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Category:  ATHLETIC 

Cowritten with: Tom R

MAY 2012 | OWEN:

    I kept my face just above the grass, and I felt the tip of a blade tickle my nose before I pushed myself back up. I did a few more push-ups like this before shifting to a kneeling position, and I looked at the two men across from me. Like me, Logan had his shirt off and I could see the sweat running down the middle of his back as he did his own push-ups. His father Mark was a few feet away, the back of his tank top wet with sweat.

    I loved warm evenings like this, when I could meet clients in the park to work out. It felt great to get out of the gym and exercise in the fresh air for a change. The fact that this spot in the park was right next to a cruisy area was always a secret joy for me as well. I always loved showing off my body, and I felt proud to occasionally see passers-by checking out the bodies of my clients as well. By taking my shirt off, I hoped to encourage shirtless workouts whenever possible. Mark wasn't quite there yet, but his son proved eager to strip off and showcase what five months of work had gotten him.

    Logan had a lot to be proud of, for sure. He was starting to get that definition in his midsection that I knew he wanted. On previous occasions when he'd seen me shirtless or naked, he'd pointed at different areas on my body and said he wanted to work toward that. Most of my clients wanted results like this of course, and I felt bad when their expectations were unrealistic. In Logan's case, though, he was young and already working with a solid foundation, plus he seemed especially motivated. Things in his marriage had started to heat up again, based on things he'd told me, and every week he seemed more comfortable filling me in on his sex life, among other things.

    With Mark, I knew things were more complicated. Boosting his confidence was trickier, but he'd started to open up in his own way. He'd stayed to shower and hit the sauna with Logan and me after a couple of recent sessions, which was a new development. And last week (when Logan wasn't nearby), Mark confided in me that a 20-year-old had approached him recently when he was out cruising and said "Looking good, Daddy." Smiling to myself, I wondered briefly if Mark was familiar with the spot just down the path, where I could see a few men wandering right now.

    It was about time to wrap up our session, and I told them both to do our usual stretches. I walked over to where Logan and I had left our shirts and keys. As I bent down and grabbed them, I heard a voice yell out "Heads up!" and I turned to see what was going on. A group of guys had been playing frisbee nearby and one of their discs was heading right for Mark and Logan. They both saw it and Mark stepped out of the way. Logan, probably trying to show off in front of his dad and me, made a leap toward the frisbee. To his credit, he caught it perfectly. But he came down on his foot at a weird angle and I saw him land splayed out, in a way that looked uncomfortable even from this distance. He let out a pained yelp and moved quickly into a sitting position on the ground. Quickly, I made my way to him.

    Mark was already at his son's side, asking where he'd hurt himself. Logan's face was a mix of pain and bravado. I could tell he was putting on a brave face, and he even faked a smile as he tossed the frisbee back to the apologetic player who'd approached. By the time I got there though, Logan was rubbing his inner thigh and groaning.

    "Ugh... fuck, I think I really pulled something," he said to me as I knelt down. "It feels stretched out and tight at the same time. Arrrgh!"

    "Don't worry, bud," I said, hoping to reassure him even though I wasn't sure how bad it was yet. "You probably just pulled a muscle. Lie back and let me take a look."

    Logan complied, letting out a few deep breaths as the rush of adrenaline ran through him. I felt around through his sweatpants at the area he'd indicated. Everything felt more or less like it should, but his adductor muscles on that side were way tighter than they should have been. He'd probably just overextended and twisted that leg trying to stay on his feet when he landed. It didn't seem too serious; I figured some heat and massage, applied soon, would loosen things up and by tomorrow there would only be some mild soreness.

    I quickly conveyed my assessment to the two of them, and then started thinking out loud about what we should do next. I could do what we needed at the gym, but that was too far for him to walk, and a cab would take forever during evening rush hour. Then, Logan reminded me that he lived just a couple blocks from here, so that was our obvious destination.

    We set off, with me supporting Logan on one side and Mark doing the same on the other. Logan and I were both still shirtless, and I carried our stuff in my other hand. Since the days were slowly getting longer, it was still light out at this hour. We got more than a few looks as we all limped along the sidewalk together, and I even heard a couple admiring whistles.

    Logan started a running monologue while we walked, talking about what an idiot he was, but Mark and I both shut that down. Mark pointed out that it was good I was with them and knew what needed to be done, since on their own the father and son might have called an ambulance or headed to the ER just in case it was something serious. I mentioned again how minor this probably was, and said I'd show them both how to handle stuff like this once we got to the apartment.

    Logan's doorman helped us get him to the elevator, and soon we were entering his dark apartment. Since next Monday was Memorial Day, Logan's wife and kids were already off to the Hamptons for an extra-long weekend. 

    "Hope I can drive by tomorrow," Logan said, as he hopped to his bedroom and collapsed onto his bed. We were all a sweaty mess from the exertion of getting here, not to mention the workout before that. I suggested a hot bath for Logan before bed, but right now we just needed a washcloth soaked with hot water, and a towel to go underneath him so the bed didn't get wet. 

    Mark stepped away to fetch those, and I told Logan to lie back on the bed. I removed each of his shoes and then asked him to see how far he could get trying to lift his leg up at the hip. He didn't get far before crying out, and I grabbed his calf to help ease it back down.

    Mark returned to the bedroom with a large towel and a wet washcloth. I noticed he had also taken his sweaty shirt off, probably feeling more comfortable and confident now that we weren't in public. I placed the dry towel under Logan's leg, and grabbed the washcloth.

    "Help him get his sweatpants off," I said to Mark, as I stepped back and started to fold the wet cloth into the shape it needed to be. Logan had his head back on the bed with his eyes closed, a pained look on his face. Now that the shock was wearing off, the pain was getting worse. Probably seeing that his son wasn't objecting to what I had said, Mark reached down and grabbed both sides of Logan's shorts, tugging sharply.

    "Oh... hey... whoa, Dad!" I heard Logan say, trying to sit up and reach for the sweats that were now sliding down his legs. I couldn't help but chuckle briefly when I saw why: Logan didn't have anything on underneath them. 

    "I– I'll get you something to cover yourself with," Mark said nervously, embarrassed that he'd just completely undressed his son. 

    "That's okay. It's just us guys. You've seen it all by now anyway," Logan chuckled. "A hell of a day to go commando."

    As he spoke, Logan was covering his eyes with his forearm, and I could tell the pain (and not the lack of modesty) was the main thing on his mind. I lifted Logan's injured leg slightly and looked over at his father, who was standing on the side, still clutching Logan's discarded sweatpants.

    "Here, hold his leg up so I can massage the muscle," I said to Mark, who dropped the sweats and put his hands where mine had been: one on Logan's ankle, the other right above the back of his knee. This allowed Logan to relax his leg, which was definitely what he needed right now.

    I pushed Logan's other leg to the side so I could step right up to the foot of the bed. I was focused on helping him and being professional, but I was still a man, and I couldn't help but appreciate the sight in front of me. Logan's cock was sitting on one side of his balls, fully on display for both his father and me. Logan wasn't that hairy to begin with, and I noticed he trimmed his pubes pretty short, and clearly shaved his balls as well. I remembered seeing more of a bush on him in the past, and I wondered if his manscaping was part of his increasing pride in his body. From this angle, with his legs spread, I could also see his asshole. That admittedly made my cock twitch in my shorts a bit, despite my focus on his well-being. It was rare to see a guy in front of me in this position if I wasn't about to fuck him.

    Still, I had a job to do and got to work. I placed the warm washcloth on the sore muscle and then began to massage it through the wet fabric. Logan cried out at first, which I'd expected, but quickly I felt him relax in my hand. I moved my hand up higher to make sure I got the whole area that felt tight. My fingers brushed up against his balls and cockhead when I did that, and I heard him breathe in sharply. I decided to quickly move his equipment to the other side so that wouldn't keep happening. Logan didn't react when I did that, but I happened to glance at Mark and noticed his eyes locked on his son's cock and balls as my hand touched them. When I removed my hand, Mark's eyes met mine before he quickly looked away.

    We all stayed like that for a few minutes, and they were both very quiet. Feeling like someone needed to be speaking, I basically narrated what I was doing as I massaged different areas along Logan's inner thigh, and reminded him to take it easy for the next few days, and take a hot bath every night.

    The washcloth needed to be extremely hot to be effective, so I asked Mark to go soak it again under hot water. I took over holding Logan's leg up a little, but also kept massaging the area, now with my fingers directly on Logan's wet skin. The position was a little awkward, and as I moved my arm to get different spots, my wrist kept running up against Logan's balls and the area right behind them. That was a sensitive area for many guys, and despite me trying to minimize the contact, I could see his cock was starting to react, chubbing up a little. It was a normal response, and I expected Logan to be embarrassed and maybe apologize like a lot of guys would. But when I looked up at his face, we just made eye contact and he smiled a little as if to say "Oh well."

    It made me think about the time a few weeks ago when we'd been in the hot tub at the gym, and ended up watching the two dudes fuck right in front of us. I'd seen Logan's hard cock that day as well, and he didn't make a big deal out of it then either. Logan was proving to be a cool and interesting guy, a friend who continued to surprise me. If he'd been gay, I probably would have fucked him by now. Even now, here I was with him naked and splayed out in front of me, and I was lifting up one of his legs. We were almost in position. I could just stop rubbing his thigh, reach over and lift up his other leg, step forward, and... Fuck, now I was getting hard.

    I tried to shift my body a little so that Logan wouldn't see my erection, but he moved unexpectedly at the same time and his arm ended up briefly brushing against the front of my shorts. There was no way he didn't feel my hardening cock for that half second.

    "Uh... sorry," I said, then smiled in an effort to make it less awkward.

    "Don't be," Logan replied with surprising confidence. "It's... flattering," he winked at me, and then we made eye contact for a few moments. I was surprised at the intensity I felt. It definitely didn't make my cock any softer.

    "Here you go," Mark came back into the room. He had the re-soaked washcloth in his hand. I stopped massaging Logan's inner thigh and moved to take the cloth from Mark, but then thought it might be good to break up the tension a little bit, and stop manhandling my client while I had an erection.

    "How about we switch places?" I said to Mark, guiding him next to his son's bed. It had sounded like a question, but my tone made it clear that it wasn't.

    "Uh... what do I...?" he asked, glancing down at his son and then back at me. I could see that Logan was still sporting a semi. It wasn't raised up from his body, but even a guy who wasn't apt to notice cocks would have noticed it was bigger than it had been a few minutes before. And I knew Mark had probably noticed. Logan had laid his head back on the bed again and had his eyes closed.

    "You saw what I was doing earlier," I said to Mark, trying to keep things moving forward. "Just put the cloth where I had it before... yeah, like that... and now just massage the muscle. He's relaxed a lot already, we probably only need to do this for another few minutes."

    Mark was doing a great job, but I could tell he was very purposely not looking at Logan's cock and balls, and making every effort to avoid touching those areas with the back of his hand as he worked. He was mostly successful, but sometimes it was unavoidable. Logan sighed in relaxation and I could tell he felt better. With his eyes closed and head turned away from us, he looked like he could almost fall asleep.

    I saw Mark's eyes directed toward the floor between us, away from his son. I thought he was trying not to stare at Logan, but then I realized he was paying close attention to my lower body. My erection had subsided a little bit, but the shorts I had on were tight on me, and I knew that's what Mark was looking at. He glanced up at my face briefly, and I just raised an eyebrow at him. This whole moment had gone to a very unexpected place for all of us, and I was a little unsure about how to handle it all.

    For once, Mark didn't seem unsure, and I was very surprised to see him use his free hand to reach out and start to grope my cock through my shorts. He kept massaging his son's thigh with his other hand, and Logan was breathing slowly and relaxing, showing no signs of stirring. This continued for a few minutes, with Mark's eyes shifting between my crotch and checking to see if his son was going to sit up and see what we were doing.

    I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the situation and got to full hardness pretty quickly because of Mark's action. If Logan did decide to sit up to talk to us, Mark could pull his hand away, but there'd definitely be no way to cover up what I had going on in my shorts. We couldn't keep this up for much longer, and it was time for the massage to end anyway.

    "I'm gonna go start that hot bath running," I said. I turned and headed into the master bathroom, letting out a deep breath I didn't realize I'd been holding in. As I leaned over the large tub to turn on the water, I heard Mark say something about helping me, and to keep relaxing until the bath was ready.

    When I stood back up, Mark was standing behind me in the bathroom. He hadn't closed the large bathroom door, probably because that would seem suspicious. The tub was around the corner, so we were out of sight of the bed. Mark approached me with a determined look in his eye, and I knew what was about to happen. Hell, I'd kind of hoped this would happen when I'd decided to come turn on the bath.

    Logan's father got down on his knees and tugged down the front of my shorts. My cock sprung out and practically slapped him across the face. He didn't flinch for a second. Tucking my shorts under my balls, he grabbed me with both hands and went to work. Mark was eager, almost desperate. I realized he'd been just as turned on by everything as I had been. He wouldn't be taking this kind of chance otherwise, sucking my cock so close to his son, with Logan right around the corner. The risk of it all had both of us really worked up.

    Mark was quickly getting most of my cock down his throat, and I was reminded of the last time this happened, in the gym showers. Logan was nearby then as well, I realized. What would Logan think if he'd seen us that day? What would he think if he walked here right now? Would he still be naked, half-hard, walking toward the tub and watching me get blown by his father...?

    Suddenly, I started unloading into Mark's mouth. He'd been sucking my cock for less than three minutes. I'm not sure I'd ever cum that quickly in my life. I started shooting down my dad's bud's throat, as I thought about his son walking in on us. Fuck, this was wild! I was moaning softly and Mark was too, but the sound of the tub filling echoed loudly and I knew Logan couldn't hear us. 

    Mark suddenly pulled off my cock, swallowing, and then quietly clearing his throat a little. He was still stroking me slowly, and I looked down to see my last drops of cum land on his chest. He looked up at me with lusty eyes and I just smiled back at him, catching my breath. He slowly got up off his knees, and tenderly put my cock and balls back into my shorts. The gesture somehow struck me as sweet, and it just made me smile wider.

    Mark grabbed his shirt from the counter, still wet from the workout. He used it to wipe my cum off his chest, before putting it on. He looked at me again and I caught a quick smile from him before he turned to go back in the bedroom.

    I followed and lingered in the doorway as Mark walked up to the bed where his son was still lying. Logan started to get up slowly, and convinced us he was able to hobble to the bathtub on his own. He did so slowly, still fully naked, not bothering to hide in front of me or his father anymore.

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