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"'New apartment and two successful dates,' I thought to myself on my walk home. 'Must be my lucky day.'"
Dylan is on a roll! He moves into his new San Francisco apartment and immediately hooks up with not one, but two hot men! Little does he know, just how much his new love interests have in common...

Chapter 1

Dylan moves into his new apartment in San Francisco, and immediately hops on the hookup apps to check out the local scene. He hooks up with not one, but two hot men that day. Little does he know, how much they have in common...

Chapter 2

Brody and his dad talk about his sex life and his dirty laundry (literally and figuratively). Later, Brody invites Dylan to a gig by a band they both like, which leads to a new sexual experience for both guys, right there at the club.

Chapter 3

Thorne and Dylan enjoy another Friday night date, before heading back to Thorne's for a night of sex. The following morning, they enjoy a game of tennis and some hot time in the sauna... when they're interrupted by an unexpected visitor.

Chapter 4

Thorne has dinner with his cousin Ridge and Ridge's two boyfriends. He introduces Dylan to everyone, and the five men get naughty right in the restaurant. The next day, Dylan has a date with Brody, leading to unforeseen consequence.

Chapter 5

Back in 2015, Thorne's relationship with his son goes into new territory, when he sneaks his young son into the Folsom Street Fair, the wildest sex event there is. What scenes will the father and son see... and participate in?

Chapter 6

It's Brody's 21st birthday, and it's a very special day indeed! When he and Dylan meet for lunch, they can't help it but sneak into the bathroom for a quick fuck, before getting caught. That night, Brody has his big party... and everyone is invited.

Chapter 7

At Brody's 21st birthday party, the truth is finally revealed: he and his father have been dating the same man! Shocked to find out about his two lovers' relationship, Dylan struggles to decide what to do next, with a little unexpected help.

Chapter 8

Dylan makes his way to Thorne and Brody's, where he shares his relationship idea with the father and son. After a conversation between the three of them, Dylan goes out and has sex with Brody before ending up in bed with his dad.

Chapter 9

It's Valentine's Day and Dylan has dates with his two boyfriends: a lunch date with Brody, and a dinner date with Brody's dad. Dylan takes Brody to his first adult video store. That night, an unexpected intrusion takes place.

Chapter 10

Thorne catches up with his cousin, and gets to talk to him about sharing a boyfriend with his son. Later, the four men are at a show together, and Thorne is surprised to see just how risky his son can get. But he's not about to be outdone…

Chapter 11

It's Father's Day, and Thorne gets a triple date with his boyfriend as well as his son. Thorne realizes that the two younger men are more comfortable with their sexuality in public, and decides to take a page from their book.

Chapter 12

Thorne is at SF Pride 2009 with his son, when he notices an ass he just can't help but get his hands on. And in 2021, the father and son are at Pride with their boyfriend Dylan, who is amazed by the boundaries they're willing to push.

Chapter 13

Thorne reminisces about his relationship with his cousin when they were younger. Later, after an extremely sexy Pride parade, Thorne, his son, and their mutual boyfriend go home, where the fun has just begun, pushing them to new extremes.

Chapter 14

Thorne is spending a day at the museum with his son, but he gets distracted by a handsome man who makes a sexy proposal. Many years later, Dylan is at the same museum with his two boyfriends, and they indulge in some risky action.

Chapter 15

In 2011, Thorne meets a new fuck buddy at an unexpected place, and is surprised by just how much they have in common. Ten years later, Thorne goes to the notorious Folsom Street Fair with his son and their boyfriend.

Chapter 16

On Halloween 2013, Thorne and his son decide to wear the same costume, but the dad ends up wearing it to an adults-only sex party. And in 2021, the two of them and their mutual boyfriend attend yet another sexy Halloween celebration.

Chapter 17

While going through his dad's underwear drawer, teenage Brody makes an interesting discovery. Years later, the two of them are in a sex shop with their mutual boyfriend, when they decide to all go to the fitting room together.

Chapter 18

Right after Thanksgiving 2016, teen Rickie loses his virginity and is immediately faced with his father, who wants to have a talk about it. Years later, the father and son find themselves sharing personal experiences and going further than ever!

Chapter 19

After being temporarily separated from his two boyfriends, Dylan is thrilled to be back in San Francisco with Brody and Thorne. As they go out to celebrate the new year, the father-and-son duo have a brand new surprise for their incest-obsessed lover.

Chapter 20

Brody remembers a New Year's Day when he witnessed some man-on-man family action for the first time. And in 2022, Brody and his dad share the story of their recent sexcapades with their mutual boyfriend… which soon leads to more.

Chapter 21

During a concert, Rickie stumbles upon an unexpected scene. Years later, Dylan is at the same venue with his father-and-son boyfriends. Now that things between them have gone to the next level, Dylan begins to wonder just how far they'll go.

Chapter 22

When Thorne takes his son to the aquarium, he also ends up having more fun than anticipated. Years later, the father and son are back at the same spot, this time together with their mutual boyfriend Dylan.

Chapter 23

In 2009, Ridge is left in charge of chaperoning his boyfriend Hank's teenage nephew – who proves to be naughtier than he seems. Years later, Hank and Ridge get another visit, which leads to an all-out orgy in their living room.

Chapter 24

Thorne is getting ready to bite the bullet and share the truth about his relationship with Dylan and his own son. But how will people react? And what happens when the fresh throuple returns home and things get going to a whole new level?

Chapter 25

In 2009, during a visit to San Francisco, Shane goes to the pool with Thorne and his son, and is shocked by what happens there. Thirteen years later, Shane is back in SF and Thorne's son is all grown up, and closer to his dad than ever!

Chapter 26

With an old friend back in town, Thorne heads to a bathhouse with his son and Dylan. There, with a little encouragement from their friends, Thorne and his son get to go even further and try something for the first time.

Chapter 27

An old acquaintance is back in SF just in time for Pride. After a series of public encounters, a reunion with Thorne and his son takes place, and ends up with the whole crew having some naughty fun at Thorne's apartment.

Chapter 28

After receiving an ominous text from Dylan, Bill suspects that the younger man needs some advice, and he is ready to help. On top of that, Bill also has a surprise for Dylan, when a very special guest comes to visit San Francisco.

Chapter 29

It's moving day, and Thorne's family has a lot of work to do – work that only makes them hornier! And what better way for Thorne and his son to say goodbye to their street but by fucking right out in the open together with a buddy?

Chapter 30

After a tryst with Ridge and Hank, Dylan leaves SF and moves to Sacramento with his two boyfriends. In their new city, Thorne and his son Brody get to reinvent themselves; and it all starts with a public fuck sesh with their mutual boyfriend.

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