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"It felt... like we were building a bond that made us closer than brothers."
Used to sharing a room with his brother, Rory starts college and finds himself sharing a suite with three other guys. Before he knows it, they're as close as brothers. Closer, even...

Chapter 1

During his first week in college, Rory meets his suitemates Eric and Jamal, as well as his new roommate Michael: a husky football player who's not ashamed to show off. One day, horny after chatting with a girl, Mike has a proposition for Rory.

Chapter 2

Rory has a phone call with his real brother Taylor, before going to his "close-as-brothers" suitemate Eric for some advice. What starts off as a quick conversation turns into a whole day (and night) spent together... 

Chapter 3

Too caught up watching porn with his headphones on, Rory doesn't notice when someone walks into the room. Later, Rory's roommate Michael has a favor to return, and he does just that, surprising even himself by how far he takes things.

Chapter 4

Rory's older brother Taylor comes to bunk in Room 141 for a couple of days before the holidays. Instantly attracted to his brother's roommate, Taylor can't tell if Big Mike's teasing him on purpose. But he'll learn soon enough...

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