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Micah is thrilled to finally move to Colorado and begin life as a college student. Although he's usually into older guys, he can't ignore his attractive new roommate Danny. But then, a hot hookup is followed by a shocking revelation that will change everything!

Chapter 1  Gold Supporter 

Micah is thrilled to finally move to Colorado and begin life as a college student. Although he's usually into older guys, he can't ignore his attractive new roommate Danny. Then, a hot hookup is followed by a shocking revelation!

Chapter 2  Gold Supporter 

Danny introduces his new roommate Micah to his two dads, Julian and Karl, which leads to immediate tension in the room. Later, the college boys go to a party and discuss the logistics of jerking off while sharing a room.

Chapter 3  Gold Supporter 

When he receives a Grindr message from Danny's dads, Micah tries to sneak out of their dorm room quietly, but he gets caught by Danny. That night, Micah visits his roommate's family home, and bonds with his parents on a whole new level.

Chapter 4  Gold Supporter 

Karl has fun flirting with his son's roommate right in front of Danny, who is clueless about what's going on between Micah and his dads. Later that day, Micah and Karl end up in the boys' dorm room… when they're suddenly interrupted!

Chapter 5  Gold Supporter 

As the semester goes on, Micah continues to meet up with his roommate's parents. Things heat up so much that Micah decides he wants to lose his virginity with them. But can he really go all the way with Danny's dads?

Chapter 6  Gold Supporter 

Danny and Micah make it through their first midterm week as college students, and celebrate by having an early Thanksgiving dinner with Danny's dads. But what happens when Julian and Karl make a shocking revelation during dinner?

Chapter 7  Gold Supporter 

Danny's dads finally tell him the truth: they are dating his roommate Micah. Will Danny accept Micah as his parents' boyfriend, especially when the two teenagers spend winter break at Danny's family home together?

Chapter 8  Gold Supporter 

A huge weight is lifted off Micah's shoulders after he reveals to Danny that he is dating his dads. Yet, that still doesn't prevent Danny from getting naked in their dorm room, which makes Micah's sexual fantasies go into overdrive.

Chapter 9  Gold Supporter 

Karl and Micah go to Micah's dorm room one evening, where they have sex and doze off. In the middle of the night, Karl's son Danny returns to the room, surprised to see his naked dad there. Even though he just blew his load, Karl is horny again.

Chapter 10  Gold Supporter 

With Valentine's Day approaching, Julian and Danny go for a father-son shopping trip to buy gifts for their partners. At Julian's behest, they end up at an underwear store where his son gets to try on his first cockring.

Chapter 11  Gold Supporter 

Danny takes his girlfriend out for Valentine's Day dinner, followed by a party where Danny gets drunker than anticipated. He ends up spending the night alone… that is, until his horny dads and their boyfriend return to the house.

Chapter 12  Gold Supporter 

When Micah's two boyfriends go on a trip to Florida, he is left alone with their son. Micah and Danny have a lot of schoolwork to do but they still find some time to bond and get closer than ever, as Danny shares his sex fantasies with his dads' boyfriend.

Chapter 13  Gold Supporter 

With Danny's parents (and Micah's boyfriends) out of town, Danny and Micah take things to the next level in their relationship. The question now is: should they tell Danny's dads about their most recent sexcapade?

Chapter 14  Gold Supporter 

Julian and Karl are back in Colorado and they're thrilled to have their boyfriend back by their side… so much so that they can't keep their pants up even during the drive back home – which includes their son Danny sleeping in the car!

Chapter 15  Gold Supporter 

It's time for Micah to tell Danny's dads about what happened between him and Danny while they were away. Micah chooses to confess while they're all naked in the hot tub. Pretty soon, Danny himself makes an appearance.

Chapter 16  Gold Supporter 

Danny's dads grow more and more comfortable with the sexual closeness between their boyfriend and their son. Indeed, they encourage the boys to continue to have their fun, even while all four of them are in the hot tub together.

Chapter 17  Gold Supporter 

With finals week in full swing, Karl seeks ways to help his young boyfriend relax. While the two of them have sex in Micah's dorm room, they get interrupted by Karl's son Danny. This time, however, there's no need to hide from Danny…

Chapter 18  Gold Supporter 

The boxes are packed and the dorm room is vacated. Danny and Micah are no longer freshmen and no longer roommates. Time to say goodbye for the summer and throw a little party with Danny's sexy dads.

Chapter 19  Gold Supporter 

During the summer, Danny moves back in with his dads and the three of them get used to life without Micah around. Now more than ever, they feel free to be open in front of one another. And then finally: it's time to visit Dads' boyfriend!

Chapter 20  Gold Supporter 

After a tortuous summer separated from his two boyfriends, Micah is finally reunited with Julian and Karl, as well as their son. The throuple spends all night making up for lost time in the bedroom… and Micah makes a surprising suggestion.

Chapter 21  Gold Supporter 

Over at the beach house, while his dads are sleeping upstairs, Danny gets to reconnect with his ex-roommate Micah. In the middle of the night, with both of them fully naked, it doesn't take long for things to turn sexual… and go further than ever.

Chapter 22  Gold Supporter 

Danny's dads take Danny and Micah to the nude beach. There, Micah makes a confession to his two boyfriends. Later back at the house, Julian and Karl get to witness their son take on a brand-new role.

Chapter 23  Gold Supporter 

After a long summer, Micah is finally back in Colorado with Danny and his hunky dads – and he isn't wasting any time! The action starts immediately on the way home from the airport. Then, at Danny's birthday party, it gets even more heated!

Chapter 24  Gold Supporter 

Now that Micah's moved in, Danny's dads are hornier than ever! Soon, it's time for the boys to go back to college, and Danny fails to pick up a girl during the first party of the semester. Thankfully, there's always Micah and his willing mouth…

Chapter 25  Gold Supporter 

Karl is surprised by his son's brother-like relationship with Micah. When Danny is feeling down, Micah offers to suck him off to lift his spirits. But then, Danny's suggestion shocks everyone when he says he's willing to suck Micah off as well.

Chapter 26  Gold Supporter 

After a disappointing Halloween party, Micah returns to the house without Danny. Thankfully, Danny's dad Karl is there to cheer Micah up. During a passionate night of marathon lovemaking, Karl wants to try something brand new for Micah.

Chapter 27  Gold Supporter 

After a landscaping job, Danny and his dad Julian are in the truck, when a sext from Micah heats up the mood. When he arrives home, Danny finds out about Micah's and Karl's new sexual roles, and he joins in on the fun.

Chapter 28  Gold Supporter 

When Danny's dads leave town for the weekend, Micah is unhappy about the prospect of sleeping all alone in their big bed. Thankfully, Danny invites his buddy over to spend the night in his room, where the two teens explore a new arrangement.

Chapter 29  Gold Supporter 

Danny's dads return home to learn their boys had plenty of fun in their absence. Karl and Julian also have a few sexy stories (and videos) to share from their trip. But most importantly: they step in to mentor Micah and their son.

Chapter 30  Gold Supporter 

Karl and Julian discuss the surprising developments of their son's sexuality. After the family's Thanksgiving dinner, Karl and Danny get a chance to spend some alone time – which leads to the father and son getting closer than ever.


When Danny goes to Florida with his two dads and Micah, he is surprised to meet another family quite similar to his own. A young man named Eric, his dads, and his husband introduce Danny to all of the fun they have as a family.

Chapter 31  Gold Supporter 

Encouraged by his dads and Micah, Danny begins to experiment with his own sexuality. As another semester draws to a close, birthday boy Micah has a kinky wish: he wants to see Karl and Danny repeat the blowjob from Thanksgiving.

Chapter 32  Gold Supporter 

When they get a chance to talk one-on-one, Julian has a chat with his son about his evolving sexuality. The two men soon share their fantasies with each other… and it doesn't take long at all for one of those fantasies to come true.

Chapter 33  Gold Supporter 

Julian and Karl are in the midst of their tradition of having sex on their anniversary, when their son strolls into their bedroom. With Danny joining in on the action, a brand new, hotter-than-ever family tradition is about to begin.

Chapter 34  Gold Supporter 

Danny and his dad Julian spend the morning shoveling snow, and when they finally get a chance to relax, the conversation turns to butt plugs. What happens next is the most mind-blowing moment between the father and son!

Chapter 35  Gold Supporter 

Micah spends Valentine's Day with his two boyfriends as well as their son. The four men start dinner off with a pervy appetizer, and things only get pervier from there, when the foursome head to the bedroom together.

Chapter 36  Gold Supporter 

After a horny Valentine's Day foursome, Danny leaves his dads with Micah and goes to bed all alone. However, in the middle of the night, Danny gets a surprise visitor who will ease his loneliness with an unforgettable sexcapade.

Chapter 37  Gold Supporter 

After an exhausting day at college, Danny returns home to a buffet of sexual options. With his two dads and Micah up for some late-night fun, Danny has a tough choice to make. And his final decision is: go for all three!

Chapter 38  Gold Supporter 

Micah decides it's finally time to find out more information about his real father. Thankfully, he's got the support of his best friend Danny, whose relationship with his own two fathers continues to take unexpected turns.

Chapter 39  Gold Supporter 

Karl admits to his husband that he would like to experience something new with their son. The family is complete when Micah returns from spring break, and soon, Karl's kinky wish is about to cum true…

Chapter 40  Gold Supporter 

Micah is devastated to be leaving Danny's dads for the summer, but they promise to keep him updated by sending him videos of all of their family sexcapades. That very night, an explosive threesome leads to a mind-blowing proposal.

Chapter 41  Gold Supporter 

Danny's dads install a camera in their bedroom so Micah can watch all of their sexcapades while he's away. During a horny video call between Micah and Danny, Micah puts an interesting idea in his best friend's head.

Chapter 42  Gold Supporter 

Micah is finally reunited with Danny and his dads! After spending the night in a ritzy hotel room in Manhattan, the crew heads down to Jersey for Danny's cousin's wedding – and Micah tries to feel like a part of the family.

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