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The Martinez house is always full for the holidays. From the naughty twins, to Manuel and his wife and kids, to Miguel and his husband... The siblings will have to share bedrooms (and the hot tub) this Thanksgiving.

A year after they all last came together, the Martinez siblings and their spouses are back home for another Thanksgiving. As the family gets together they realize that this year, the holiday won't be short on sex and secrets.

The Martinez siblings are reunited again. This year, Manuel wakes up with a boner while sharing a bed with his family; the twins school their younger cousin; and the two oldest brothers go on a very hot hike together.

The Martinez siblings are back for the holidays. This year, Mario has his eyes on his brothers-in-law, Mateo's got his eyes on Toni's dad Greg, and Manuel and Miguel pick up where they left off during their hike last year.

The Martinez family continues their annual Thanksgiving tradition and it's bigger than ever! This year, Miguel sleeps at his brother Manuel's house; one of the twins gets married; and cousin Toni witnesses an unexpected sex scene.

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