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Playa del Muerto


    I stood alone on the balcony, soaking in the Spanish sun shining on the coastal town of Sitges, trying to do math. With the time difference, and sleeping before and during the flight, how much sleep did I even get? Oh who cares, I felt great! No signs of jet-lag, and I'd do my best not to crash in the middle of the day.

    I heard the door behind me open, and turned to see my dad Sven walk out to the small balcony. He was naked and dripping wet, probably just out the shower.

    "This place has no towels," he said, referring to the Airbnb we'd rented for a few days. "I figured I'd just dry in the sun instead of wasting one of ours."

    I looked at the windows and balconies of the building facing us, just a few yards away across the narrow alley. I smiled at Dad and he winked at me.

    "Will's in the shower now," he said, referring to my boyfriend. "You can go next and then we can all go down for lunch."

    I noticed he'd brought out a pack of cigarettes as he lit one and inhaled.

    "Dad, speaking of Will... He told me what happened a few weeks ago."

    He looked at me quizzically.

    "That you guys kissed," I told him.

    "Ah, that," he said, tapping ash off his cigarette. "Is that all he told you?"

    It was.

    "Why, is there more?"

    He inhaled again, ignoring me.

    "Maybe," he answered mischievously after a second. 

    "C'mon, tell me. Or I know how to get it out of you!" I grinned and wiggled my fingers in the air threateningly.

    "Don't you dare!" he pointed a finger at me.

    I leaned forward and started ticking his sides. He tried to fight me off but he was extremely ticklish and not in control anymore. Water was dripping off his body as it squirmed, trying to resist me.

    "Okay, okay, okay, you win!" he yelled. I noticed a woman across the street look at us and close the drapes over her window.

    We calmed down, both laughing softly. Sven kneed my ass gently as a playful punishment.

    "Will asked me something that night," he continued. "Asked if he can call me 'Dad.'"

    "Oh. Interesting. I wonder why he didn't tell me that part."

    "He's probably too embarrassed."

    "I think he might have a crush on you," I noted.

    "Well of course, who doesn't?" Dad said and pointed up and down at his body, then flexed his bicep and pecs.

    "Of course, everyone in the world does," I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes, but I knew he wasn't all wrong.

    His body looked better than I ever remember seeing it. Plus, being blessed to be as tall as he is and with a dick as big as his, he had no problem attracting attention. But somehow I thought, if Will does have a crush on him, it wouldn't be just because of Dad's appearance. 

    "How are you guys doing?" he asked, suddenly sounding more serious. "Are you happy with Will?"

    "I am," I answered. This was my first time talking to Dad more seriously about my first boyfriend. "We had lots of fun at college, everything was much better after I met him. I'm not sure how things will go after we move in together on our own, but I'm sure we'll both give it our best."


    I looked at him, taking a second to register the question.

    "I can hear it in your voice there's a 'but' coming up," he explained.

    "But, it sometimes feels like he's too... naive. Like too innocent, if that makes sense? He can surprise me sometimes, but most of the time I feel like I'm the one showing him the ropes. And I'm not sure I want that. When I picture myself being with someone long-term, I kinda want them to be, I dunno... Stronger? More experienced? More assertive? Someone more like you."

    I surprised myself with my level of honesty.

    "Don't be fooled, I'm scared shitless plenty," he said, taking a last drag of his cigarette. "I'm just better at hiding it than most. Plus, if you really love him, you should help him become the person you want him to be. Assuming that he also wants to become that person."

    "Guys! Are we tanning here instead of the beach?" We were interrupted by my other dad, David. "Eric, honey, everyone's showered but you. Can you please go so we can head out?"

    "Sure," I said.

    "We'll talk more later, champ," Sven smiled.

    "Thanks, Dad," I smiled back and gave him a hug. His wet naked body stuck to mine. My hands rested on his lower back. As the pleasant scent of his shower gel hit me, I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply.

    What with the heat and all the excitement I wasn't even that hungry, but I forced myself to eat at lunch. Knowing my dads, there'd be plenty of drinking today and I couldn't do it on an empty stomach. 

    We ate in the sun, on the terrace of a restaurant just a few minutes from our apartment. Out in this particular neighborhood at least 80% of people walking around seemed to be gay men, but in the restaurant we were sitting at it must've been a full 100%.

    Even I, so used to being surrounded by gay men, was overwhelmed. As for Will, he was in absolute awe and it was showing on his face. I noticed his eyes darting left to right, trying to take in everything (and everyone). There were various age groups and body types, but the crowd did seem to lean toward better-looking. 

    Even with all the hot guys around us, no one was stealing more looks than my dad Sven. Although everyone was showing plenty of skin (tank tops, short shorts, and flip-flops were the uniform), he was the only one sitting shirtless at the restaurant. 

    David ordered for everyone (a selection of tapas and the largest jug of sangria they had) while the waiter stared at Sven's body. Forty-five minutes and three jugs later, we left to finally head to the beach. The first half of the walk was very pleasant, 15 minutes or so of walking by the shore. We seemed to be nearing the end of the road, though.

    "Where is this beach we're going to?" I asked, starting to get cranky. I was hot and ready to lie down.

    "Wait and you'll see," David reassured me. 

    The paved road came to an end. We were now walking on a narrow dirt road, surrounded by unkempt bushes. A train sped by nearby, as we got closer to the train tracks. 

    "Is this even safe?" I asked worried.

    "Almost there," David said. 

    I felt a bit better a few minutes later when we passed a large rock with the words "ZONA GAY" spray painted on it, and an arrow pointing in the direction we were going. A short while later, we seemed to finally be there.

    "Playa del Muerto," I read out loud off the sign in front of me. After the notice in Spanish and French it said: "Welcome to the first gay nudist beach in the world since the 1930s."

    "A gay nudist beach?" I said.

    "The nudist part isn't mandatory," David explained. "And if this sign is right, this place is historic!"

    "I'm historically dehydrated. Let's head down!" Sven said and led the way.

    I looked at Will but couldn't read his face.

    We walked down from the dunes and I finally saw the beach. It was beautiful! Plenty of beaches are, but as we walked nearer I noticed that just like the restaurant, this place was full of exclusively queer men, a couple hundred of them. A bit over half of them seemed to be nude, with the rest wearing colorful tiny designer speedos. Up on the highest rock, there was a huge rainbow flag waving in the wind. 

    I walked behind Sven, careful not to get sand on anyone's towel as we walked in between naked men lying down. I looked down to men's dicks discreetly, some hairy, some smooth, some almost as big as my dad's. We walked to the very end of the beach, which was the emptiest and only part with enough room for four of us.

    I looked at Will again, while David pulled out the beach towels from his bag and laid them down with Sven's help. 

    "You alright, babe?" I asked.

    "Yeah. The water looks great. Can't wait to jump in later!" he said with a smile, completely ignoring the rest of the situation. I gave him a kiss and we started making out in the sun.

    By the time I turned around, Sven was naked and looking out at the water, with David next to him in tiny white speedos. Next to me, Will took his shirt and shorts off, wearing a pair of speedos I'd gotten with Dad at his friend George's store, a blue Hawaiian-pattern pair that pushed up Will's ass in the back and made it look deliciously juicy.

    I dropped my shorts as well, revealing the speedos I had on underneath. Then quickly, I pulled those down too, going completely naked at a beach for the first time.

    "We're gonna go in the water for a bit," Sven announced.

    "Put on plenty of sunscreen," David yelled as they both ran and jumped into the water like they were kids.

    I sat down on my towel and took a good look around. I took deep breaths, felt the salty scent of the sea, and soaked in everything around me. The beach was crowded but our little area was calmer, with only a couple of empty towels right next to us. At the other end of the beach there was a small bar serving drinks, other than that there was no other sign of civilization.

    "How do you like this place?" I asked Will, as we both put sunscreen on our arms and legs.

    "Honestly... It's amazing!" he said. Phew! I was relieved. "It's a bit overwhelming, but it's gorgeous."

    We both looked at the rainbow flag waving above us.

    "Yeah," I agreed. "The walk here was a bit of a bitch, but it's worth it. Can you do my back, please?"

    Will and I rubbed sunscreen on each other's backs. He took his time rubbing it on my bare ass as well, giving me a nice little massage while no one was looking. We kissed then lay down.

    Just then a couple of guys came out of the water and walked to the empty towels next to us. They were both naked, in good shape, and looked to be in their 30s. One of them had tattoos all over both of his arms. The other sported a large metal cockring. 

    I pushed up my reflective sunglasses, feeling glad they couldn't tell I was staring at them as they kissed then lay down. The guy with the tattoos lay on his stomach, as his partner got on top of him, squirted a large amount of sunscreen on his back, and started rubbing it all over. 

    I lay on my stomach and watched, mesmerized, as this took place just a couple of feet right in front of me. Farther to my right, a few more guys were sitting and trying to sneak peeks at the hot couple. 

    When he was done with his partner's back, the guy moved on to his ass. Instead of just rubbing lotion on his ass, he went on squeezing it firmly like he was kneading dough. They were close enough for me to notice the guy's hands spreading his partner's asscheeks open, and touching his hole with his fingertips for just a second. He then grabbed the sunscreen with his left hand and squirted it right in between his partner's cheeks as he held them spread open with his right thumb and index finger. He used his right hand to rub it all over his hole and in between his cheeks, making it look more like he was applying lube than sunscreen.

    "¡Date la vuelta!" he smacked the tattooed guy's ass, and he turned around.

    I looked at Will, lying on his stomach on my left, also looking at the couple. "They're hot, aren't they?" I whispered and Will smiled. I gave his ass a quick squeeze.

    The tattooed guy lay on his back now, with the other guy still straddling him. They leaned forward and kissed for a minute. As they did, the guy's tattooed hand grabbed his partner's ass. I looked right at his hole, and his dick and balls hanging down, with with his shiny metal cockring on.

    As the guy with the tattoos lay back down, the guy wearing the cockring squirted sunscreen all over his chest and started rubbing it in. Fuck, he's gonna do his front as well, I thought. 

    As soon as he was done with his partner's chest and stomach, he scooted down a little bit and started rubbing the lotion on his dick. I couldn't see everything from where I was lying, but the hand movements were pretty obvious: he was giving him a hand-job!

    Just then my dads walked back to our towels. The guy with the cockring looked up to see who was approaching, but didn't stop what he was doing.

    "Hola," I heard Sven say to him and the guy smiled, still rubbing his partner's dick.

    At this point I was getting hard, and gently moving my hips to rub my dick against the towel, trying to edge myself unperceived. My dads had grabbed their own sunscreen and were rubbing it over each other as well. Instead of lying down, Sven stood up and had David get on his knees and rub lotion on Sven's long legs, his ass, and his dick and balls. 

    "Good boy," I heard him say to David quietly and he patted his cheek.

    "Wanna go for a swim?" I asked Will. 


    "Yes, let's go," and got up without waiting for an answer.

    "Dads, we're gonna go for a swim," I said as I stood in front of everyone with my semi-erect dick pointing forward.

    "Don't go too far," David said.

    Will got up and tried to hide the tent in his speedos, as we both walked to the water.

    When we came back 10 minutes later the mood seemed more chill. No one was straddling or rubbing lotion on anyone anymore. My dads were lying next to each other, drinking cold drinks they'd gotten at the bar. Our neighbors were hugging each other, running their hands all over each other's bodies and whispering to each other.

    I walked with David to the bar to get everyone another round of drinks. We all took turns walking around the beach a few times, looking at all the eye candy. As the afternoon wore on, people started leaving to go back into town. Most people from our part of the beach had gone.

    Sven went for one last dip in the water. When he came back, he snuck up to David, who was lying on his back with his eyes closed, and lay on top of him all wet, surprising him.

    "You fool!" David yelled, but gave him a kiss and the two started making out. I noticed Will look at them, then quickly turn away.

    My dads remained in that position as we lay next to them. I could hear them making out and moaning softly at times. I was sure Will could hear everything as well. If he really did have a crush on Sven, I wondered how this made him feel?

    I turned to look at our neighbors, the couple. They were also making out, possibly encouraged by my dads who were doing the same. The tattooed guy was now the one holding his partner's dick, and very very slowly jerking it up and down. I decided to ignore everyone else around me, including my dads and Will, and just enjoy the show.

    It took a few minutes, but the guy's cockringed dick started to go from flaccid to semi to fully erect. It glistened in the sun and reminded me of the flagpole holding up the rainbow flag above us.

    The guys continued to make out and I could hear my dads doing the same right next to me. I was hard again, edging my dick against the soft towel and the sand beneath.

    The tattooed guy looked up and around a couple of times, then leaned forward and put his partner's dick in his mouth.

    "Fuck!" I said out loud by accident.

    "What?" Sven said and looked up. "Ah," he noticed, "that couple there."

    He and I made eye contact but no one said anything, and he went back to kissing my dad.

    I continued to edge my dick while watching the tattooed guy give a blowjob just feet away from me, and listening to my dads make out loudly just inches away. I was moving my hips faster and had no idea if by this point what I was doing was obvious, but I didn't care enough to stop.

    The guy seemed to be an expert cocksucker. He played with his partner's balls, as his partner ran his fingers through his hair. He had a nice long, uncircumcised dick that tattooed guy managed to swallow balls deep. They were so close to us, I could see his throat engorge as he swallowed the dick. 

    Fuck, this is so hot, I though. So this is the kinda beaches my dads have been going to their whole lives, this is what I've been missing. On my right, my dads were still too busy with each other, and I wondered how they didn't even care enough to look at the hot blowjob happening right in front of us.

    All of a sudden, the two guys got up. They walked away, the guy with the cockring leading the way, his hard dick pointing forward like a signpost. 

    "Where are they going?" I asked, again not even aware I was speaking out loud. I was frustrated the show stopped before I'd had a chance to cum in my towel.

    "Probably that cave over there," Sven looked up again and pointed at a cave at the edge of the beach. "It's where guys go to fuck."

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