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Heroes' Horny Halloween

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Cowritten with: Tom R


    Looking in the mirror, I couldn't help but feel a little proud. With Rickie in middle school now and a little more independent, I'd had more time this past year to get to the gym, and it showed. I'd gotten some definition back in my arms and back, and my pecs looked the best they had in a long time. I could even see a hint of individual ab muscles peeking through the hair on my stomach. It felt good, and I was glad because you're going to dress as "sexy Superman" for Halloween, you have to look the part.

    There wasn't much left to the imagination by this costume, which had been partially assembled for me by Ridge and Hank. They'd scored some tickets to a circuit party called Herogasm happening at one of the big warehouse clubs, and were insisting that we dress for the theme. They'd managed to find a leather harness that had the Superman symbol in the center of the chest where the four straps came together. It looked custom-made and I didn't want to ask how much it had cost. I'd attached a deep red cape to the shoulders that just barely covered my ass ("You can't be Superman without a cape," as my son had told me two weeks ago). The outfit was completed by a blue jockstrap with the same symbol printed on the pouch in red and yellow. Some leather boots were the only other clothing I had on.

    I was finishing molding my hair into that clean-cut Clark Kent look when my son appeared behind me in the reflection.

    "Dad, it looks amazing!" Rickie exclaimed. "You're gonna have guys all over you tonight!" I smiled a little bit. It was still little new to hear my son say things like that. He'd never commented much on my sex life before this year, but now that his hormones were surging I knew his teenage brain never strayed far from thinking about carnal matters.

    Rickie himself, much to our mutual amusement, was also dressed as Superman, though a much more conservative version. It was a one-piece costume that zipped up the back, skin-tight but made of thick enough material that it wasn't anything obscene. Even so, I felt some fatherly pride at how well my son's developing muscles shaped the look, making him look the part. His cape even matched mine, we'd gone shopping for them together. He'd styled his hair in the same way, and we made quite a pair in the reflection.

    "Looking good yourself there, Son," I said, returning the compliment. "I think you'll be the best-dressed Superman at your party."

    "I definitely will," he said, looking a little cocky. "I know a few other guys who're just putting on Superman and Batman T-shirts and calling it a night. I've gotta show them how it's really done, right?"

    "That's right," I replied, my smirk turning into a broad smile. This was Rickie's first Halloween since formally coming out as gay and I knew he was happy to carry on San Francisco's traditions of going all-in on Halloween (or "gay Christmas" as we called it) even at his friend's parent-supervised house party. Part of me still longed for the years when I'd spend Halloween with my son, but I figured we'd have the chance again when he was older.

    There was a knock at the door, either my ride or Rickie's. It turned out to be Rich and Hank here to pick me up, dressed in costumes about as modest as mine. Ridge was going as Daredevil, wearing a red jockstrap and matching jacket with no shirt underneath, the "DD" symbol drawn between his pecs with dark red paint. The same paint covered the top half of his face, and the costume was topped off with devil horns.

    Hank was dressed as "a male Elektra," as he explained. Rickie thought it was cool, but I didn't know the character. Hank had black and red fabric wrapped around a few parts of his body, looking vaguely like a ninja, showing off his best assets of course. It was a chilly night, but as long as we could get to the club without freezing to death we'd no doubt have a hot time at the party. They took in my costume as well as Rickie's and offered compliments on both, snapping a few pictures for posterity.

    Just then, the father of one of Rickie's friends appeared at the front door. I'd met the guy several times but couldn't recall his name. He was fit and handsome and he'd always had a vaguely flirty vibe with me, though he was married to a woman. He was dressed as Mario tonight, not especially sexy though the overalls were nice and snug on him. He greeted me and I introduced him to my cousin and his partner, and the other dad didn't hide the fact that he was checking us all out as we made a bit of small talk. He was here to pick up Rickie and they soon left, after I made sure Rickie had his cell phone stashed safely in his boot, as I did – neither of us had any pockets tonight.


11:45 PM

    The warehouse party had a big central dance floor, and had been set up with plenty of dark corners and other play areas, some of them even insulated to offer relief from the loud music filing the vast space. It often wasn't necessary to talk to the guys you were playing with, but sometimes it was fun to get verbal. The Latino twink in the sling in front of me was definitely someone who liked to get loud, and each time I shoved my cock back into his well-lubed ass, he let out a string of curse words followed by pleas for me to fuck him harder.

    This boy had been all over me tonight and I was finally giving him what he'd been wanting, much to our mutual pleasure. A few guys were standing around watching us, some jerking off and others with their cocks buried down the throat of someone kneeled in front of them. We had a good rhythm going and I knew I'd be cumming pretty soon. I was already thinking about how I'd like to fuck his ass again tonight, either here or somewhere we headed to after this. I felt my phone vibrate in my boot. Not slowing down the pace of my thrusts, I reached down and pulled the device halfway out so I could see the screen. It was Rickie, the only call I'd answer right now (and the only reason I'd even brought a phone with me in the first place).

    "Hey there," I said as I answered, glad that I happened to be in one of the quieter spots. "What's up?" I felt a rush, thinking about how I was talking to my teenage son while fucking a guy in a sling with even more guys watching us. My cock even got a little harder as it slid in and out of the bottom's tight ass. 

    "Hey Dad," I heard my son say. There was lots of background noise on his end and I figured he was still at the party. I'd wanted him to be back home by midnight, even though I had no idea when I'd be home, so he was on the honor system for that. As I'd expected, he was calling because he wanted to stay out later, so it made me happy he was being honest. He explained how he'd get a ride home with another friend whose parents I knew and stay the night at their place. The kids had the next day off school so it wasn't that big a deal, and I said it was fine.

    I was trying to keep the conversation quick since I wanted to stay focused on the smooth young man I was impaling with my cock. As we spoke, I looked at the guy's face and realized that his skin tone and haircut were extremely similar to Rickie's, and he was short, maybe only an inch or two taller than my son. The mild rush I'd felt before was suddenly amped up — I was talking to my son while balls-deep in a guy that looked a lot like him. It was all kinds of wrong but of course that's why it seemed hot as hell.

    "I'm glad you called to tell me instead of just doing it, Rickie," I said into the phone, looking to the side as I did so. I couldn't quite handle saying my son's name while I looked this other guy in the face.

    "Thanks for being so cool, Dad," my son said happily. "I love you!"

    "Love you too, Son," I replied quickly, then ended the call and reached down to slide my phone back into my boot. The bottom resumed his vocal responses to my thrusts, and only then did I realize he'd stopped, I guess because I'd taken the call. Nice kid, I thought. Just like mine.

    "Breed me, Daddy! Fuck!!" the guy in the sling yelped, and hearing that put me over the edge as I granted his request. As I unloaded deep inside him, I realized I had the apartment to myself tonight, and starting thinking again about making arrangements to fuck this ass at least one more time.



    My boyfriend Brody had convinced me to dress slutty for Halloween this year, a proposal that my other boyfriend, his father Thorne, had hastily seconded. I wasn't used to doing "sexy" Halloween costumes, usually going a more funny route. But after our barely-dressed outing to the Folsom Street Fair last month, I had a new appreciation for being out with my guys and showing off as a group.

    We were going to a house party in the South Bay, thrown by some friend of Ridge's who'd snagged a big split-level four-bedroom place back in the '90s and just watched the value skyrocket. Thorne had been to many parties there but this was the first time for Brody and me. As we'd been getting ready, my older boyfriend assured us that we'd have no trouble finding a place to play around if we wanted to, and the only thing we'd have to decide is how many people we wanted watching. I think I'd squirted a little precum into my jockstrap when I'd heard him say that.

    Actually, it was his jockstrap I was wearing, a blue one with the Superman symbol on the pouch. Thorne had been showing me pictures of past Halloweens and I'd been extremely intrigued by one from when Brody was 13 and they were both dressed as Superman. Thorne's version was much sexier than his son's of course. When Thorne said he still had the jock and cape, I'd decided this would be my sexy costume and Brody was thrilled.

    Thorne had long since passed along the leather Superman harness to someone else, just as it had come to him that year. But I don't think I could have pulled that off as well as Thorne anyway. Instead, Brody had asked a friend of his to come over and airbrush the Superman symbol on my chest, and I'd go shirtless to the party. Definitely the most daring costume I'd even worn.

    Thorne and Brody chose to carry on the theme and were going as Batman and Robin this year, although they'd decided to buck everyone's assumptions: Brody would be Batman and his bigger, beefier father would be Robin. Brody's painted-on bat symbol glistened on his chest, and he'd found a cape somewhere. The top half of his face was painted black and he had his hair slicked back and two pointy bat ears stuck on a dark headband. A black jockstrap completed his look.

    Thorne had found a red neoprene vest and managed to embellish it well enough, so with the green jock and yellow cape he had on, he made an imposing Robin. He did look a little boyish with his smooth-shaven face, his eyes looking sexy as they stared at me through the small mask he had on.

    At the party, dressed as we were and surrounded by a sea of hot men in skin-baring costumes, it reminded me again of our Folsom adventure. I'd somehow lucked out and was not only dating a father and son, but a father and son who both shared my kink for public sex. It was truly a match made in heaven.

    The host, an older guy dressed as Salvador Dalí, gave me and Brody a quick tour of his spacious house. He took care to point out all the bedrooms, saying (with a wink) they were free to use but we shouldn't expect to have one to ourselves. We rejoined Thorne who had found his cousin Ridge and some of their mutual acquaintances.

    There was drinking, there was dancing, and there was plenty of groping and stroking going on all around us. At one point, pressed closed between both my boyfriends in a group of people dancing, I had one hand in each of their jocks, stroking their hard cocks. Moments like that were mixed with sillier ones, catching up with friends and making new ones. We were pulled into numerous group photos with other guys dressed as superheroes, some managing to be even more daring than ours. One dude's Flash costume consisted only of red body paint, except for two yellow lightning bolts, one painted on his chest and the other on his thick slab of a cock.

    After a few hours, I was feeling nice and drunk, but still keeping it together as Brody and I made out in one of the hallways. We'd been heading for a bedroom but had gotten sidetracked by one another's tongues. Our hard cocks rubbed together through the pouches of our jocks, and I was fingering Brody's hole, which was plainly visible to the men who were constantly scooting by us in the narrow space. Once or twice I felt another finger join mine for a moment or two, which just made me kiss Brody harder.

    "Hey boys," I heard Thorne's voice say, very close to us. Breaking the kiss and catching my breath, I glanced over to see my older boyfriend smiling at us. His vest was unzipped and he had a relaxed smile on his face. He smelled like a mix of sweat and weed and I was enjoying the aroma as I leaned onto him a little, still entwined with his son. He put his arms around both of us in a sorta-hug, and it was a nice warm moment in the midst of the loud party.

    One of the doors nearby opened, and a few guys left one of the bedrooms, mostly naked and laughing drunkenly. Brody quickly grabbed our arms and we dashed into the room, hoping to find a place to relieve our mutual horniness. I had thought it would be just us, but the grin on Thorne's face and the hard-on forming in his pouch made it clear that he was similarly motivated. I was even more excited now at the thought of playing with both father and son together. Those moments were still few and far between and I treasured (and jerked off to) the memory of them every single time.

    We weren't alone in the large bedroom, which had a king-size bed in one corner and a small sofa in another. A horny couple was already in the process of moving from the couch to the bed, which had probably just been vacated by the guys leaving the room. We headed for the sofa and I decided to go right for what I wanted, sitting down with my two boyfriends in front of me and reaching for each of their jock pouches.

    I pulled out their cocks and saw both were hard and dripping. As always, I appreciated both the similarities and differences between the father's dick and the son's. Just the fact that I was holding them both in my hands at the same time had me so turned on. I leaned in and sampled the precum oozing from each cockhead one after the other as I stroked them. I geared myself up for a marathon of cocksucking, but then I had another idea. This sofa I was on was small, really more of a love seat. Just the right length for what I had in mind.

    I stood up, which I think surprised them both. I just grinned and let go of their cocks. Then, I turned around and got onto the sofa, on my hands and knees. My ass was closer to Thorne and my face was closer to Brody. My intentions were probably clear but I wanted to say it out loud anyway.

    "I want both your dicks in me," I said, looking up at them from my prone position. "Rape my throat and breed my ass."

    Neither of them needed to be told again, and they quickly took up their positions on either side of the couch. I'm not sure if they did it on purpose but they both started to slide into me right at the same moment. Brody's pulsing cockhead pushed past my tongue and into my throat right as his father opened up my ass and he got half his cock inside before slowing down and beginning to pull back a little. On the next thrust, Thorne went balls-deep and hit that spot that he could only get to when I was in this position. I groaned in pleasure but the sound was muffled by Brody's body as his pubes pressed into my nose, his balls hitting my chin.

    In that moment I might have been completely satisfied, feeling an amazing power dynamic between the three of us. They were using my holes but I'd been the one to tell them to. Father and son at either end of me, there was a kind of balance to it all that just multiplied the pleasure I was experiencing.

    The two of them found the best rhythm pretty quickly, timing their thrusts with each other, taking maximum advantage of their ability to move me back and forth between them. They began with Brody's hands on my shoulders and Thorne's on my hips. But over time they both extended their arms more and were holding the sides of my body. When I felt their hands find each other along my rib cage, sensing their fingers touching and then sliding in to overlap one another, it did something incredible to me. I'd been close for a while already, occasionally reaching to stroke myself. But right at that moment I started cumming hands-free, spraying the cushion with my load. I heard Thorne groaning in pleasure as my twitching ass massaged his cock as he fucked me.

    "Fuck yeah, take it Superman!" I heard a voice say, though it didn't belong to either of the men I was servicing. I opened my eyes and glanced over at the bed. The couple there was fucking face-to-face, one guy's legs splayed in the air behind his partner. But they were both watching us as they pressed their bodies together. I smiled, as best I could with Brody's cock in my mouth anyway. I could appreciate the visual these two were getting with our costumes in the mix, and part of me wished someone was taking photos now, to go with the more conventional ones we'd posed for earlier.

    "You ready to cum, boy?" I heard Thorne say to Brody. "Ready to fill our man with our family seed?" I'd just finished cumming and hearing that made my cock throb again. We didn't know many people in the South Bay and Thorne wasn't even shy about revealing his relationship with Brody. Maybe some of the guys who could hear us would think we were role-playing… but I knew the truth.

    "Fuck yes, Dad, let's fucking flood him with our cum!" Brody replied. Hearing them talk this way was doing crazy things to me and my cock was back to rock-hardness as I anticipated getting two loads in me at once. I felt their hands on top of one another on my sides and knew that this was another big moment for the three of us.

    They both shouted out that they were about to blow and then I felt myself swallowing a ton of cum from Brody's cock as he shot his load down my throat. At the same time, Thorne's cock was throbbing inside my abdomen and I could feel the warmth from what he was leaving deep inside me. The seed from these two men with the same family DNA was mixing together inside me. It seemed right since I felt like a part of their family in a way: son to Thorne, brother to Brody, lover to both.

    We finally slowed down and the two cocks withdrew from me slowly. The two guys on he bed weren't the only ones who'd been watching us, and I heard a few drunken cheers from the doorway as we separated and collapsed on one another. It ended up being Thorne and Brody next to one another on the couch with me across both their laps. Thorne jerked me off to a second orgasm while I made out with his son. We took a while to recuperate and vacate the small sofa for another group who'd been waiting, and returned to the main part of the house for some well-earned refreshments.

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