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"Beach Bonding 8: Back to Barcelona" is a special My Boyfriend and My Two Dads × My Brother and His Husband × Making My Straight Brother a Porn Star crossover featuring all the main characters from all three stories. 


In addition to that, it introduces new original characters: father and son Jordi and Hugo and their family and friends!

At more than 27,000 words, it's my longest story to date. It comes in five parts:

I: Don't Be Afraid to Touch It

II: Behind Dad's Back

III: A Very Unusual Family

IV: A Good Cumdump (×2)

V: Father & Son's First

The full story is instantly available to Supporters of any tier

Here are a few teasers to give you a taste...


    Summer was obviously when I saw the most of my step-dad… quite literally. When the weather was hot he walked around in nothing but his underwear, which was usually briefs. Over the years, he got more and more "comfortable," adjusting his bulge or scratching his balls while watching TV. I wasn't used to these kinds of displays from my own father, so I found myself fascinated. It didn't help that everything else about Bruno's dad screamed "macho" as well, from his hairy bod to his beer-drinking habit to his confidence. Of course, I knew that if I was to look I had to be at least somewhat covert about it. Oftentimes I would pretend to be reading in the living room, when my eyes were mostly focused on the area between my step-dad's legs, with bushy hair coming out of his underwear from all sides. 

    Puberty was hitting me hard by this point. I was in my room or in the bathroom jacking off as often as possible, even neglecting some schoolwork in the process. I usually played straight porn on my phone and found myself paying attention to the men, even though I wasn't willing to admit that to myself. Whenever he was home, my step-dad indulged in the same hobby. At least once a day on his days off, he would retreat to his bedroom and watch porn as well, only he did it on the computer so I could hear it if I stuck my ear to the wall… which I did. A couple of times I even caught him coming out of the bedroom in the middle of his wank sessions and dashing to the bathroom or the kitchen to get his phone or something. At those times, he was in nothing but his tight briefs, with a very obvious boner stuffed in the front and even leaving a precum stain on the material. I only ever saw it for a few seconds, but it was enough to get it etched in my memory and saved in my spank bank for years to come.

    To make matters worse, my step-brother was engaging in racy adolescent activities as well…[continue]


    "WHAT THE FUCK?!" I thought, my eyes going wide. There were two reasons for my reaction. One: my best friend's son was suddenly fully naked in front of me. And two: his cock was even bigger than I'd assumed when I saw it in those speedos. So much so that I wouldn't even be surprised if he fluffed himself a little bit before leaving the bathroom.

    Leo walked across the living room like a model, knowing my eyes were firmly on him. When he turned his back to me, I got a view of his incredible asscheeks, more impressive than any man's or woman's that I'd ever seen. In my shorts, I was rapidly growing a raging boner, which I had to cover up with my arm… [continue]

    "RIIIINNNGGG!!!" the buzzer went off and startled me. I rushed to answer the door. The guests were here! While they made their way up the stairs with all their luggage, I quickly changed the sheets on Hugo's bed and made sure to close the door to my bedroom so they wouldn't see him.

    The four men that entered my apartment all wore bright colors, short shorts, and big smiles on their faces. David introduced himself first, followed by his buff husband Sven, handsome son Eric, and cute son-in-law named Will.

    "Thank you for taking us up," David said to me. "When our previous host canceled we didn't have too many options left. We could've booked a hotel, but we usually prefer staying in apartments if we can. Feels so much more authentic."

    "Well I've lived in this apartment for twenty years, so it's as authentic as it gets," I replied, feeling slightly intimidated to be surrounded by so many hunks.

    The crew from America made themselves comfortable in my dining room, where I served them some cold drinks. The person I struck up a conversation with first was Sven, who I ventured to guess was German and it turned out I was right. After just a couple of minutes, he casually took his shirt off, exposing giant-sized pecs with large metal piercings hanging from each nipple. The guy looked like a fucking porn star; like someone in those "dominant daddy" movies. I looked at his son, who seemed wholly unperturbed by his dad's pierced tits. 

    "Last time we were here was in 2018," David explained to me, giving me some info on the family's last visit to Barcelona and Sitges. When he was done talking, Eric and Will got up and asked if they could go use the shower... [continue]


    When planning our trip to Barcelona, I called up Rory in New York. Rory had recently gotten married to Will's half-sister Jordan, and the two newlyweds were going on a tour of Europe for their honeymoon. Rory told me they'd also be in Barcelona for two days, so I made sure to plan accordingly so that our dates would overlap and we could get together. After all, we were more than just college buddies with Rory now; we were brothers-in-law. 

    Unlike us, Rory and Jordan were staying at a hotel. When we went to meet them at the hotel restaurant on our second day in Barcelona, I was surprised to see they were here with a whole crew. Rory's brother Taylor and his husband Owen were also in Spain. In addition, there was one other gay couple who I'd met at Rory's wedding; if I wasn't mistaken their names were Sawyer and Brock. Finally, there was another guy sitting at the table with everyone, and even though I'd never met him in person his face looked extremely familiar.

    "I'm Kurt," he said as he gave me a strong, bone-crushing handshake. When I heard him speak I realized where I knew him from: FansOnly! The guy did porn! Although I didn't follow his paid profile, I'd seen a ton of teasers on Twitter. Supposedly he was straight, but the gays online ate him up, and I didn't blame them considering how handsome and charismatic he was. I had no idea what he was doing on Rory's honeymoon, but apparently he was Sawyer's brother. 

    "The five of us are staying in Barcelona for a few days," Taylor explained, pointing at himself, Owen, Sawyer, Brock, and Kurt. "We wanted a vacation somewhere sunny so we came along with Rory and Jordan."

    "Yeah. Jordan and I are going to Paris the day after tomorrow, but the rest of them are staying here a bit longer," Rory chimed in. 

    "Plus I have some… work to do while I'm here," Kurt said vaguely with a smirk… [continue]

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