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"Well, Dad, you just got yourself a new workout buddy. I hired us a personal trainer."
Mark feels ambushed when his son Logan signs them up for personal training classes together. But when Mark finds out their new trainer is Owen, an old family friend, he suspects things might just get very interesting.
Category:  ATHLETIC 

Chapter 1

January 2012: Mark and his son Logan make a resolution to finally get in shape this year. They go to their new gym and realize their family friend Owen works there... and he is about to put the personal in personal trainer.

Chapter 2

While Mark is in the sauna, getting steamy with two sexy gym goers, his son Logan is in the locker room with Owen. Logan has a personal question for Owen, who is only too happy to lend a helping hand... or lend a pair of sweaty briefs, in this case.

Chapter 3

With Owen's dad Kevin visiting New York, the two of them get together with Logan and Mark. Logan is intrigued by Owen and Kev's closeness. When the four men head to the sauna, Mark can't control himself... even though his son's right next to him.

Chapter 4

Owen bumps into Logan at the gym later than usual one night. The two head over to the hot tub together, where Logan makes a personal confession, and the two men are treated to a hot show by a couple of exhibitionists.

Chapter 5

Owen works out in the park with Logan and Mark, when Logan injures his leg. He's carried home by his personal trainer and his dad, where they lay him in bed and take his sweats off to give him a massage. What a day to go commando!

Chapter 6

Owen and Mark have a heart-to-heart, and Mark is surprised to learn some new things about his son. On Logan's 25th birthday, an evening out for a few drinks with Owen ends up in Owen's apartment in the middle of the night.

Chapter 7

On Halloween 1992, Mark goes trick-or-treating with a young Logan... and while the son gets the treats, his dad gets the tricks! Twenty years later, the two of them attend a Halloween party at Owen's which turns just as sexy.

Chapter 8

On Mark's 50th birthday, he spends the evening with his son and Owen. Emboldened by recent events, Mark finally decides to come clean. But nothing shocks him more than his own son's reaction, and the ensuing opportunity.

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