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"Can you imagine, if a woman from my past popped up and said I had a teenage son?"
Josh is a man on a mission: get married and have a child before he turns 40. That is, until he gets a call from London and learns that he already has a son, who is just about to turn 16.
Category:  FATHER-SON 

Chapter 1

"Can you imagine, if a woman from my past popped up and said I had a teenage son?" – Josh has no idea just how right he is when he says those words to his friend Ben. Soon, a call from London is about to change his whole life.

Chapter 2

Josh shares the news of his newly-discovered son with his dad. On Callum's 16th birthday, father and son finally meet for the first time. Callum gets even more than he bargained for when using the urinal next to his dad. 

Chapter 3

After a bad date, Josh takes things in his own hands... until he's interrupted by his father. Callum wanders the streets of London's gayborhood, before having lunch with his dad and coming up with a sneaky plan.

Chapter 4

Josh starts to get close to a person on a dating app... without knowing who's really behind the profile. Callum goes to a Halloween party at his father's new flat, where the surprises keep rolling, ending in Callum's first sexual experience.

Chapter 5

Josh reacts to the shock of walking in on his son and his new neighbor. Later, Callum is woken up by some intense dreams, and revisits a message thread between his father and Cat... which reveals a lot about his dad.

Chapter 6

Josh reaches out to his buddy Ben for some fatherly advice. Callum feels nervous as he and his dad finally take a paternity test. Later, Josh asks Cat for some sexy photos... offering his own in return.

Chapter 7

Josh confronts Paul for the first time since catching him getting his dick sucked by his son. "Cat" learns more of Josh's dirty secrets and gets a video from him, which Callum is anxious to watch. And finally: The paternity test results are in! 

Chapter 8

The results of the paternity test are revealed! Plus, Callum is invited to his very first Thanksgiving dinner ever, new acquaintances are made, and in a burst of spontaneity two people end up sharing a bed for the night.

Chapter 9

Callum goes to San Francisco with his dad for the holidays. There, he bonds with his uncle Blake before going inside a sex shop with his father, who decides this might be a good place to get Callum some Christmas presents. 

Chapter 10

Josh is sexting with "Cat" while his son is in the next room. Then, Callum comes knocking on the door. On New Year's Eve, father and son share a bed for the second time... when horniness ensues. And one of them isn't as discreet as he thinks.

Chapter 11

Callum and his dad are back in London and out for lunch in Soho. They have a chat about what happened on New Year's Eve. Josh has some sexy recollections to share with his son... which leads to both of them getting hard under the table.

Chapter 12

Josh struggles to wrap his head around the huge discovery concerning his son and Callum's alter ego. And in a flashback to 2008, Josh remembers a trip from London to California and a conversation with his little brother.

Chapter 13

It's St. Patrick's Day, and Callum is off to Ireland with his dad, his uncle Kris, and Kris's new wife. After a long day of celebrating in Dublin, Josh makes himself comfortable on the bed and asks his son for a massage…

Chapter 14

Josh reminisces about his brother Kris's wedding, and the surprises he learned there. In Dublin, Josh and his son plan some quiet time alone in their room… until they hear Kris having sex across the wall, making both father and son horny.

Chapter 15

Callum bumps into a familiar face in the street; and ends with that face between his asscheeks moments later. Josh gets a phone call about his son. The two go to a sex shop together and have an intimate chat – and a hands-on demonstration.

Chapter 16

It's Josh's birthday, and his best friend Ben comes to visit from California. Josh asks Ben to "help out" Callum with his sexuality. The three men go out together and that night, more than one person ends up cumming down someone's throat.

Chapter 17

After his very first blowjob, Callum continues to celebrate his dad's birthday along with Josh's buddy Ben. At the end of the night – at Callum's behest – the three of them end up in bed together, and it's time for another first.

Chapter 18

It's the end of the school year, and everyone's celebrating. Callum spends the day with his dad, and Josh decides it's time to let the cat out of the bag. After an intimate conversation, the two end up in Josh's bed again, pushing new limits.

Chapter 19

The morning after they go all the way, Callum and Josh find themselves in an unusual, awkward situation. Will they be able to come to terms with what happened, especially with Father's Day coming up?

Chapter 20

Josh starts to make peace with what happened between him and his son. Before the two of them head to California, they have one more event to attend: London Pride. Together at the gay bar, Josh meets a whole new side of Callum.

Chapter 21

Josh and Callum are back in San Francisco. There, Josh confides in his buddy Ben about the latest developments with his son. When Callum and Ben end up back in bed, Josh seeks solace with his father Ron.

Chapter 22

Callum's grandpa Ron reminisces about his own youth and experiences with men. Ron shares some of those stories with his eldest son Josh. Alone in Ron's office, the father and son decide to have a "relaxing" afternoon together.

Chapter 23

After walking in on his dad and his grandfather, Callum spends the day with his gay uncle Blake. It's almost time for Callum to leave San Francisco and go back to London, and the two teens think of the perfect way to say goodbye.

Chapter 24

Callum is back in London, celebrating his birthday with more family members from America. After bringing Uncle Blake to his childhood bedroom, Callum gets to spend some one-on-one time with Grandpa Ron at the hotel…

Chapter 25

Upset to be spending Christmas away from his dad, Callum tries to make the most of it. And then, he receives a surprise in his email inbox: a return ticket to San Francisco, to spend New Year's with the rest of his (horny) family.

Chapter 26

Grandpa Ron decides to spend a few weeks in London, and immediately proves himself popular in Soho. However, he ends the night alone with his son and grandson… which still doesn't mean there won't be any hot action before sleep.

Chapter 27

Grandpa Ron proves popular in London and enjoys every minute of it. Meanwhile, Callum feels jealous to be excluded from some of his dad and granddad's parties. The two men make up for it by making one of the teen's kinky wishes come true.

Chapter 28

Scrolling through his phone one night, Josh finds messages from someone who is no longer in his life. Later, after a play session with his son, the straight dad realizes he's growing more curious about all things anal…

Chapter 29

Josh inherits his son's used ass toys. With the help of the butt plugs and dildos, Josh practices stretching his hole… until one day he's ready to take the real deal. Joined by his father as well as his son, Josh is set to go all the way.

Chapter 30

At grandpa Ron's lavish birthday celebration, two different father-son duos get closer. After the party the four men go to Josh's apartment together, where Callum instigates a fuck fest that brings all four of them together.

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