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Unexpected Intrusion

Category:  FATHER-SON  |  PUBLIC 

Cowritten with: Tom R


    After a totally insane birthday weekend, it felt nice to be doing something more low-key with Dylan for Valentine's Day. As luck would have it, I had to work later tonight so we'd decided to do a romantic lunch. We were at a restaurant in SoMa, one of the first spots where we'd ever gone out to eat together. It was a beautiful Sunday, unseasonably warm for February, and I was glad to be spending it with the guy I loved. My first boyfriend… even if I had to share him with my dad.

    It also made me happy to know that my schedule meant that Dylan and my father could have their own special date tonight. The first Valentine's Day in this brand new relationship situation might have been awkward, and I'm sure we'd hit some awkwardness eventually. For now though, things didn't feel strange and I was enjoying myself.

    When Dylan and I finished our meal, we walked around the neighborhood holding hands and just chatting about random stuff. I always felt like we could talk endlessly about anything. Occasionally we'd stop and make out, which was also something I loved doing. Something about Dylan made me want the world to know how I felt about him, and the sight of us with our hands all over one another on the street corner couldn't have left any doubt in the minds of passers-by.

    After one particularly intense moment, when our hard cocks had been pressing together through our pants as we kissed, I took the opportunity to whisper into my boyfriend's ear: "I wish there was somewhere we could fuck right now."

    It was a loaded statement, since of course we'd had plenty of fun in public and semi-public spots these past few months. But this was the middle of the day, not nighttime in a park or at the back of a dark music hall. While this was a gay neighborhood, it was more of an old-school one and I didn't know it too well, not enough to know about any discreet spots for a daytime hookup, at least. My remark seemed to stir something in Dylan, though, as he glanced around and cracked a smile.

    "Have you ever been in there?" he asked, cocking his head at a somewhat nondescript storefront across the street. I had to stare at it for a moment before I saw the name: Folsom Gulch. I'd heard about it, of course. A gay sex shop that had video-viewing booths and glory holes in a large back room. But I'd never been there. It seemed like Dylan probably had, though.

    "No," I responded. "But I'd love for you to show me."

    My boyfriend's grin got bigger, and a couple of moments later he was paying for our admission to the back area, which I quickly realized made up the majority of the building. I let him take the lead as we walked down one side of the dark space, a row of wooden doors on either side of us. One of the doors was slightly ajar, and Dylan pulled it open slowly so we could peer inside. We were treated to the sight of a younger guy who was stripped down to his boxer briefs and on his knees. He had his cock in one hand and in the other held an even bigger cock that jutted into the small space through a hole in the wall. We'd caught him while he was taking a breath and a short break from deep-throating the guy in the next booth, and after looking at us with a mischievous expression, the young guy resumed his work. Dylan and I watched for a moment before he returned the door to its almost-closed state. Clearly the guy in there was happy to be "discovered" by anyone who cared to peek in.

    We kept walking until we found another booth with the door standing wide open and no one inside. Dylan stepped in first and then I followed, closing the door behind me and (after giving it brief consideration) turning the lock. We immediately fell into another makeout session, which quickly snowballed into my pants being undone and forced down around my ankles. I managed to step out of them fully and I turned around, giving my boyfriend full access to my ass. I needed this badly after not seeing Dylan for several days. If I had to work tonight, I wanted it to be with Dylan's cum up my ass.

    He was in me fast, which was how I liked it. Even when we were having sex at his apartment, fucks with Dylan were always intense. His chill and collected demeanor seemed to step to the side and he got aggressive at times, though there was always a tender aspect to it. It pushed all the right buttons for me and as usual, I was hard and leaking by the time we got into a steady rhythm.

    It was only then that I realized many of the sex sounds I was hearing around us weren't coming from the TVs playing porn in the booths. Clearly a good number of guys were in here fucking, sucking, and doing who knows what else. The fact that it was Valentine's Day as well as a Sunday sure seemed to get a lot of people out of the house, looking for some lovin'.

    We'd been fucking for a few minutes when I felt Dylan's lips close to my ear and he spoke softly to me.

    "Look down at the glory hole. We have an admirer."

    Indeed, when I glanced at the opening on the wall across from us, an eye stared back at me. Part of the guy's face was visible as well, and what might have seemed creepy in other circumstances was getting me incredibly turned on. Normally in public, we had to keep a lid on things and it felt amazing to let go here, especially when someone was choosing to watch us. The thought of the stranger jerking his cock on the other side of that wall got me even hornier.

    Dylan shifted our position slightly so that the guy had a better view of my hole being penetrated, and I spread my legs even more, loving the idea that he was going to watch my boyfriend dump a load inside me.

    Apparently I wasn't the only one whose horniness was up to a 110%. After fucking me for about five minutes, Dylan was already approaching the edge. "I'm gonna cum inside you," he panted, saying just what I wanted to hear.

    "Oh yeah, cum inside me," I begged loud enough for the stranger to hear through the glory hole as well. Dylan started to thrust faster, and a couple of minutes later he was shouting "OOOH, FUCK!!!" loudly enough for the whole place to hear as he emptied his balls inside my cum-loving hole. Hitting my prostate with each forward thrust, he made me shoot my own load hands-free; my sperm spraying all over the already-sticky floor. 

    After Dylan pulled out a moment later, I pointed my ass to the glory hole, and carefully pushed out half of my boyfriend's load. I wanted the second half in me, but I also wanted our audience member to see the jizz leaking out of my freshly fucked, raw hole. 

    As Dylan and I caught our breath, I saw the eye disappear from the glory hole and I figured the guy either came watching us or was going to move on and see who else he could observe. So I was a bit surprised when a thick erection started to emerge from the opening. Then, we heard a voice from the other side:

    "Now that you boys are done, Daddy needs to shoot his load."

    The tone was commanding but not intimidating. I was slightly surprised to hear it was an older man; for some reason I'd been picturing a guy our age watching us. But the deep, manly voice tapped into my submissive kinks and even though I had just shot a load, I was strongly motivated to get down on my knees and make sure this daddy got what he needed. I glanced at Dylan who looked like he was considering the same thing. When our eyes met, we saw our mutual inclination reflected there and smiled at one another.

    Then, without saying a single word, we simultaneously kneeled on either side of the thick shaft protruding through the hole. It was so hot, being face to face with my boyfriend and having this gorgeous anonymous daddy cock in between us. I leaned in and extended my tongue, licking down the length of what looked to be a solid eight inches. Dylan chose to begin at the head, and I loved the sight of the swollen purple knob disappearing between my boyfriend's lips.

    We each had a hand at the base of the guy's cock, and our fingers were touching in several spots. The stranger cleared his throat and said "That's right, boys! Suck Daddy's dick."

    For an intense, crazy second, the guy's voice sounded just like my father's, which threw me for a loop. I'd seen my dad's dick before so I knew this was clearly not my father, but now that I had him in my mind I couldn't get him out. Does Dad ever come to places like this, I started to wonder. Does he ever get his dick sucked by unknown twinks through a hole in the wall?

    "Fuck yeah, Daddy!" I moaned hungrily and started to deep-throat the stranger with gusto as my boyfriend knelt next to me, watching me with an impressed expression on his face. After a couple of minutes, I continued to share with Dylan and we went back and forth for a while, but most of the time we both had our lips on the man's dick at the same time.

    As the daddy started to near his climax (judging by the sounds he was making), Dylan and I were essentially kissing with his cockhead pressed between our lips. It was incredible, feeling my boyfriend's tongue against mine as we both tasted the salty precum that was oozing out of the guy's piss slit.

    "Uuurrgh, fuck yeah!!" the man grunted and exploded, shooting out one of the biggest cumshots I've ever seen! The first few wads landed on our faces, and then Dylan and I opened our mouths and started to suck out of the rest and swallow it down. The stranger did not disappoint; he had more than enough cum for both of hungry mouths. After over a minute of cumming and catching his breath, the daddy shot us a "Thanks" and headed out of the neighboring stall.

    I never would've thought that on my first ever Valentine's Day with a boyfriend I'd end up sharing a daddy load with him at a glory hole. But nothing about my relationship with Dylan was like I expected… which is precisely why I loved him so much.


    My Valentine's Day dinner date with Dylan was everything I'd hoped it would be. It felt just like it had... before. The past week had been an emotional roller coaster, and it was comforting to be reminded why I fell in love with Dylan in the first place. Things felt normal between me and my son again, which helped. But it was also nice to get some alone time with my boyfriend, just the two of us.

    Dylan and I stayed at the restaurant a little longer than we'd intended, and drank a lot more wine than we had planned. The Uber ride back to my apartment was a blur of kissing and groping, with a bit of thrilling amusement when I noticed the driver checking us out fairly often in the rear-view mirror.

    As we stumbled into the apartment, I made note of the time. 11:15. Brody would be home in about an hour, since his shift ended at midnight. We had plenty of time and didn't need to worry about making our way to my bedroom yet.

    I pushed Dylan onto the couch, where he landed on his back and stared up at me with a sleepy smile.

    "Fuck me, Daddy," was all he said, and I was happy to grant his request. We both quickly had our pants off, and I pulled off my shirt before grabbing one of Dylan's ankles in each hand. He had a jockstrap on, a fact that my hands had discovered in the car on the way home. Now with his ass fully exposed, it only made it easier for my dripping cock to find his hole. I pushed forward and he moaned as I entered him.

    "Yes!" he shouted. "Give it to me. Fuck your seed deep inside me."

    That was the only encouragement I needed to start going hard. Part of it was pent up horniness since I hadn't seen him for several days. And part of it was the intoxication from both the wine and the sheer pleasure of spending a night out with the man I loved. It all added up to an incredibly passionate fuck. We got lost in each other, which might have been why we lost track of time. Or perhaps Brody had been able to leave work earlier than usual. Either way, we were totally caught off guard when my son suddenly entered the apartment, keys in hand, and stopped dead in his tracks.

    We hadn't bothered to turn on any lights when we'd come home, an oversight I was now extremely grateful for. I was sure my son could still see us and tell what we were doing – I was holding Dylan's naked legs spread apart with my hands, for crying out loud! – but it made it a bit less awkward in the dark. For a moment, I wished I could see Brody's expression more clearly, though I was also glad I wasn't being forced to look my son in the eye as I fucked our mutual boyfriend on our living room couch.

    "Hey. Long day. I think I'll head straight to bed," my son said. I tried analyzing his tone of voice; was he really cool with this or was he just acting casual? All the while, my cock continued to pulse inside Dylan's ass, and I slowly rocked my hips back and forth.

    Brody slowly walked from the front door toward his bedroom. I could see that his head was turned toward us as he moved across the apartment. It was actually only a few seconds before he reached the hallway and entered his room. He waited until the door was nearly closed before turning on a light, so I never saw his face, or any sign of his reaction to what he'd walked in on.

    The whole time, I had still been slowly fucking Dylan, as if the reduced pace somehow made us less conspicuous. When my son's bedroom door finally shut, I was able to return my full focus to pounding my boyfriend's ass. I was surprised to find that I was even harder than I'd been before. The thrill of being caught was powerful, even in my own home.

    Dylan resumed the louder moaning he'd been doing before Brody had walked in. It didn't seem to worry him that the sounds might be audible throughout the apartment, so I decided not to worry either. Pretty quickly, we were both back to an intense rhythm and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. Dylan looked up at me with a sexy, teasing smile and said,

    "I fucked your son at Polk Gulch today. Someone watched through a glory hole as I bred his ass, and then we sucked the stranger's dick together."

    Half a second before Dylan finished speaking, I started unloading deep inside his guts.

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