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Breed Me!

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    After dating Hector for a couple of months, he had to move from Brooklyn to Queens. It felt devastating to me because we used to live within walking distance from each other, which made our relationship so much easier. Still, I was determined to make it work, and I went and visited as much as possible, occasionally spending the night there. Over time, this became more than just an "occasional" occurrence, to the point where I was sleeping at Hector's more often than not.

    There was also another reason for this: J.J. was going through the terrible twos. He started crying at night, keeping me up, which was horrible for my schoolwork. In addition, both of his parents were becoming snappy. Partly, I'm sure, it had to do with the fact they were also sleep deprived but I knew there was another factor: Rachel and Jaxon were having less sex. Now that J.J. was able to stand up and look at them, they no longer felt comfortable fucking with him in the room. All in all, the atmosphere at the apartment was quite tense.

    As the school year drew to a close, I started looking at summer internships. It was a bleak market, but luckily I managed to snag a position and coincidentally, it happened to be in Queens. That's when Hector suggested,

    "Why don't you move in with me?"

    "What?" I asked as we lay in his bed one Sunday after fucking all morning. 

    "Yeah, I mean, you get along with my roommates and you keep bitching about your sister's place. And this is the largest bedroom I've ever had, I'm sure there's room for all your stuff."

    I couldn't deny that lately I'd been thinking about moving out and letting J.J. have my room. It was only a matter of time and we all knew it. As much as I would miss Jaxon after living together for almost a year, I needed to make the necessary next step. And I'd much rather live with Hector than some random strangers. 

    "Let's do it!" I said and jumped in my boyfriend's arms, letting him dump another load inside me minutes later.

    One Saturday in May, I said goodbye to my sister and J.J. and promised to visit them as much as possible. Jaxon had recently bought a car, and he'd be the one driving me to Hector's place with all my stuff.

    At my new apartment, my boyfriend had gotten pizzas and beer for all of us, and we had a typical post-moving in celebration. Since the place didn't have a living room, we all hung out in the bedroom, chilling on Hector's large bed.

    "I'm gonna miss ya, mate," Jaxon said to me, finishing off the last slice of pizza. He had his shirt off, and even though I'd literally seen him shirtless hundreds of times by this point, he still attracted me like the first time I saw him.

    "I'm gonna miss you too," I smiled.

    "My dad says hi, by the way," Jaxon winked at me. "He's saving up some money for his next trip here."

    "I definitely need to meet him next time he's here," Hector said and gave me a squeeze. He knew all about what happened between me and Jaxon and Jack before Easter, and he found it extremely hot. Now, he got up to open the window and light up a joint, which he and Jaxon passed back and forth.

    We shot the shit for another half hour while they smoked. I've never had close guy friends before, and I was happy to have them in my life. I was still young and I had no idea where things might go with Hector. But as for Jaxon, he was a part of my life for good now! Even if he and my sister ever got a divorce, he would always be J.J.'s father, and we'd always be there for each other. 

    Weed often made Hector horny (although, to be fair, breathing air made him horny, seemed like) and when he got back in bed he put his arms around me and kept kissing on my neck and pinching my nips through my shirt. My brother-in-law watched us in amusement from a few feet away, a Cheshire Cat grin on his face.

    "You guys are worse than Rachel and me," Jaxon said, witnessing our PDA.

    "Oh no!" I protested. "You guys are straight up nasty! I've seen you do everything but fuck on that couch whenever we're watching TV."

    Hector and Jaxon laughed, and my boyfriend threw me onto my back and started kissing me, shoving his tongue in my mouth and cupping my growing bulge.

    "I wanna fuck you," Hector whispered to me, but loud enough for Jaxon to hear.

    "Go for it," my brother-in-law said from the sideline. I looked at Jaxon standing by the window shirtless, and wondered if I was ready to have him watch me get fucked. While I pondered, Hector flipped me onto my stomach and started pulling my T-shirt off. I let him do it, and a few seconds later I felt his tongue sliding down my spine, going from my neck all the way down to the top of my crack, all the while I made intense eye contact with Jaxon.

    "Okay," I muttered, and felt Hector unbuttoning my shorts and pulling them down in one swift move along with my underwear. As I lay stark there naked, I paid more attention to my brother-in-law than I was paying to Hector. It felt like we were giving Jaxon a show, and now that I was no longer living with him, I wanted to say goodbye with a bang. Literally.

    But apparently, watching a show wasn't enough for Jaxon.

    "Open up," he said, tossing the end of the joint out the window and stepping closer to the bed, pulling on his zipper. I'd never sucked my brother-in-law again since that trusty day with his dad, and I was starting to make peace with the fact it'd been just a one-time fluke. I couldn't be more happy to see that I was wrong.

    Jaxon's dick popped out of his pants in front of my face, half-hard and still covered by his foreskin. Meanwhile, Hector was getting started on my ass, spreading my cheeks apart and diving in, shoving his tongue up my hole.

    "Mmm!" I moaned as Hector's tongue and Jaxon's cock went inside of me at the same exact time, through two different ends. 

    "He loves sucking cock, don't he?" my brother-in-law said. 

    "You have no fucking idea how much," Hector said, taking a short break from rimming. "The other week we had two guys over and this one," – he smacked my ass – "worked on all of us."

    It was true. Thanks to Hector, I was having fun discovering my sexuality, but I also felt like I owed Jaxon for that. His constant showing off had made me braver and more brazen as well. 

    Now, my brother-in-law's cock was growing larger in my mouth, the foreskin peeling back on its own. I started to lick Jaxon's cockhead, remembering the last time he came in my mouth and had me swallow his load. Thanks to this and Hector's rimming, I was fully hard and I could feel my hole pulsing and gaping already.

    "Whoa, you gotta see this," Hector said to his buddy. Jaxon pulled out of my mouth and went around the bed to look at my ass. "Look how fucking wide open he is."

    In an effort to impress, I tried pushing my hole open even further, feeling Jaxon and Hector admiring it.

    "I gotta say, that does look tempting," I heard my brother-in-law say, making me dilate even further.

    I felt someone's fingers rimming the edge of my hole in circles. I wasn't sure who they belonged to, but the thought that they might be Jaxon's drove me wild. And soon…

    "Yeah, that's a nice cunt," Jaxon's recognizable voice said just as the two fingers slipped inside of me.

    "MMM!" I moaned again, leaking precum while my brother-in-law fingered me. I felt some shuffling in the back and from that I could piece together, Hector was reaching over to the drawer where he kept the lube. A moment later, Jaxon's two fingers slid out of my hole, only to be replaced seconds later by three fingers, which now felt cooler and smoother with lube.

    "Aaah, fuck me!" I begged. I needed my brother-in-law, not just his fingers, but to feel his uncut straight cock in my cunt.

    "Well then," Jaxon said, and I heard more lube being squirted and applied. His fingers pulled out of my ass again, leaving an empty hole which needed filling. Seconds later, that's just what it got, as a wet cockhead pressed up against it and started to go inside.

    I turned my head back to see my brother-in-law's body behind mine, sliding into me. Jaxon and I made eye contact and maintained it as he started to thrust back and forth with his signature smirk on his face. With every thrust forward, he was going in deeper and deeper. Finally, a few moments later, his shaved pubic region was bumping against my ass as he started to fuck me balls-deep!

    "AH!" I closed my eyes for a while, enjoying the sensation of my brother-in-law's large dick inside of me. I could feel every inch of Jaxon and I clenched my hole, squeezing his cock tightly. I heard footsteps walking away from the bed, which meant Hector was moving so he could get a better view of the action. I knew my boyfriend was proud to share me with other men and watch me get fucked by them, and I was thrilled that this time it was happening with Jaxon.

    After listening to my sister moaning while getting fucked by him for almost a year, I finally got to experience what all the noise was about! Jaxon was a fucking pro!! Hector and all of our other fuck buds were nothing to scoff at, but Jaxon was just… flawless. Here was a man who I'd been lusting over for months, who I'd had a crush on since the moment I met him. Unfortunately, I never got fucked by him while we were living together and here it was, happening on the day I moved out.

    "Fuck yeah, you're a horny little slut, ain't ya?" Jaxon said, smacking my ass. "You want my load?"

    "Yes. Oh, fuck yes! Breed me!" I begged.

    "Yeah, you'd like that, huh? You wanna feel my spunk inside your guts? Want me to knock you up?"

    "Yes, please!" I shouted, barely able to speak as Jaxon's thrusts inside me increased in both speed and intensity. 

    Moments later, I got my wish. My brother-in-law let out a loud "FUCK!" and I suddenly felt a warm load being deposited inside of me. Without touching myself, I started to shoot my own load all over the bed. 

    "Breed me. Breed me," I whimpered, soaking up my brother-in-law's load with my insides. When he was done, Jaxon continued to fuck me for a few more thrusts, before pulling out of me and suddenly flipping me over so I was on my back. Next, something I wasn't prepared for: Jaxon leaned in and gave me a big, strong, sloppy, passionate kiss!

    I still wasn't done cumming, and I continued to blow my load while my brother-in-law's tongue went inside my mouth for the first time and stayed there for a good minute. "I love you," I uttered when we were done kissing, unable to control myself.

    After that, I couldn't say much because Hector put his cock in my mouth and blew his own load. Even though he wasn't my brother-in-law, I savored his cum, and I knew that he and I were in for a very good time now that we lived together.

    Although I knew I wouldn't see Jaxon as much now that we were no longer roommates, I also knew that what we had was special, much closer than any normal brother-in-law relationship. Whatever happened next, I knew I could always count on him to be by my side. And for now, a part of him was nice and safe inside of me.


– The End –

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