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Entertaining a Guest


    "Hey, is Rory here?" I asked, walking into Room 141 stark naked, fresh out of bed, even though it was well past noon.

    "Nope, but he should be back any minute," Mike replied, putting books in his bag. "Don't you have finals to get ready for?" he asked me back, surprised to see me so relaxed on what was the busiest week of the semester for most.

    "Nope. Took one of them early, and I only have have essays to submit for all my other classes. I'm flying back home today for the holidays."

    Just then, the beep of the suite door unlocking announced Rory's arrival.

    "Hey. Good thing I caught you, Mike, I wanted to ask you something. Hey, Eric," he said.

    "What's up? I need to go to class."

    "My brother's coming here for two days tomorrow, before we fly home together. He was planning on getting a hotel but I was gonna suggest for him to just stay here. Do you mind?"

    "I mean, as long as you guys don't mind sharing your little bed, I don't mind entertaining a guest," Mike answered.

    "He can sleep in my bed," I interjected. "I'm leaving today anyway."

    "Cool. Thanks, Eric. I'm not sure how he'd feel about sleeping in a stranger's bed," Rory said, "but I'll ask him."

    "Okay, problem solved. Now wish me luck," said Mike, heading out to his exam.

    "Good luck, big bro," Rory said, and he and I were left alone in his room.

    "You're still going with this 'big bro, little bro' thing, huh?" I smiled. "Careful, or you'll make your real brother jealous."

    "Nah, Taylor will be fine," Rory said, dumping his bag and starting to undress.

    "Jesus, no wonder Big Mike's gotten so big," I noted, looking at the huge stacks of supplements on Mike's shelf.

    "'Big Mike,' I like that. The nickname suits him. He's taking steroids as well," Rory said, already down to his underwear. Apparently he was done with classes for the day, and planned to spend the rest of it wearing what he usually did around the suite, which was hardly anything at all.

    "He better be careful with that shit."

    "I told him the same thing, but he says he knows what he's doing. He said the only side effect's been a crazy high sex drive."

    "Oh really?" I asked, intrigued.

    "Yup, apparently he thinks about sex 24/7 now."

    "Ha! He and every other guy on campus."

    After a few moments of silence, Rory asked, "What're you think about?"

    "Oh nothing. Just one of my dads, Sven, and that whole steroids and crazy sex drive thing. I wonder if he ever took any. That would explain a lot of things."



    "And this is my roommate, Big Mike."

    "Nice to meet you. I'm Taylor."

    I wasn't used to meeting guys younger than me that were almost a foot taller. Big Mike was big, alright. What surprised me even more than his size, though, was the fact he walked around the room shirtless, even in the middle of December. Guess I couldn't blame him for wanting to show off that body of his, holy fuck!

    "Now, one of the beds in the other room's empty 'cause Eric's already left," my little brother told me, "so you can sleep there or just share my bed."

    "Um, do you mind if we share? I don't wanna intrude on other people."

    "It's a single bed, but we'll be nice and cozy," Rory smiled. 

    We continued to talk, but all throughout, I couldn't get my eyes off my brother's roommate. He was the type of straight guy that drove gay guys like me crazy. A mixture of a college jock and a pumped-up beast, he made me wanna get on my knees right there and then and tell him he could do anything he wanted to me.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't stay and ogle at Big Mike all day, so my brother and I went out to get some lunch.

    "I wanted to talk to you before we go back home," I said, after we'd placed our order at the diner he took me to. "Since I came out I can tell you've been trying to… be really supportive, asking about it and stuff, and just wanted you to know… it hasn't gone unnoticed. I know I've been kinda distant and weird lately," I admitted, "but I just have some shit to figure out. Nothing big, just learning to live with it, that's all."

    Rory listened and waited silently. When he realized I was done talking, he smiled.

    "Take all the time you need," he took my hand in his and gave it a squeeze. "I'm here if you need anything."

    "Here you go. Aww, you boys are so cute," the nosy waitress interrupted, serving us our food as we held hands. My brother and I laughed, not bothering to let her know that we're not a couple. 

    Sharing a bed seemed simple enough for just two nights; my brother and I had done it a ton of times when we were kids. Rory would always come sleep with me when there was a big storm outside; and even when there wasn't, we'd fall asleep together occasionally after watching TV or playing computer games.

    What was different now is that we were much bigger, and in my case, much fucking hornier. I'd been on gay hookup apps for a while now, and the supply of men in New York was literally unending. Being young and decently attractive, I scored a different guy pretty much every night. Now, instead of sharing a bed with some hunk I'd just met, I was sharing it with my little brother, and I had trouble falling asleep.

    Lying in the darkness, I started to make out a noise. Pretty soon, I realized I wasn't the only person in the room kept up by horniness.

    "Holy shit, is he doing what I think he's doing?" I thought. The sounds coming from Big Mike's bed sure make it sound like he was jerking off.

    I thought of him as we got ready for bed earlier, prancing around in his tight black boxer briefs, so small one him that they looked like regular briefs. That fucker knew exactly what he was doing, showing off not just his body, but his package as well like that. I'm not sure if my brother had told him I was gay, but Mike sure seemed to be teasing me…

    In my own boxer briefs, my dick pulsated, already hard as a rock. I bit my lip, trying to resist the temptation to reach down. But as the jerk off noises from Big Mike's bed continued and intensified, I couldn't help it. I slipped my hand in my underwear and gave my boner a silent, but strong, squeeze.

    "I can't do this. I can't jerk off with my brother lying in bed right next to me, right? What kinda fucking perv does that?!" I argued with myself, but too horned up to obey my conscience. Squeezing my dick, I was so fucking turned on I could cum without even stroking it, right there, lying next to my own brother in a single bed.

    Quickly, I pulled my hand back up before that happened. As I did, the waistband of my underwear snapped against my skin.

    "Rory, is that you?" my brother's roommate whispered from his bed.


    "No. It's me. Sorry," I whispered back in the dark.

    "No problem, man. Can't sleep either?"

    "No, not yet. This bed's not exactly comfortable."

    "What? I can't hear you. Come closer so we can chat without waking up Rory."

    Holy shit, what did he mean "come closer so we can chat"?! Still, I did as I was told, and quietly sneaked out of Rory's bed, hoping the room was dark enough to hide my erection. 

    I walked toward Big Mike's bed, discernible in the light coming in from outside. Earlier, I wasn't sure if he'd been teasing me or not, but with every step I took closer to his bed, I think I figured out the answer. What guy offers someone to "chat" by their bed in the middle of the night, interrupting a jerk-off session of all things… unless what they wanted was a helping hand.

    From what Rory had told me, Michael was straight and very popular with women. However, I'd had my fair share of hookups with discreet "straight guys" (some of them straighter than others) that just enjoyed a little rub and tug from a guy every once in a while. I was only too happy to help, especially when they looked like Big Mike.

    As I got to Michael's bed, I looked down, able to see his body, almost too big for his small bed. His blanket didn't cover his torso, and even in this dark, I could make out the ridges between his abs.

    Apparently, I wasn't the only one getting a show. I wasn't sure if Mike could see my boner or not... until he reached up and gave my crotch a squeeze.

    "Seems like the same thing's keeping us up," he said in a neutral tone.

    "We need to do something about it," I whispered back, trying my hardest not to cum in my underwear just then, with this college hunk's hand on my bulge.

    "You need to do something about it," Big Mike said and pulled off the blanket, revealing his boner, upright like a flag pole.

    "Holy fuck!" I thought, barely able to believe how big and appetizing it looked. Within a second, my lips were wrapped around it. I was too horny to worry if my brother was sleeping in the same room or not. For all I cared right now, my entire family could come and watch, and clap as I made this straight college bro cum in my mouth.

    That was precisely my goal. I ignored my own dick, focusing now on Michael's. Turns out "Big Mike" suited him for multiple reasons: his height, his muscles, as well as the size of his fucking schlong!

    "Yeah, that's right, bro," Mike said in typical college-jock fashion, driving me wild. I did my best to take as much of his dick as I could, the tip of it hitting the back of my throat… and it wasn't even all the way in yet!

    I wasn't a quitter, though. I took a deep breath, put one hand on Mike's balls to massage them as I blew him, and managed to take more and more as my throat relaxed, until Mike's pubes were now tickling my nose.

    "Fuck, man, you're good!" Mike said a little too loudly. I wasn't sure if that'd woken Rory up or not, but I thought I heard some tossing from my brother's bed.

    I continued to suck, trying not to gag or make any noise. My dick was now poking out of my boxer briefs. I was perfectly content to just leave it there and get myself off later, but to my surprise, Big Mike reached for it and started stroking me as I sucked him off.

    "Man, you're really fucking good. You're gonna make me cum soon," he said, not bothering to whisper. If I weren't so horny, I probably would've stopped and asked myself if he was doing it on purpose. Maybe he wanted Rory to hear us; let him know what a cocksucking slut his big brother is. 

    Mike's moans only got louder and more confident. His left hand stroked my hair as he jerked me off with his right; until he started pushing my head down as well, gently at first, but then more and more aggressively, filling up my throat and making me gag.

    I was so fucking turned on I didn't care about anything! I gagged loudly, took a break, and continued sucking. This went on for quite a while, but time just flew by, as the straight jock's hand stroked my dick to reward me for the blowjob I was giving him.

    I got my reward soon enough. I felt it in Big Mike's big balls first: they were ready to be emptied. I intensified my sucking, ignoring everything else, including the noise we were making, ready to swallow the jock's load.

    "Ahh, fuck yeah, bro!! Fuck yeah! Swallow that cum, man! Fuck," Mike started to grunt savagely, shooting his load down my throat. His whole body shook and he held onto my dick like it was a handrail, gripping it tightly and making my own jizz shoot all over his body and his bed.

    "Fuck, this is so hot!" I thought, slurping down Mike's load. My back was starting to ache but nothing else mattered, nothing but swallowing this muscle beast's cum.

    Slowly, his body stopped shaking, and I moved slower as well. I pulled his dick almost all the way out of my mouth, everything but the mushroom head that I was now sucking on, making sure I get every last drop of his seed.

    I nursed on his dick for a minute as Mike enjoyed himself and relaxed. I could tell he'd fall asleep real good right after this.

    Finally, I pulled out his cock and let it drop against his muscled belly.

    "Thanks man, I needed that," he whispered, and gave my ass a playful slap.

    "Anytime," I said, and I meant it.

    I tucked my dick back in my underwear and slowly walked back to my brother's bed. I tucked myself in and lay smiling.

    Just then, my little brother turned around and put his hand on my chest. 

    "Hope you can fall asleep now," he said sleepily. 

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