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"This time, the skin-on-skin contact and the vibration of the plane led to my cock getting hard yet again, and I had to resort to hiding it with my backpack so my father wouldn't notice and realize his son was a horny perv."
Three father-son duos spend the summer traveling through Europe together, building bonds that will last them a lifetime.
Category:  FATHER-SON 

Chapter 1

After years of estrangement, a young father-son duo from Amsterdam grows closer than ever… especially when during a trip to England, they meet kinky Callum and Josh and their equally kinky, incest-indulging friends.

Chapter 2

The gang's euro trip continues to Amsterdam, where all three father-son duos get to stay under one roof. It isn't long before some of the men end up in bed together… all while being watched by curious eyes.

Chapter 3

After spying on Johan's tryst with Ben, Callum has a chat with Johan's son Bram. The two teens' bonding turns to a mutual wank… when Bram's dad walks in on them. Later, the crew tours Amsterdam, and Callum makes a sexy suggestion.

Chapter 4

Johan learns about his son Bram's pervier side, and it makes him question recent events from the past. Thanks to Callum's relentless instigation and encouragement, Johan and Bram take things further than ever… and it's only the beginning.

Chapter 5

Bram's hopes come crashing down when he gets a "no" from his father. But soon, a trip to Paris with their new buddies gives Bram and his dad an opportunity to pick up where they left off. And will they go even further this time around?

Chapter 6

Confused by the new direction that the relationship with his son is headed in, Johan consults Ben. The two dads have a personal conversation, followed by an even more personal time in Ben's suite with their two sons and Callum.

Chapter 7

Still in Paris, Josh and Callum spend some quality father-son time together. Afterward, they join Ben and Sam for what turns into a foursome fuck between fathers and sons, all in front of their new friends Johan and Bram's eyes.

Chapter 8

Johan's surprising statement gets his son excited, but also nervous. That night in bed, Bram wonders: "Can Dad and I really do this?" And when the two of them go all the way, it's not precisely in the way Bram imagined it…

Chapter 9

Johan and his son Bram are back home in Amsterdam, and the question now is: where to go from here? The father and son decide to repeat the pervy actions that took place in Paris, but this time: they're switching positions.

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