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    Even though it was nearly April, the weather in London remained in its infamous rainy state. My step-mother (who I never referred to in that way, since she was basically my age) had been hoping to throw an outdoor party for my dad's 60th birthday, but instead we ended up at one of the event rooms at The Ritz. Guests had flown in from all over the world, making this the second-most lavish birthday party I'd attended, surpassed only by my father's 50th birthday ten years ago in New York. 

    Although my son Callum had been to a couple of family events in the past, since this party was so big it also served as his introduction to our extended network of family friends. At times he looked overwhelmed and nervous, which is why I was so glad that his mother was also in attendance, so he wouldn't feel like the only outsider.

    Gemma and I had hardly seen one another since I moved to London. Seeing as the son we were co-parenting was almost an adult, there was not much use for us to get together. What we had 17 years ago was a one-night stand and not a relationship, but we still managed to get along fine and I had forgiven her for keeping Callum a secret from me for so long. Now, I was the one who felt guilty for hiding my true (sexual) relationship with Callum from his mom, but he was old enough to decide how much to tell her, and I obviously understood that he'd want to keep this a secret.

    When it came to the guest list for the party, my father had made sure to invite several people who were either employees or big donors at some of the most prestigious colleges in the U.S. Each of them had a chat with my son and assured him that he would be able to get in if he wanted, and offered him more information on early admission. Callum listened attentively but didn't ask too many questions.

    "So what do you think?" I asked my son when he and I were left alone, after talking to a professor from Yale.

    "I think… I've decided what I want to do for uni," he said.

    "That's great! What is it?"

    "I wanna stay here in London," Callum replied. "I know that's not what Grandpa was hoping to hear. But I've talked to my mates and most of them are staying here. Besides, London's a great place to be a kid, but it's an even better place to be an adult. Now that I'm finally old enough to go out and go drinking and partying… I wanna experience some of that. I don't wanna go to Connecticut," he said as if Connecticut were the worst place one could imagine.

    "That's fair," I nodded.

    "I'm just… worried about you," my son added.

    "What about me?"

    "Well… will YOU be around?"

    I thought about it for a second and then I replied.

    "Yes. I think I'll be sticking around. To be honest, when I moved to London I did it to be closer to you. But in the past two years, work's been really going well at the office here. So I can see myself staying for a while."

    "But aren't most of your friends in California?" Callum asked.

    "I can always make new friends," I smiled.

    "And what about… dating, and girls?"

    "Well, I don't know if you knew but I'm on a couple of dating apps," I said facetiously. "And there are plenty of fine women in London. I'd still like to settle down and get married within a couple of years. When I do, this thing that you and I have… might have to come to an end," I said. Callum did his best to look neutral, but I could feel his disappointment. "You'll probably have a proper boyfriend by then," I continued. "Besides, who knows: maybe I'll end up in an open marriage, and maybe you will too. We'll cross that bridge when we get there. For now: just know that I'll always love you."

    "I'll always love you too, Dad," my son smiled, and he and I exchanged a big hug in the middle of the room. 



    At my grandfather's 60th birthday party, my dad and I ended up talking, hugging, and then dancing together in front of everyone. After a while, my mum came up to tell me she was leaving. We said our goodbyes and I returned to dancing with Dad. Even when the music slowed down, he and I put our arms around each other and danced like a couple, which a few people complimented us on, calling us "cute." 

    When I couldn't ignore my full bladder anymore, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. There, I bumped into my uncle Blake, who was the only other person in the men's room. It was always weird thinking of Blake as my uncle since he was the same exact age as me – not to mention the fact I'd already fucked his arse!

    "You and your dad seem to be having fun," Blake said to me after I was done using the urinal. We stood in front of the fancy sinks and chatted like girls on TV who always go to the bathroom together.

    "Yeah, it's a fun party," I said to Blake.

    "You and Josh have… really gotten close," my dad's younger brother noted.

    "We have. But you and your dad are close too, aren't you?"

    "Not really. He's much closer to Josh and Kris," Brake said regretfully. "They just… have a lot more in common with him."

    "Like what?" I asked.

    "They're all into girls. And trust me, they LOVE to talk about it," Blake said, looking at me in the mirror.

    "Oh, I know," I assured him. "But it's not like your dad has anything against you being gay."

    "I know. I just… sometimes I wish we had what you and Josh have," Blake said wistfully, and I wondered if he knew just HOW FAR my father and I had taken our relationship.

    "It's never too late," I told my young uncle. "You can always… start things up with your dad."

    "Yeah, I know, but… how?" he asked. "Like, I would feel so out of line asking him to dance with me like you and Josh were just doing."

    "Hey, it's his birthday! He's in a great mood. Just talk to him," I suggested. "I'm sure he won't turn you down."

    Just then, another man walked into the bathroom and interrupted our moment of privacy.

    "Okay, but you gotta come with me," Blake said to me. With that, he and I returned to the party, sought out Grandpa Ron, and struck up a conversation with him. Pretty soon, my father joined in as well. For the rest of the evening, the four of us stuck together more often than not, laughing and drinking until we were well red in the face.

    After the party was over, Grandpa's guests scattered to different after-hour parties all across London. Some of his best friends headed to an upscale strip club and expected Grandpa to join them, but they were surprised to hear him announce that he was going back home.

    "I'm an old man now," he quipped. In fact, he was turning down their invitation because he'd already made plans to unwind at Dad's flat with Dad, Blake, and me.

    Grandpa said goodbye to his mates and his wife, who was also headed out to a club with her snobbish-looking friends. Out in front of the hotel, Blake and I entered the limo which was waiting for us, and we were soon joined by our two fathers. Dad spoke highly of the bottle of scotch he had back at the flat, which he'd bought just for this occasion. While he and Grandpa talked about alcohol, Blake filled me in on a few things he'd like to do while he was in London. As glad as I was to have Blake joining us, a part of me wondered if we might have more fun without him, since he was the only one who had never joined in on our sexy fun. Then again… Blake and I had had sex with each other, just not with either of our dads present. And Blake did say he wanted to get closer to Grandpa Ron…

    When we arrived at Dad's flat, there was a race of who could get to the bathroom first cuz we all needed to piss. Dad and I ended up using the toilet at the same side and peeing side-by-side, something that made Blake laugh as he watched us through the open bathroom door. After we were done, Grandpa went to use the bathroom next… and Blake decided to join him. Just like we'd just done, Blake and Grandpa pissed one next to the other, with Grandpa putting his arm around his youngest son's shoulder as their streams hit the bowl. When they were done, Grandpa turned around and made sure to take his time while putting his large dick away, showing it off to the rest of us – including Blake, who almost began salivating. 

    "That was so hot! I've never done that before," my uncle said to me once our dads had gone to the kitchen to fetch the scotch. 

    "What, taken a piss with your dad?" I smiled.

    "Yes! And seen his dick from so close," Blake grinned even wider than me. 

    "Funny story: the very first time I met my dad, at my 16th birthday party, I saw his dick while he was taking a piss as well," I told Blake, sharing information about his older half-brother.

    "Wow, on the very first day you met?! What a way to start your relationship," Blake chuckled.

    "Aha," I nodded. "And he's cut, which I wasn't used to seeing at the time. I was a total virgin back then."

    "It sounds like… you took a pretty good look," said Blake.

    "I did. There were no dividers between the urinals and… well, your brother doesn't mind showing it off," I winked.

    "Wow! I know it's wrong, but all this talk about our dads' cocks is kinda turning me on," my uncle admitted to me, grabbing his crotch and giving it a squeeze. "Maybe we can… disappear to the bedroom for a while without them noticing. I could totally use a dick up my ass if you're in the mood."

    Happy with the direction this conversation was going in, I stepped closer to Blake until our noses were almost touching. I copped a feel of his bulge and I whispered,

    "Go to my dad's bedroom and take your clothes off. I'll be there in a minute."

    Blake cock throbbed in the grasp of my hand. Looking all excited, he did as he was told. Meanwhile, I went to the kitchen, where my dad and grandpa were sampling the special scotch. 

    "Can you two come to the bedroom in five minutes or so?" I asked them. "Blake and I have a surprise for you."

    "Sure," the two men said, completely oblivious to what I had planned.

    I dashed to the bedroom, unbuttoning my shirt as I walked. There, Blake was already half-naked and waiting for me. We jumped into each other's arms and began passionately making out. While our tongues were in each other's mouths, our fingers were busy pulling out one another's cocks, already hard and ready for action.

    Within a couple of minutes, we were fully nude and my teenage uncle was kneeling on the floor of my father's bedroom, sucking my dick. As much as I enjoyed the blowjob, there was something else I wanted us to engage in as soon as possible. I pulled Blake off my cock and pushed him onto the bed, his arse up in the air.

    "Here," I said, handing him poppers from my father's nightstand.

    "Josh keeps poppers by his bed?" Blake asked in surprise, but he didn't have much time to talk. I pushed the bottle up against his nose and helped him take a few huffs. Acting quickly and aggressively, I went down and shoved my tongue into my uncle's arsehole, eating him out for just a few moments before pushing my cock inside of him. 

    "Oh, FUCK!" Blake shouted. I could tell he was trying to hold back from being too loud, but the penetration was somewhat sudden. I gave him a few seconds and felt his hole loosening up around me, allowing me to start thrusting back-and-forth. "Fuck, you're really in a rush," he said, taking me in inch by inch. Finally, just as the last centimetre of my cock disappeared inside of Blake's hole, I saw the bedroom door opening. 

    With his head buried in the pillows, Blake couldn't see our fathers coming into the room. I began thrusting harder, making my uncle moan even louder. With a grin on my face I noticed the surprised expressions on Dad's and Grandpa's faces. 

    "Yeah. You like that dick?" I said assertively, smacking Blake's arse.

    "Fuck yeah. Fuck my ass," came his muffled moan. I fucked him faster as our two dads stood in the doorway, taking the scene in. A few seconds later and they could probably already tell that this wasn't Blake's and my first time doing this together. 

    "Fuuuuck, that's so good," my young uncle continued as my balls slapped against his thighs. "Just what I needed."

    "Yeah, you've been horny tonight. It turned you on seeing your father's dick earlier, didn't it?" I stirred the pot, making eye contact with Grandpa, who just smirked.

    "Fuck yeah. He's got a big one. It's so fucking gorgeous," Blake admitted, unaware that the man he was complimenting could hear him.

    "Why, thank you, Son," Grandpa spoke suddenly.

    At that moment, I felt Blake's arsehole tightening around my cock. He squeezed my cock in panic, which only felt better and made me shoot out a wad of precum inside him. Blake raised his head and looked at me, then at his father and older brother who were our audience. 

    "I see you decided to have your uncle join us," Dad said to me, amused by my actions.

    "You… you guys have done this before?" Blake asked in shock. He was probably still wrapping his mind around this but in the meanwhile, his arsehole relaxed around my boner, making it easier for me to continue to fuck him.

    "We've… messed around," my dad said coyly, unbuttoning his shirt as he approached the bed. His bedroom reeked of sex even though Blake and I had barely started: our teenage hormones were working in overdrive. 

    When Dad reached the bed, he took his shirt off and gave me a kiss while I thrusted inside his youngest brother's arse. Then, Dad gave Blake's arsecheek a smack and he pulled down his own trousers, exposing his hairy arse to his own father behind him.

    "Are you… Have you–?" Blake began to stutter, not sure what exactly was going on. A part of me felt bad for the poor bloke. He'd had some alcohol tonight so he was probably thinking he was drunker than he really was, and hallucinating all this. After all, he only knew my father to be a straight man through and through. But another part of me was THRILLED to do this for Blake, giving him the hottest experience of his life. With his hole throbbing and arse lips quivering, my teen uncle watched his 60-year-old father walking up to the bed and pulling out his hard dick. 

    "Can I have some of that?" Dad asked Blake, reaching for the poppers. Still stunned, Blake gave Dad the bottle and watched him inhale. Just as my father was done with his fourth huff, Grandpa reached his arse and began to penetrate him.

    "THIS IS FUCKING UNREAL!" Blake gasped. The rest of us all let out a little chuckle, which was soon replaced by moaning and swear words echoing around the room where I'd lost my virginity.

    Dad and Blake passed the poppers back and forth, sharing like good brothers should. Meanwhile, Grandpa and I spontaneously started a competition of who could drill their bottom's arse harder. We thrusted faster and faster, until we were drenched in sweat. Without ever pulling out of Dad's hole, Grandpa removed the rest of his own clothes, joining the rest of us in being fully nude.

    "You know, Grandpa… as much as I'm enjoying this, I was kinda hoping to bottom tonight," I said suggestively after about ten minutes.

    "You want some of this dick as well?" Grandpa Ron asked me.

    "I wouldn't say no, but I was thinking of maybe letting my dad fuck my arse. And in the meanwhile… you can work on Blake."

    Once again, my uncle's hole clenched my dick in shock. I was suggesting for him to get fucked by his own dad! Just a few hours earlier, at the hotel bathroom, Blake had told me he wanted a closer relationship with his father. Bet he didn't see this coming!

    "What do you say, boy?" Grandpa asked loudly. It took his youngest son a few seconds to register that the question was aimed at him.

    "Y– Yes, Dad," Blake moaned. "Do it. Fuck me."

    "And you get to watch Callum get fucked by his own daddy right next to you," Grandpa said, already slowly pulling out of my father. Like a mirror image, I pulled out at the same time. Without as much as wiping our cocks, Grandpa and I exchanged positions… and drove our dicks into Blake's and Dad's gaping arseholes.

    "HEY! I thought you wanted me to fuck you?!" my father said in surprise as I thrusted inside of him.

    "In a minute. We have time," I teased, and fucked Dad's hole for a few minutes. Next to us, Blake moaned more intensely than ever, feeling his father inside of him for the very first time. "Feels good, don't it?" I asked my uncle.

    "FUCK! I can't believe this," was all he could say. I think it's safe to assume that was a "yes."

    Before too long, I pulled out of Dad and knelt on the bed, allowing him to fuck me instead. His cock was already rock hard as a result of being fucked by his father as well and his son tonight. 

    "Look at us, fucking our boys," Grandpa said to Dad as the two of them found their rhythm and drilled our teen holes in sync. I turned my head to my right to look at Blake, whose face still had a look of disbelief on it. 

    "This is really happening," he said just loud enough for me to hear him over the sound of our fathers pounding us.

    "It is. And now that you've done it, you and your dad can do this again when you go back home," I said, certain that this wasn't Grandpa and Blake's last mutual fuck. With that, Blake reached for my hand and squeezed it, never letting go for the next twenty minutes until we heard my father say,

    "Fuck, Dad, I'm about to breed his ass."

    "Do it, boy," Grandpa chimed in. "I'm about to cum as well."

    "Fuck!" Blake moaned. Judging by the loud grunt that my grandfather emitted next, I knew that Blake was getting his hole bred by his dad. It turned me on so much that I started to cum all over Dad's sheets, emptying my balls as my hard cock throbbed and spewed jizz all over the bed. My hole tightened as well, milking my own father's cock and getting him over the edge just a moment later. Once again, my father shot his sperm inside my guts, and I knew this was far from our last time doing this as well. 

    "FUCK! FUCK!!!" Blake continued to shout, squeezing my hand so strongly that it was painful. I looked between my uncle's legs and noticed that he was cumming handsfree all over the bed just like I was.

    It took us all almost five minutes to get over our peak of ecstasy. Finally, Dad and Grandpa started pulling backwards and taking their cocks out of our holes. Before we called it a night, there was one more thing that I wanted to do: I quickly squatted over Blake's face and looked down to see if he would open his mouth. He did, so I pushed out and fed him his eldest brother's spunk, straight out of my arse. After swallowing it down, my uncle had the biggest smile on his face.

    "Welcome to the fuckmily," I said to Blake, giving him a kiss and bursting into laughter together with him. Meanwhile, our dads got into bed and spooned us from behind.

    "I love London," Blake whispered as the four of us drifted off to sleep… only to repeat the fuck fest when we woke up in the morning.

Callum and Josh will be back this summer in

An American Dad in London: EuroTrip

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