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A Martinez Family Thanksgiving

2023, Pt. III

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    Last night, when my father walked in on me fucking his husband, for a split second I thought my life might be over. Dad and I had always had a good relationship, despite the fact I spent most of the time living with my mom. Even though I didn't see him too often, I always knew what my father was up to because he and his husband Mateo loved posting their every step on social media. Two years ago, my dad's Instagram feed was boring and barely updated. Now, it was full of sexy selfies and even more sexy photos of his young husband. 

    So when Mateo and I got a chance to be alone… I couldn't help it! I wanted to fuck him. I knew he was the person I wanted to do it with for the first time. And it was an AMAZING fuck – so much so that I couldn't keep my voice down when I was cumming. I knew Dad was in the other room, but my orgasm was too fucking intense to hold back. Of course, my father heard me so he came storming into the room stark naked. He was mad, I could see it on his face. But within a moment or two… his cock began to twitch. That's when I knew I was out of the woods. 

    Then earlier today, right before Thanksgiving dinner, I experienced another first: I got fucked for the first time. The honor of popping my cherry went to Mateo's twin brother Mario. We were joined by none other than Dad and Mateo, who fucked right next to us on the bed of a person I barely even knew. I couldn't believe I was getting fucked right next to my father – but in a way, having him there made me feel safe. He'd always done his best to look out for me; so hey, why not look after me while I was taking dick up my ass for the first time? 

    During the meal, which was a fusion of traditional Thanksgiving food and the Martinez family's Mexican recipes, I wondered where my relationship with Dad might go from here. I was about to graduate high school, and there was a chance I'd go out of state for college. If that happens, I'd see my father even less. Now, as I entered adulthood, I wanted to build a STRONGER relationship with my dad – not grow apart. 

    "Dad, do you think we can go back to the apartment soon and talk?" I asked my father after the meal. 

    "Is everything okay?" he asked with concern. 

    "Yeah. I just wanted to chat, you know… just the two of us," I said with a smile. Thanksgiving with the full Martinez clan was fun, but I wanted some alone time with Dad before I had to go back to Mom's house tomorrow. 

    "Um, yeah, but Mateo's the one who drove us here," Dad pointed out. "And I'm sure he wants to stay longer to be with his family. If you really wanna go, maybe we can get an Uber or something." 

    "I don't mean to eavesdrop," Mateo's cousin Toni suddenly popped out of nowhere, "but I heard you might need a ride. Where are you guys going to?" 

    "We're thinking of going back to my apartment, in West Hollywood," Dad explained.  

    "That's perfect. My father will be here to pick me up soon, and we're driving in that direction," Toni explained. "If you want we can give you a lift." 

    I hadn't interacted with Toni too much, but he always seemed charming and helpful. He was only a few years older than me and he was a senior at UCLA, which was one of the local colleges on my list of potentials. Maybe I could ask him how he liked it during the car ride. I'd never met Toni's dad Greg, but I knew there was a longer story there. If I wasn't mistaken, the two of them had only just met each other a few years ago. I'd heard someone say Greg was a lawyer, and when he showed up at the house ten minutes later I could tell he was very successful at his job. Even though he was wearing casual clothes, it was obvious how expensive they were. Although he was approaching 50, Greg was a handsome and charming man who I wouldn't mind getting to know better. 

    We stayed at the house a while longer so Greg could say hi to everyone, and then we hit the road. Just like I thought, the conversation mostly revolved around colleges and Toni's experience at UCLA, which was overwhelmingly positive. When we got to Dad's building, Greg asked if he could come upstairs to use the restroom, so all four of us went up to the apartment.  

    In the living room, I sat on the same couch where I'd fucked my young stepdad less than 24 hours ago. I could hear Greg pissing through the thin walls, making me wonder what his dick looked like. He came out of the bathroom while pulling up his zipper, and I watched him attentively until I realized Toni had his eyes on me, so I looked away quickly before he figured out I was perving on his dad. 

    My father offered to make coffee for everyone, and the guests agreed. Greg went to sit next to his son on a loveseat across from the couch. I chatted with the father-son pair for the next few minutes until Dad came back with a tray of coffee mugs. As we all started sipping, I noticed Toni acted weirdly affectionately with his dad. He was holding Greg's hand and snuggling up against him, even gently kissing his father's neck from time to time. This might be normal for a little kid, but not a 21-year-old son – especially not in front of practical strangers.

    After a while, Toni said out of the blue, "You know, the twins and I are pretty close. They tell me everything." 

    Dad and I looked at each other nervously as we both remembered our recent sexcapades. Greg just chuckled and asked his son for an explanation. "What does that mean?" 

    "It means..." Toni continued, "Last night, Chase and John here BOTH fucked Mateo. And earlier today, they had sex with the twins upstairs during the party," Toni revealed with a shit-eating grin.

    Dad and I sat in stunned silence. What the hell was Toni playing at, saying this in front of his own father?! How would Greg react? Surprisingly, the first thing the handsome lawyer did was smile.

    "That's fucking hot," Greg said, shocking us even more. 

    "It's nice to hear that you guys are so close, as father and son," Toni continued, rubbing Greg's thigh. "D'you wanna see how close my dad and I are?" 

    Suddenly, Toni reached for his dad's zipper and pulled it down. Greg didn't even flinch, like this was something totally normal. I was totally mindblown at this turn of events. It was incredibly hot to watch Toni pull out his father's dick! From the corner of my eye, I could tell my own father was laser-focused on the pair. Toni then got off the seat onto his knees… and began blowing his dad right in front of us.

    I watched in awe as Toni worshipped the dick that made him. While suckling on the cockhead, he managed to pull Greg's pants and underwear all the way off, so that the sexy daddy was naked from the waist down. It was so incredibly hot seeing this college kid in between the powerful legs of his middle-aged father. Toni pulled off for just a moment and I caught a glimpse of Greg's veiny daddy dick that looked soooo tasty. Toni used his hand to coat Greg's shaft with saliva before hungrily swallowing him all the way down to the base.

    By now, I was painfully hard. My cock longed to be free, but I was hesitant to do anything. Discreetly, I looked down at my father's crotch and noticed he was just as aroused. He was even gently rubbing the outline of his dick through his pants. I looked back at Toni and listened to him moan as he pleasured his father. In that moment, I realized I wanted to experience the same thing. 

    "Do you wanna do that, Dad?" I asked nervously, hardly believing what I was suggesting. "Do you want me to... suck you off?" 

    Dad and I stared at each other. I even felt Greg's and Toni's eyes on us as well, waiting to hear my dad's answer. However, no verbal answer came. Instead, Dad wordlessly nodded in agreement. 

    I saw Toni and Greg grin as they watched me mirror Toni's earlier actions. I unzipped my dad's pants and pulled out his cock. I then got onto the floor on my knees, and tugged at the waistband of Dad's underwear until his pants were down around his ankles. I looked up at him as I leaned in closer and tasted my father's cock for the very first time. 

    "Fuck yeah, suck your father's cock, boy," Greg growled as Toni resumed deepthroating him.  

    I wasn't sure if Greg's command was aimed at me or Toni, but I used it as encouragement. Dad closed his eyes and sighed deeply while I worked my way down his shaft, exploring every inch of his cock. I pulled back up and swirled my tongue around the tip, savoring the salty-sweet precum. I even flicked at his piss slit, making him gasp. Knowing Dad was enjoying this just as much as I was, I started going to town, sucking him even faster.

    I hadn't sucked much dick yet, but what I lacked in skill I hoped I made up for in enthusiasm. I grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and fondled his nuts with the other. My father responded by running his fingers through my hair and gently pushing the back of my head so that his dick stayed lodged down the back of my throat. I looked up at him again, and this time he was looking back at me. We held eye contact as I moaned around his cock, stimulating his shaft with my vocal cords. 

    "Fuck, son, you ready for my load?" Greg grumbled behind me, followed by a strangled cry as he shot down Toni's throat. 

    Witnessing Greg feed his load to his own son must've set my dad into overdrive. He held onto my ears and started bucking his hips, fucking my mouth. The action made me gag, but I managed to hold it together. Then, my father stood up and I held tightly onto his thighs. He kept using my mouth, gasping "oh fuck" over and over again. He shoved into my mouth one final time, splattering the back of my throat with my brothers and sisters. I swallowed greedily, enjoying the taste of the jizz that'd made me. Every. Single. Drop. 

    Once I was done, I looked back at Toni, who was watching me with a grin on his face. His wet lips looked like they were covered in lip gloss, but I knew it was Greg's cum. I crawled toward Toni and he crawled my way as well, meeting me in the middle of the room, where we kissed, exchanging our fathers' cum. 



    The first Thanksgiving at our house was a smashing success. I managed to not fuck up the turkey, which even received my mother's approval. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and it wasn't until late in the evening that most of the guests started to leave. Finally, only the twins were left with Miguel and me, helping us tidy up the kitchen. 

    "Since when are you guys so eager to clean up?" Miguel asked our younger brothers skeptically. "Usually you're the first ones to leave when there's work to be done." 

    "Well, we might have an ulterior motive," Mario confessed. "We wanted to ask you guys something." 

    "Ask us what?" I said, loading dishes into the dishwasher.  

    "Like, what's it been like living together, the two of you," said Mateo. 

    "Uh, you could've asked us that over dinner," said Miguel. "It's been fine. We get along okay." 

    "See, from what we heard… you get along better than okay," Mario teased. 

    "What's that supposed to mean?" Miguel asked. 

    "It's just that… we heard from Toni that you guys fucked in front of him last night," Mateo said matter-of-factly. 

    "And we were offended that WE weren't invited to watch," Mario added. 

    "You guys are out of your minds," Miguel shook his head in what I could tell was fake disapproval, since he was unsuccessfully suppressing a smile. 

    "C'mon, everyone else is gone. It's just the four of us. Four brothers," Mateo noted. "Let's go up to Manu's bedroom for some fun. We were there earlier tonight and the room reeked of sex. You guys fuck there all the time, don't ya?" 

    Miguel turned to look at me as if to ask what I thought of all this. Honestly: I was nervous. My three brothers had been openly gay for most of their lives, but I was still fairly new to man-on-man sex. And these weren't just any men: they were my BROTHERS! Were we seriously about to do this? All four of us? 

    "Yes, we do," I admitted in answer to Mateo's question. My confession was all it took for the four of us to rush upstairs. As soon as we were in my bedroom, the twins were already lip-locked and tearing at each other's clothes. I wasn't at all surprised to see that they looked like they'd done this before...a lot. 

    Before I knew it, the twins were both naked and boned up on my bed, already 69-ing. They moved so quickly that Miguel and I just stood there, staring in shock as our younger siblings hungrily slobbered on each other's knobs.  

    "Looks like fun, huh bro?" Miguel said to me, putting one arm around my shoulders. "What do you say we join them?" 

    My older brother and I stripped naked and joined the twins on the bed. The two were side-by-side, each deepthroating the other. Miguel lay on his back and I climbed on top of him in the opposite direction. I positioned my cock over his mouth and let it sink down his throat. From the corner of my eye, I watched as the twins started fingering each other. I bent down and I swallowed Miguel's uncut cock.

    I started humping my hips up and down, fucking Miguel's mouth and making him sputter. When I heard the struggle, I tried to pull out but he only wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me back down. As I sucked my older brother, he spread his legs wide, giving me access to his balls and taint. I craned my neck so I could lick from his sack to his hole and back again. Eventually my tongue just stayed at his hole, toying with his pucker and shoving the tip in and out.  

    "What do you think, Miguel: our little brothers said they wanted to watch us fuck," I said, climbing off my brother and getting on my knees between his legs. "Why don't we give 'em what they asked for?" 

    The twins, upon hearing this, immediately stopped what they were doing. They slowly stroked each other while grinning at us. I lifted Miguel's legs up and he took over, holding the backs of his knees to keep his hole presented. I spit on my cock and inched closer. I pressed my tool against my older brother's hole until the head of my dick popped in. I didn't stop until my dick was fully buried in his ass. The twins looked at each other in shock as their two older brothers started fucking right in front of them. 

    Not wanting to be left out, Mario – or was it Mateo? – got on all fours while the other immediately penetrated him. In the spur of the moment, I couldn't even tell them apart. I fucked Miguel deeply and passionately while the twins were like rabbits, switching positions so many times that I lost track of who was who. Either way, we were four brothers sharing a bed for an all-out family fuckfest. 

    My own hole started to feel that familiar tingle of needing to be filled, so I pulled out of Miguel's ass and I straddled his hips, before impaling myself on his cock. I did all the work, keeping on my feet so I could bounce up and down on his dick. My own cock swung all around, sending precum all over the place – Miguel's stomach, the bed, and even my younger brothers' bodies. Mario and Mateo eventually got into the same position we were in. I looked over at the twin that was bottoming and we started to make out, letting our top brothers take over by bucking themselves up into us.  

    "What do you think about trying a chain?" one of the twins suggested. 

    I had an idea of what he meant, but I wasn't entirely sure. We all got up off the bed and stood in the middle of the room. Mario – now I was certain it was him – stood behind Mateo and shoved his cock back inside his twin's ass. 

    "Now, Manu, you get behind me. Miguel, you're at the end," Mario instructed. 

    I did as I was told and stood behind my younger brother. He looked back at me and nodded. He reached for my cock and guided me to his hole. I let it all happen, and next thing I knew, I was inside him! 

    Miguel didn't hesitate like I had, and he shoved his cock inside me in one swift move. He held onto my hips and started to pound me relentlessly, as if the sexual energy in the room was taking over him. 

    The four of us, all four Martinez brothers, were now a four-man fuck chain. It was an incredible feeling, being fucked while fucking at the same exact time. Each time I pulled out of Mario I was fucking myself backward onto Miguel. At the front of the line, Mateo braced himself against the wall as he seemingly took the full brunt of his three brothers behind him. All four of us moaned in ecstasy and the room smelled of pure sex. 

    Miguel was the first to cum, shooting his load into my guts. He set off a chain reaction, causing me to cum in my Mario, who in turn came inside his twin. Mateo was the last to shoot, plastering his load of cum all over the floor and wall in front of him. The fuck-chain turned into a group hug, all of us kissing. The twins decided to spend the night, retreating to Miguel's room. My older brother stayed with me, sleeping in my bed while we cuddled. Who knows, maybe in the morning we'll do this all over again.

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