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"Beach Bonding 14: Fun with Four Dads" is a crossover between

 My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × Dating Danny's Dads


When Danny goes to Florida with his two dads and their boyfriend Micah, he is surprised to meet another family quite similar to his own. A young man named Eric, his dads, and his husband introduce Danny to all of the fun they have as a family – and in the process, Danny's own family grows much closer as well.

It comes in four parts:

Part I: A Family as Freaky as Mine

Part II: In on the Secret

Part III: The Hottest Cock I'd Ever Laid Eyes On

Part IV: Family Foursome

The story takes place after:

My Boyfriend and My Two Dads, Chapter 69: "Cheers to New Chapters, Pt. III" and

Dating Danny's Dads, Chapter 30: "One-on-One with My Son"

The Dating Danny's Dads series is available to  Gold Supporters 

The full story is instantly available to Supporters of any tier

Here are a couple of teasers to give you a taste...


    Uncle Bruce only had half an hour to catch up with us before he had to head out for his own flight. He left us with Nala, who lay in her bed and enjoyed the cuddles we all gave her. After a while, I said that I wanted to go out for a walk. We weren't too far from the beach, and the 75° weather was a nice change from the Colorado cold.

    "You go. The three of us… wanna take a nap," Karl said, grinning at Julian and Micah.

    "Suuure. Alright then, call me when you guys are done 'napping,'" I said, using air quotes, since I knew the three of them would be fucking rather than sleeping.

    I took a cab to the beach and after a walk I went to a nearby restaurant. I sat at a table on the terrace and I sipped a cold drink, staring out at the horizon and unwinding from the hectic travel day. In the nearby corner of the patio, there was a large table and I glanced over when I saw that there was a group of people being seated there. 

    I couldn't help but eye the newcomers up and down for a while. They were all men, extremely handsome and fit and, like many other people I'd seen around today, wearing clothing that showed a lot of skin. All four of them had short shorts on, and each of them had the quads and ass to pull that off. The two younger men were wearing tank tops that showed off their toned arms and defined pecs. The two older dudes didn't have shirts on at all; I figured they must have just come from the beach. The more muscular one had big nipple piercings that glimmered in the sun. The whole group was certainly eye-catching, and I continued to observe them from the corner of my eye.

    Another interesting thing was that they had a baby with them. The little guy was chilling in his stroller with a sun hat on. I eavesdropped on the adults talking about the kid, the beach, and other vacation plans they had; but my full attention was drawn when the young blond guy referred to both older men as his "dads." This reminded me of my own parents and I couldn't help but smile, at which point I made eye contact with the blond son and he smiled back at me.

    "Hey, what's up?" he asked in a friendly manner.

    "Uh... hey," I replied. "Not much, just enjoying the sun," I said, raising my mostly-empty glass.

    "You're on your own?" the guy asked, and I noticed the other three men looking at me now. Even the baby's head was turned in my direction, his big eyes glaring curiously.

    "Yeah, at the moment," I answered. "My dads are back at the house where we're staying." I wanted to announce early that I also came from a two-dad household. When they heard that, everyone in the group smiled and invited me to join them at their table.

    The four men introduced themselves. Eric, the first person who had spoken to me, was married to the other young guy, Will. They looked to be in their mid 20s, and the older guys, Sven and David, were Eric's dads. Funnily, Eric looked a bit like each of them, so I assumed one of them must be his biological father… [continue]


    We threw on some shorts and T-shirts, and less than half an hour later we arrived at a nearby hotel. I expected to meet Danny's new friends at the hotel restaurant, but my son informed me that they'd ordered room service and we'd be meeting them up in their room.

    "Okay," I said, somewhat surprised. But that was only the beginning. A few moments later, I was positively shocked when we knocked on their door and it was opened by a stark naked blond man in his mid-20s.

    "Dad, this is Eric," my son said to me, as if this was the most normal situation in the world. "Eric, this is my dad Karl."

    "Nice to meet ya," our host smiled and shook my hand. "Come on in."

    The surprises kept rolling in. Inside the room, I was greeted by two more naked men. They seemed to be in their 50s and they had to have been Eric's dads. He looked so much like them, it was as if he was biologically related to both of them. For a second I wondered who his bio dad was: the man with the furry chest? Or the one with the pierced nips and large Prince Albert hanging off the tip of his dick? Eric was sporting an identical penis piercing, letting it swing proudly in front of my teenage son and myself.

    Before I had the chance to say anything, a side door opened and someone else entered the room. Another naked young man who introduced himself as Will, Eric's husband.

    "I was in the next room, making sure our son's asleep," Will explained. I was still in shock. I always thought of us as an easygoing family, but Eric's clan was something else. This was extreme! The presence of all of these naked studs in the room made my dick start to go up fast.

    "I hope you don't mind the nudity," Eric said to me casually. "Danny said you guys often walk around naked, so I figured you wouldn't mind."

    "It's fine. Right, Dad?" said Danny to me. "Here, we'll join you guys."

    Suddenly, my son was taking his T-shirt off. He was never shy, but I still wondered what had gotten into him. Nevertheless, I didn't want to be the only clothed man in the room, so I took my clothes off as well. Only problem: my cock was already hard as a rock [continue]

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