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Cheers to New Chapters, Pt. III


    As David's and my 30th anniversary approached, the initial plan was to go back to where it all began: Berlin, where he and I started our torrid love affair that would result in raising a son, and now – a grandson. At the same time, our nephew Nathan and his new husband Sam were planning a trip to the English beachside town of Brighton.

    "Why don't we go there instead?" David suggested. "We've been to Berlin so many times. I've heard Brighton's quite gay, and we've never been there."

    That settled the destination for our anniversary, which fell on the Fourth of July. Then, a couple of days before the end of June, my son showed up at our apartment shirtless, with my grandson wrapped around his chest.

    "Hey Dad!" Eric greeted me with a kiss. "Where's David?"

    "He's out shopping," I replied, pinching my giggling grandson's cheeks. "Knowing him, he's probably buying some slutty swimwear for Brighton."

    "I'll just borrow some of his… if I need it. Somehow I have a feeling we'll end up at the nude beach once again," Eric laughed. Just like with most of our trips, Eric and Will were joining us in England. "Did Dad go out shopping on his own?" my son asked.

    "No, he's with Nathan," I replied. 

    The fact that our nephew now had the same name as our grandchild could lead to some confusion, but we avoided it by always referring to Eric and Will's son as "Little Nate."

    "So listen, Dad, there was something I wanted to ask," Eric said as he sat down across from me in the kitchen. It was a hot day and just like my son I was shirtless, wearing a pair of loose basketball shorts that rarely made it out of the dresser. Eric handed me my grandson, who was immediately drawn to my large nipple rings and began tugging on them. In the meanwhile, Eric got down to business and let me know why he was here.

    "How's it working out with the people renting our house?" he asked.

    "Good," I replied, somewhat surprised by the question. Since moving to Boston, Eric had shown little interest in our old house, which we'd put up for rent. "Why?" 

    "Well… Will's been looking at jobs in other parts of the country, just to see what's out there… And he found a company he likes close to where we used to live," Eric explained.

    "Ahh," I nodded.

    "And… They made him an offer, and… Well, you can probably already tell where this is going… We're thinking of moving back into our house."

    I looked at my son incredulously, wrapping my mind around what he was saying.

    "Of course, we'll pay rent! And someday… Well maybe someday you'll agree to sell us the house? We love Boston, but now that we're on our own we're struggling to maintain a more comfortable lifestyle. And the thought of Little Nate growing up in the same house as me –"

    "Stop!" I interrupted. "No, I'll have no more of this talk."

    My son suddenly looked sad and taken aback by my reaction. 

    "I don't wanna hear about us selling the house to you," I explained. "What the hell are you thinking? You're our son, that's YOUR house."

    "Really?" Eric mumbled softly.

    "Of course! The only reason we didn't offer it to you earlier is because we thought you wanted to stay in the city, live a more urban lifestyle," I said.

    "Like I said, we still love Boston, but now that we have a baby we hardly ever go out," my son said. "It's like our priorities changed overnight. We need more space, and less noise…"

    "Son, there's no need to explain all this to me," I interrupted Eric again, taking his hand in mine. "I know. I've already been there. Your dad and I lived in New York when we had you. And as fun as it was, we moved for the exact same reasons. I need to give the tenants a two-month notice. But after that, the house is all yours."

    "Thanks, Dad," Eric said and leaned in to give both me and Little Nate a hug. When the baby began to fuss, my son said "I think he's tired. Why don't I lay him down for a nap and you and I can watch a movie or something."

    "Sure," I agreed, handing my grandson to Eric and adjusting my bulge. When Eric came back to the kitchen, he was treated to a view of the huge tent in my shorts, which were doing a horrible job at concealing my boner.

    "Whoa, Dad!" Eric raised his eyebrows flirtatiously.

    "What can I say? Your son was tugging on my nipple rings and you know the effect that has on me," I shrugged.

    "How about instead of that movie… we do this instead," my son said as he got to his knees in front of me and pulled down my shorts. I would never tire of seeing my cock in my son's mouth. It was never something I wished for until the day it happened, and now it was something I looked forward to and savored every time. The thing that made it so wonderful was that Eric loved it so much. He was a whore for pretty much any cock, of course; but there was a special kind of thirst in his eyes when he went down on me or his other father.

    Today I felt even more turned on and I got to the edge fast. As I fed my son the cum that he could never get enough of, I found that sense of completeness and belonging that only happened with family.



    Shopping for speedos with my nephew Nathan was lots of fun, providing us ample opportunities to fondle each other's cocks whenever there wasn't anyone around. In between all the rubs and tugs, he and I got a chance to talk about his plans for the future.

    "It's really crowded in my little apartment, now that Sam's moved in," Nathan said. "So we're thinking of finding another place that's bigger, but it ain't gonna be downtown. We can't afford anything around here."

    Then, an idea struck me.

    "Why don't you and your husband move in with us?" I suggested to my nephew.

    "Are you sure?" Nathan asked as we carefully crossed the street, heading into the tourist-laden Boston Common.

    "Yeah. The apartment's been really empty since Eric and Will moved out. Even Brady's away for the summer," I said. My husband's and my young boyfriend had gone to Pennsylvania for a summer internship. "After all these years, Sven and I are all on our own, and it's starting to feel lonely. Empty nest syndrome and all that."

    "So what you're saying is, we'd really be doing you a favor by moving in," my nephew smirked.

    "Sure, put it that way if you want. But you're still paying rent."

    "Of course," he nodded. "And hey, it wouldn't be forever. We're staying in Boston until Sam graduates, but who knows what'll happen after that, we might move out to California. I just loved the weather, and if we both land decent jobs there, that might be where we end up."

    "For now, I'll be happy to have you on the other side of the bedroom wall," I told him, giving him a hug as we strolled through the park. "But I'm warning you: Sven and I can get loud when we fuck."

    "Oh, Uncle David, no need to warn me: I know!" my nephew laughed, returning my hug and giving me a kiss on the cheek, making me look forward to the new chapters coming up.

    When I arrived back at the apartment, there was another Nathanael waiting there for me: my grandson. He was peacefully asleep in Eric's old room so I let him be, snapping a few cute pics of him before joining Eric and Sven, who were lounging naked in the living room.

    "Shit, let me get comfortable as well," I said, taking my clothes off and modeling some of my new speedos for my husband and my son. During that time, they let me know about Eric and Will's plans to move back to our old house. As sad as I was to have them living farther away, I was happy that they would be continuing the family legacy, in a way.

    "Come with me, I got something to give you," I told my son, and beckoned him to follow me to the main bedroom. There, I pulled out a folder from a drawer and handed it to Eric. "I've been meaning to give this to you since you moved out."

    "What is it?" he asked without opening the folder. 

    "Just some documents, including… your paternity results," I said.

    "Oh," Eric said, looking down without opening the folder.

    "By the looks of it, you're Little Nate's biological dad," I said bluntly and openly. "So if you want to know who YOUR biological father is… you know we've always left that decision up to you," I reminded my son, aware of how sensitive of a subject this was for all of us.

    "I know. And thanks for this," he said, holding up the folder, still keeping it shut. "You're right, I should probably have this. But, Dad… I have no interest in finding out unless I absolutely have to. As far as I'm concerned, I could die happy without ever knowing."

    "Are you sure?" I asked, sitting down on the bed and waiting for my son to sit next to me. "Like most people, I grew up with my mom and my dad, so even for me it's difficult to imagine what this must feel like for you."

    "It feels like I've got the two most amazing parents in the world," Eric said with a smile on his face and his hand on my knee. "And that's all there is to it."

    Leaning forward, my son gave me a passionate kiss. In the heat of the moment, he let the folder drop to the floor and instead wrapped his hand around my cock, which was quickly beginning to grow. Taking my son's dick in my own hand, we both began to jack each other off while making out.

    "God damn you're gorgeous," I said to Eric, sliding my free hand up his bulging, hairy pecs. My own son – now a father himself, and a fucking stud. 

    "You ain't too bad yourself, Dad," Eric smiled before burying his busy tongue back in my mouth. For the next fifteen minutes, our mutual handjobs turned to mutual blowjobs… until my son and I were both cumming down each other's jizz-guzzling throats.

    Afterward, basking in our post-orgasmic glow, my son and I sat on the edge of the bed and caught our breath. On the wall in front of us hung two large, framed, black-and-white photos. One was of Sven and me, naked in each other's embrace, our cocks and asses proudly on display. Next to it, a nude photo of Eric and Will in an identical position, purposefully made to look as similar to the original as possible.

    "You know, I wonder if one day Little Nate will pose for a photo like this with his wife or husband," Eric said softly, still stroking my thigh.

    "If he does, we'll hang it right next to these two," I announced proudly.



    Leaving Boston was no easy decision. Little Nate had three grandpas here, and I wanted him to be as close to them as possible. However, my dads and Larry had all promised to visit us as often as they could; and I could already see us lounging naked by the pool, just like in the good ole days. 

    On the night before our trip to Brighton, my cousin Nathan and his husband Sam had offered to babysit Little Nate for a night. "We need to know what we're in for, in case we ever decide to have one of our own," they'd said, giving Will and me a chance to go out for dinner with our dads.

    After dinner, we'd unsurprisingly ended up at my parents' apartment for drinks and a movie. The spare bedroom was still empty, although Nathan and Sam would be moving into it soon. "Why don't we watch the movie here?" I suggested, feeling nostalgic for the room my husband and I used to share.

    Everyone agreed, so we brought the popcorn and wine into the bedroom and turned the TV on. Getting down to our underwear for comfort (except for Sven, who was fully naked) we scrolled through the endless list of streaming services.

    "What should we watch?" I asked the gang.

    "Why don't we watch one of YOUR movies," my dad David snickered. I could already tell he was tipsy.

    "What do you mean?" Larry asked.

    "Oh, Eric used to have a short-lived but successful career in amateur porn," David said. "Your son joined him on camera a few times as well."

    "Is this true?" Larry asked Will in awe.

    "Yes, Dad, but it wasn't a big deal. I didn't even show my face in any of the vids," Will replied defensively.

    "Oh, I'd most certainly say you were a big deal," David winked at Will flirtatiously. "Care to see some of it, Larry?" my dad continued to instigate.

    "Sure," my father-in-law replied, rosy in the face. Will seemed apprehensive, but I knew it was just that odd nervousness that comes from showing someone you love videos of yourself having sex, even if they've already been out there for countless others to see and jerk off to. I'd initially kept the videos a secret from my dads for the same reasons.

    "Alright, let's see which one we should start with..." David said as he connected his phone to the TV.

    "Oh, it's going to be on the big screen?" Larry said with surprise, and I saw Will crack an amused smile. "I guess I thought it would be on your phone or something."

    "We like to sit back and enjoy watching our homemade videos," Sven explained. It occurred to me that Larry might like browsing through our extensive collection at some point, so I made a mental note to send him the files. Sven and I occasionally enjoyed reliving our first fuck, which I was so grateful to have on video.

    Quite suddenly, my image appeared on the screen. I was kneeling on the floor but already getting down on all fours.

    "Fuck me, Daddy," my video-self pleaded, and a moment later Will's form entered the frame and got into position behind me. Currently yon the bed, Will was sitting next to me and Larry was on the other side. I saw my father-in-law's eyebrows go up as he watched his son start to fuck my ass on screen, and I felt my cock twitch a little when Larry's hand moved to Will's knee.

    I was dying to watch the two of them together, and although David and I hadn't planned ahead of time to take movie night in this direction, I knew our minds worked the same way. My dad wanted to watch Larry and Will just as much as I did, ever since Will had told us about the "massage" he'd received from his father.

    The video continued to play, with Will nailing me with increasing intensity and me whimpering and moaning loudly as he pushed in and pulled out. I'd hammed it up a little for the video of course, but everyone here knew how much I loved a cock in my ass and I knew it felt true to life. I was pleased to see every cock in the room quickly swelling up. Sven's stood straight up in the air, his piercing reflecting some of the light from the screen. The rest of us were stretching out the pouches of our underwear, and David was already groping himself and stealing glances at his husband's exposed dick.

    A moment later, David was moving into position and taking Sven into his eager mouth. Always happy to take a cue from my horny dads, I reached over and pulled down the front of Will's briefs. As his fully hard cock sprung out, I saw Larry's attention shift from the video of his son's cock to the real thing. My fathers had both told me that it was alway a special thrill to see me aroused, and I was glad Larry was able to experience that now, too.

    My husband's dick slid between my lips and down my waiting throat with ease. I moved my eyes up and met Larry's gaze. We held that for a little while as I showed off my oral skills and made his son moan. My father-in-law had gotten his own cock out now and was slowly jerking it. I couldn't see Will's face but I knew he was staring at his dad's cock and thinking about it being inside of him.

    When my husband reached out to grasp his father's erection, Larry moved his hand away and let out a long sigh. I enjoyed watching that for a little while, and then slowly let Will slide out of my mouth. His cock felt huge – I knew he was already so turned on by not only doing this with his father, but doing it with the rest of us here. The rest of his family. I got off the bed, stood up and leaned over to give my husband a deep but quick kiss. Happy to become an observer to what was coming next, I walked around the bed to join my two dads on the other side.

    By the time I was standing next to them, Will had Larry's cock in his mouth. David stopped sucking Sven for a moment and we all just watched the father-son blowjob, knowing firsthand how this felt, especially the first few times. The intensity and the taboo thrill of sex with a parent, nothing could ever compare. Hungry for my own helping of that, I got in between my fathers' legs and used one hand to pull David's briefs off while grabbing Sven's wet cock with the other.

    As Will worked his dad's cock with his hands and mouth, I began doing the same to both of mine. For quite a while, the room was filled with the wet sounds of sucking and jerking, and our frequent moans of pleasure.

    "Your family is so fucking amazing," Larry said at one point, sounding incredibly satisfied.

    "You mean OUR family," David corrected him. "You're a part of it, Larry. And it's an honor to help you open up and be able to share this with Will."

    "I never could have imagined anything like this..." Larry replied, stopping as Will released his father's cock from his mouth and looked briefly at all of us. Then, he stared right into Larry's eyes.

    "Fuck me, Daddy," was all my husband said, in the same tone I'd used to say those words in the video. Reminded briefly of the TV, I'd noticed that David had queued up multiple videos that were on his phone, so we were now being treated to footage of me getting fucked by Sven while sucking Will's cock, all three of us in a hot tub. That had happened so many times, I couldn't even remember which vacation that was from.

    Will was now on his hands and knees in front of Larry. The older man spit on his fingers and slid two of them into my husband's ass, making him squeal with pleasure and anticipation. He quickly worked them in knuckle-deep and made sure his son was open and ready. Then, Larry got on his knees, and my dads and I paused again to witness this father fuck his son's ass.

    My heart swelled as I looked at my husband's face. He'd never specifically said he was jealous of the fact that I'd had both my dad's cocks in my ass; but ever since Larry had reentered his life, I noticed that Will watched my dads and me in a different way on the occasions where we played with each other. And now I could see that Will was experiencing a sense of satisfaction I'd become familiar with but never took for granted. The deep bond I always felt with each of my dads when he had his cock deep inside me – it would never get old or stop being one of the most wonderful things I could experience.

    My fathers each grabbed one of my arms and moved me to a standing position at the side of the bed. I was so enthralled watching Will or Larry that I complied without even wondering why they were doing it. But that only made the feeling of both their mouths on my cock even more exhilarating. One of my hands drifted to each of their heads, and I marveled at what was happening in this room. I felt like the luckiest man in the world at this moment.

    Larry and Will were lost in one another by this point. They would occasionally shift positions, usually not allowing the father's cock to leave his son's hole for more than a few seconds. They seemed to find the one they enjoyed the most, with Will flat on his stomach and Larry on top of him, grinding down with his pelvis, with his hands on each side of his son's shoulders. This allowed Larry to take Will's hands in his own and sometimes lean down to kiss his son's neck while forcing his cock as deep as it could go.

    Watching them had me worked up just on its own, and with two master cocksuckers working my shaft at the same time, I was close to blowing a load. My dads both knew me well though, and they both pulled back at the last moment, allowing me to hold back. I looked down at them with a knowing expression, making my cock throb right in front of both their faces. I'd been so close, a small pearl of cum oozed out of my piss slit and clung to the metal of my piercing. David, always the bigger cumwhore, learned forward and swiped it up using the tip of his tongue.

    I was distracted by that and so didn't give much mind to Sven as he stood up and moved behind me. But I certainly noticed when the end of his cock – and the Prince Albert that matched my own – was pushing up into my ass. I prided myself on always being able to take a cock without much resistance (unless I wanted to enjoy resisting, of course). But Sven's was still one of the biggest cocks to ever go into me, and it usually took a moment to get used to it.

    Once I was fully relaxed, he slid the rest of the way in easily and then got going, holding my hips as he started to fuck me. I felt David's mouth down there too, licking both our balls and adding wetness everywhere. I loved looking across the bed at my husband and having him look back at me while we got fucked by our dads. The fact that we had this in common now felt amazing. I mouthed "I love you" to him, staying silent so that we could make a private little moment amidst all the carnal activity. He did the same back to me.

    I wanted David's cock in me too, to make this complete, and was about to indicate to Sven that I wanted to move into that position. But then I realized now would be a great time to try something I'd been dreaming of ever since that first time I had Sven's daddy dick balls-deep in my ass.

    "Dad," I said, tapping David's shoulder.

    "Mmm, yes, Son?" I heard him respond from beneath us.

    "Will you... will you fuck me too?" I begged. A few seconds later, I not only felt David's mouth on my hole as Sven's cock continued to slide in and out. I also felt his fingers. First one... then two. He was opening me up more, getting me ready.

    "I can't believe we're going to do this," David said, gasping a little as he finally came up for air. His tone was excited but not the least bit apprehensive. My dads both knew that if I knew I wanted this and felt like I could do it, they didn't need to worry. And fuck, I wanted this! Badly.

    Taking a minute to adjust, Sven pulled out of me and went to lie down on his back on the bed. Moving fast, I jumped back onto his dick and took it up my ass, now chest-to-chest with my dad and pinching his pierced nipples. Meanwhile, David got behind me and a moment later I felt his cockhead pushing its way into me slowly. Sven was continuing a steady rhythm to his fucking, which I knew would both help keep me relaxed and help David slide deeper. And indeed, after David's cockhead got past my sphincter, it felt like each push from Sven got another inch of David inside me. I was doing it! I was taking both my father's cocks at the same time!!

    My head was resting on one of Sven's massive pecs and I was letting my body go fully slack. Even my mouth was hanging open as I moaned at the intense pleasure shooting through my body, and the perverted thrill rushing through my brain. Sven pushed my face a little lower and my lips found the erect flesh and smooth metal of his nipple. I latched on in an almost primal way and began to suck like crazy, making my father groan more than I would have expected. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me onto his pec, and at the same time slammed his     cock hard into me. I felt David's pubes pressing into my ass crack and I knew he was balls-deep in me alongside my other dad. They stopped thrusting so that we could all savor this moment. And that's when I felt myself start to cum.

    The space between my stomach and Sven's was suddenly very sticky and warm as I shot the biggest load I'd felt come out of me in a long time. I was gasping for breath from the sheer intensity.

    "Oh fuck... fuck!!" I heard David shout, and I knew my ass was gripping my fathers' cocks tightly as I continued to ejaculate.

    "Fuck, Daddy... breed me!" Will shouted, and I knew he was getting flooded with his father's seed, just like I was about to be.

    As both my dads started to fill me up, causing all three of us to cry out in pleasure, I felt like the luckiest man in the world. My two fathers loved me in every way possible. I had an amazing husband who was just as sexually fearless as my dads and I were. And we had a new son, who we'd raise to know that he came from love and that he'd be accepted by our family no matter what.

For now, this is the conclusion of My Boyfriend and My Two Dads

Eric & co. will be back in the future, but for now 69 chapters seems like a good point to wrap things up. Thank you to Tom R for contributing

Eric and his family will continue to make appearances in other stories, like this week's Beach Bonding 11: Family Ties. The spinoff Two Dads: Raising Eric also continues later this summer

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