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Fatherly Duty

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    When my late wife and I were younger, we occasionally dabbled in the recreational use of drugs, like many of our friends. At times we'd go on weekend-long binges, and the day after a binge always felt very weird – coming back to reality after such strong ecstasy was an intense experience. 

    Returning to Amsterdam from Paris felt like a similar sobering experience. Our time in England and France was like a super-sexed fever dream; almost like a hallucination that was now over, and we were thrust back into reality. Bram and I were back home alone, to a house that looked and felt incredibly mundane. 

    When I went back to work the following day, everyone wanted to know how my trip was, and I had to find a way to answer their questions without mentioning the most important part: that I was traveling together with two father-son duos, who encouraged my son and me to suck each other's dicks, eventually leading to Bram breeding my ass just hours before we left Paris!

    As wrong as it was, having my son's cock shoot inside my ass felt incredibly right. Since I'd started having sex with men, I was almost always the one on bottom. Usually, the guys breeding me were my age or older; but every now and then I'd stumble upon a twink that enjoyed fucking a daddy. I NEVER expected one of those twinks would be my own son!

    However, what happened in Paris wouldn't necessarily repeat itself in Amsterdam. Now that my son and I were back home, I knew that we had to address this and decide where to go next. I invited Bram to meet me for dinner after work in the center of the city – at the same restaurant where we'd had dinner with Callum & co. when they were here. 

    "So… how are you?" I asked my son after we'd ordered the food. The question was overly formal, but I didn't know how else to begin.

    "I'm okay, Dad," Bram chuckled. "How are you?"

    "I'm good. I mean, obviously, we need to talk about what happened last night."

    "Last night in Paris," Bram said nostalgically, like it was the title of a romantic movie.

    "Last night in Paris. When you… fucked me," I said with a low voice so we wouldn't be overheard.

    "That was fun," my son laughed. If he felt any sort of hesitation or regret about what'd happened, he didn't show it.

    "It was fun, indeed," I agreed with a smile. "But where do we go from here?"

    "Well… I'd love for it to happen again," Bram admitted. "But that doesn't mean we have to be exclusive. Like, I still think we should date other guys. Someday, I'm sure we'll both have boyfriends, maybe even husbands. But for now, as long as we're single… I don't see any harm in us fooling around," he said with a smirk. 

    "Sounds like you have this all figured out," I said just as the waiter showed up with our food. We paused our conversation for a minute until we had more privacy again.

    "I don't have it figured out," my son said to me, "but that's exactly why I want to do it with you. It's why I want to experience sex with you. Last night… you were really good at guiding me through what we were doing," Bram said and he reached for my hand. "I can't think of a better person to have done it with for the first time."

    I smiled, happy to hear that I'd provided my son with not just pleasure, but guidance as well. I squeezed his hand and I enjoyed the food in front of me, confident that Bram and I would burn off the calories just as soon as we got back home.

    Two hours later, my son and I were naked in my bed, rolling around and making out like two lovers. It was still too early to go to sleep, but as soon as we'd returned to the house Bram and I had gone straight to my bedroom. We both knew what was on our minds – there was no use pretending.

    "Dad…" Bram suddenly interrupted our kissing to ask me a question. "When you have sex… are you always the one on bottom?"

    "Not always," I replied. "But usually, yes. Why?"

    "Well, I… I was just wondering… I'd like to try it too so… I was wondering if you would fuck me."

    A broad smile appeared on my face. As much as I preferred bottoming, I felt like it was my fatherly duty to guide my son through this; to show him how it's done and to make his wish come true. 

    "Are you ready? Reach inside that drawer," I said to my son, the smile still on my face.

    "Sure, Dad. What am I looking for?" asked Bram.

    "There's a bottle of lube. Yes, that one. And grab that small vial as well."

    Bram set the lube on the bedside table and rolled the small vial in his hand.

    "What's this for?" he asked.

    "It... enhances the senses when having sex. They're called poppers. You breathe it in through your nose. Here, let me show you," I said, taking the vial from his hand. Bram sat cross-legged, completely intrigued. I unscrewed the cap, closed one of Bram's nostrils gently, and held the vial up to his nose. Bram took a diminutive whiff, then a much larger one. He sat in silence, his eyes almost bulging and his dick visibly twitching.

    "Oh wow, it feels like I'm flying! My dick, it feels so sensitive. And, I don't want this to sound weird, but my hole, it feels like it's relaxing," said Bram in an almost dream-like state.

    "That all sounds about right. And, you're correct, poppers help to get your hole relaxed, especially when you're about to take a dick for the first time," I said and my son grinned wickedly. 

    "Dad, I'm ready. I wanna take dick for the first time. I want you to fuck me," said Bram.

    "I thought you'd never ask," I replied with a smile.

    I pulled Bram into an embrace, kissing him again before getting him to lie flat on his stomach. I crouched behind him and gently pushed his legs apart with my knees. With both hands, I spread my son's smooth ass, revealing his tight pink hole. I leaned down and softly kissed the small of his back. 

    "The poppers will certainly help you relax, but there's more we can do to make sure you're ready," I said quietly, kissing up his spine and caressing his hole with my thumbs, making Bram quiver. I hovered over Bram's hole before circling my tongue around his pucker. Bram moaned into a pillow and ground his dick against the bedsheets.

    "Fuck, Dad, that feels amazing!"

    I lapped at my son's hole more aggressively, making love to his ass with my tongue. I loved and he moaned and wriggled, obviously enjoying the rim job. I licked down my son's taint to his balls and then back up. I noticed Bram take another whiff of the poppers. I waited a few seconds and then drove my tongue into his hole, sinking at least an inch inside his tight chute, eliciting another loud moan from Bram. 

    "I think you're probably ready now," I said and my son nodded. I grabbed the lube and slathered it on my dick, and then added another healthy squirt directly onto Bram's hole. "Now, this next part is important. When you feel my dick press against your hole, I want you to take another whiff of those poppers and then push out, almost like you're going to the bathroom. You want to stay as relaxed as possible. Your dick might go a little soft at first when you're pushing like that, but once I'm in and you loosen up a bit, it'll feel so good. Are you ready, Son?"

    "Yes, Dad," Bram said, getting ready to take another hit of the poppers.

    I rubbed my slick dickhead up and down my son's hole, smearing the lube. I positioned it directly over his hole and slowly but firmly pushed my dick into my son's ass. Bram whimpered as if in pain. I felt tightness and resistance.

    "Remember to push out with your hole, and relax. Take a big hit, I'm going to try again," I whispered encouragingly. 

    I leaned over Bram, trying again to push my dick into his tight virgin hole. I felt the resistance from him, but it dissipated as he inhaled deeply from the vial. The tip of my dick slid inside his warm hole. It felt dirty and lewd, taking my teenage son's virginity, but it felt so good and right.

    "That's it, Son," I said, pulling out and pushing back in. "You're doing amazing."

    "Fuck, dad. Your dick feels so big! I feel like you're splitting me in half," said Bram.

    Inch by slow inch, I pushed my cock into my son before pulling out to give his virgin hole a break. Each time I re-entered him, it was easier and easier until I was finally completely buried in my son's ass. I rested my full bodyweight on top of Bram. My hands snaked up along his arms and our fingers intertwined. I didn't move my hips, letting his hole acclimate to this new experience. I kissed his neck and up to his chin. Bram turned his head slight, enough that our lips could meet. Our mouths both parted and our tongues wrestled. I could feel my son's tight hole clench and unclench around my dick. 

    "You did it, Bram! I have my entire dick inside you," I whispered in his ear.

    "It feels so good! Dad? I think... I think I'm ready for you to really fuck me," he said. 

    All inhibition was gone. I rolled off Bram and flipped him onto his back. Even though I was more inclined to bottom, something came over me. I wanted to manhandle my son and show him what it's like to experience the incredible feelings of bottoming. I lifted his legs and rested his ankles on my shoulders before shoving my dick back inside him. I felt his hole tense with the sudden intrusion and kissed along his calf to help him relax. When my boy's hole felt good and loose, I held onto the crease where the top of his thighs met his hips and unleashed. I started thrusting in and out of my son's hole so aggressively the bed started shaking.

    "You like this dick?" I asked. "You like getting fucked by the dick that made you?"

    Bram could only moan in response, overcome by the ecstasy of my cock gliding along his prostate. He went to grab his dick, but I stopped him. I took both of my son's hands in mine and pinned them against the mattress over his head.

    "Not yet," I said, our faces inches apart. "You'll cum too soon. 

    "Okay, Dad," said Bram in between moans and grunts. "Oh, fuck. Fuck me, Dad!"

    His legs had slipped down off my shoulders and were now tightly wrapped around my waist like he wanted me to never pull out of him. I pounded into my son unlike any other guy I've ever fucked, almost overwhelmed by the sensations of his tight hole gripping my dick. 

    "You want my load, Son? You want me to fill your hole with the jizz that made you?" I asked.

    "Yes! Fill me up, Dad. Oh fuck, I want you to breed me!"

    We kissed again and with one final thrust, my balls tensed and exploded my seed deep into my son's insides. Spurt after spurt of our shared DNA drenched his hole. I quickly pulled out and my cum started leaking out. I put my fingers to his hole and let my sperm pool in my hand. I used it to lube my own hole before I sat on my son's dick, impaling myself. Bram's look of shock quickly dissipated and he started pumping up into me. Within seconds, my son bred my hole for a second time, filling me with my grandkids.

    "Fuuuuuck, that feels amazing, Dad. Fuck!" my son cussed, thrusting inside of me until he was done shooting his entire teenage load. Afterward, he slowly pulled out and I lay down next to him. The two of us cuddled and relaxed in silence, until Bram had one more question to ask: "Do you think you have it in you to fuck me again before we go to sleep?" 

    "Only if you fuck me in return," I replied and gave my son a kiss.

— The End —

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