So I got more daring. I unzipped and pulled down my shorts very slowly, obviously stripteasing. I was already shirtless; my twin and I used every single opportunity to walk around with our shirts off. Down to only my briefs, I grabbed my package through them and gave it a squeeze. I could see it in his eyes, Vaughn was mesmerized by my bulge. I slowly peeled the briefs off, standing in front of my brother-in-law in my birthday suit.

    "I like these," I said, picking up a pair of his black boxer briefs. I looked at them for a little bit, in no rush to get dressed. My dick was already semi-hard, and only getting harder by the second.

    Then, I put the underwear to my face and took a strong sniff.

    "They're not that bad," I said, smirking at my brother-in-law who seemed absolutely awestruck. His bulge was much bigger now as well.

    I licked my lips and started putting on his underwear. My dick, by now almost fully hard, barely fit into the pouch in the front.

    "What do you think?" I asked softly.

    "They... they look good on you," my brother-in-law stuttered.

    "Don't you think they're a bit... tight?" I said, rubbing my erection through his underwear. A wet spot of my precum was now forming on them.

    "Um, well... You fill them up nicely."

    I walked around the bed, gently petting my hardon the entire time until I came face-to-face with Vaughn.

    "Get on your knees," I said authoritatively. 

    "But your... your brother –"

    "Fuck my brother, and suck my dick!!" I bellowed.

    "Y-yes," Vaughn obeyed and got on his knees.

    "Good boy," I said, running my fingers through his blond hair, as he pulled out my dick and started sucking it. I wasn't used to being so dominant, but I guess there's a first time for everything.

    "You're bigger than your brother," Vaughn said in between mouthfuls of my cock. I smiled.

    "Oh really?"

    "Fuck yeah," he said, greedily shoving my dick all the way in his mouth and slurping loudly.

    I could feel his horniness just by how eager he was. He stroked the shaft and swallowed my dick as if the world were about to end. I could tell he was hard in his jeans, but he wasn't even touching himself.

    "You want my cum?" I said, getting close to the edge quickly after such a keen blowjob.

    "Mhm," my brother-in-law nodded, gagging on my prick.

    "You want your husband's brother's cum, you fucking pig?" I said louder and smacked his face.

    Vaughn nodded again and went to touch his crotch with his hand, but I kicked it off. This was about me.

    "There you go, boy," I said to the cocksucker 15 years my senior. "Fuck yeah!"

    I started to shoot my load in my brother-in-law's eager mouth. He moaned out even louder than me, cherishing my cum and swallowing every last drop of it. When I was done after shooting several ropes of cum down his throat, he continued to suck me off as if begging and hoping for more.

    "Get up, I told him."

    He stood up and we were eye-to-eye again. 

    "I'm gonna keep these," I said, holding his black underwear in my hand. He nodded.

    "Just please... Please don't tell your brother," he begged as I pulled up my shorts.

    "We'll see," I smirked and left the room. "Happy holidays, slut!" I yelled on my way out.

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