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Dad's Prison Boyfriend


    The second I looked into my father's eyes I knew he wanted it. Standing there in the doorway, he was almost salivating at the sight of Landon deep-throating my dick. What else was I to do but invite Dad into the room? I ain't selfish: I'm always happy to share my brother's talented mouth. And I knew Landon sure as hell wouldn't mind. Shit, out of all three of us, he probably enjoyed the whole thing the most.

    A week after the double blowjob, my brother and I were supposed to meet Dad out for an early dinner. When I showed up at the Mexican restaurant on my own, my father gave me a strong hug and asked, "Is your brother coming?"

    "Nah, just me. Landon got detention," I said as I took a seat.

    "Detention? What for?"

    "Ha, it's kinda funny," I laughed, quickly browsing through the menu. We placed our order and I leaned in to give Dad the full story. "So you know how Landon and I have been tattooing people for a while now? Landon's usually the one who draws the artwork, and I do the actual tattooing. And when it comes to drawing, his specialty is… hmm, let's call it 'erotic art.'"

    "Is that so?" my father chuckled.

    "Aha. Since he was little, he's been drawing these really hunky guys and chicks with huge knockers and shit like that. Well, recently a lot of the guys at school found out about it and they started ordering explicit drawings of like female celebrities and anime girls. Landon only charges like $20 a drawing but he's been getting so many orders that it really adds up. Anyway, long story short: a teacher saw a bunch of his drawings and found out he's been selling them, and since it's 'inappropriate material' he got detention."

    "I would think he would get extra credit for being entrepreneurial," Dad said proudly, digging into his food. "Besides, at your age, drawing pictures of naked chicks is the least trouble you can get into."

    "I know, right?" I agreed. Dad and I spent the rest of the meal talking about my tattooing skills and how business was going. Dad even asked if I would give him a tattoo, which I happily agreed to do soon. 

    After my father paid the check, we walked to his car in the mostly-deserted parking lot. I sat in the passenger seat and showed Dad photos of a few tattoos I'd done recently, while he sat behind the wheel smoking a cigarette. Before setting off, there was a question I wanted to ask my father, and I decided this might be a good time to address it.

    "So, Dad… remember the blowjob from Landon last week?" I said with a smirk. 

    "Yeah," my father nodded, maintaining a poker face while pulling on his cig and blowing smoke out the window.

    "Was that your first time?" I asked.

    "First time getting my dick sucked?" my father laughed.

    "First time getting your dick sucked by a guy," I rolled my eyes.

    "Hardly," he chuckled before taking a long drag. "You see, prison gets awful lonely. And, me being a bigger guy, the quiet smaller guys were always willing to offer... payment in return for some protection."

    "Yeah, yeah, I get it. You had a prison bitch," I continued, totally getting where he was going with this. I may not have been incarcerated, but I still knew what was up.

    "Well, it sorta started like that. I'd let them blow me when the guards weren't around, shit like that. But, I don't think you get exactly how lonely it was," he explained, his voice changing to a softer tone that belied his bigger stature. "My cellmate and I, well, we really clicked. He was a younger dude and you could tell he was terrified. It started out simple with bj's. Then, on those nights when the heat wasn't working, once the lights were out, he'd sneak into my cot, and we'd cuddle. Pretty soon we were full-on fuck buddies. You might even call him my prison boyfriend."

    Then, Dad went quiet for a few minutes, lost in his memories. From his expression I couldn't tell if they were good or bad memories, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were a combination of both. It was weird, seeing him so vulnerable like this.

    "He actually looked a bit like you, though he didn't have any tattoos," he said, breaking the silence.

    "Huh. So I'm your type, eh?" I joked.

    "Well, in prison you might've been. He was definitely a cute guy. He was straight on the outside, too. I still remember the first time I fucked him. Virgin hole, tighter than any pussy. I loved watching his smooth hole swallow my cock. Fuck, it felt so good to breed him every night," Dad reminisced, losing himself in the moment, almost as if I wasn't there. I knew the exact feeling he was describing; it sounded a lot like the first time I fucked Landon. Just the thought of it made my dick start to get hard. From the looks of it, Dad's memories were having a similar effect on his pole.

    Next, Dad took one final haul off the cigarette before flicking the butt out the window. He didn't start the car or light another, instead he started palming his growing bulge. Even though he had baggy jeans on, his crotch looked like it was about to burst open at any moment. In my mind's eyes, I remembered what my father's cock looked like, and I craved to see it again in person.

    "Did you ever... do it back? Like, give your cellmate head in return?" I asked nervously, curious at his answer.

    "Not him, no. I never sucked anyone off in prison."

    "What about outside of prison?" I asked next.

    "Yes," he answered monosyllabically. Once again, he had that look of good and bad memories, and I didn't want to prod for more information. 

    "What about you?" Dad asked me in return. "Ever sucked anyone off?"

    I shook my head. I'd let Landon fuck me, and I liked it, but I never sucked him off – although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious about it. My father could probably spot my curiosity, as the next things he said was, 

    "Well, maybe we should fix that. Would you like to try sucking my cock?" he suggested, unzipping his jeans and whipping out a dick that was bigger than mine. I'd seen it before, but now I was getting an even closer look at it and I could understand why so many women allowed my dad to knock them up. "Your brother's already had a taste, it's your turn now," he added.

    It sounded like an invitation, but the look in my dad's eyes made it seem more like a command. I'd been so used to being the dominant one, but this change of dynamic felt right for now. For some reason, I felt myself wanting to please him. I slowly leaned over to the driver's side and immediately put his bulbous head into my mouth. It was a weird sensation, having another guy's dick in my mouth – let alone the fact it was my own father's! The fact that we were parked in public only made the whole thing more thrilling.

    I had to shift a bit to get in a comfortable position. Once I achieved that, I was really able to start exploring. It was strange, feeling something that was both hard and soft inside my mouth. I heard a soft moan of appreciation which only served to make me more eager. I managed to get halfway down Dad's eight or nine inches before I gagged. I had to pull up to stop from puking, but that did nothing to deter me.

    "Start slow, son," dad encouraged in a quiet voice. It was probably the same tone of voice he'd used with his prison boyfriend.

    I wiped away the tears that had welled up and tried again. This time, I was hit by the flavor of Dad's precum, which was salty but also kinda sweet. I felt one of his hands stroking my hair as I worked my way down his shaft once again. I got to the midway point and felt that familiar gagging sensation, so I tried to relax and breathe through my nose the way Landon and Darren did when they serviced me.

    Eventually, I got the hang of it and tried to swallow more of my father's cock but I failed once again. I should've known I wouldn't be able to deepthroat like my brothers could on my first try. I settled with what I was comfortable with, and Dad seemed plenty happy with that. Trying to think like my brothers, I started bobbing my head up and down Dad's meat while jerking the lower portion of his shaft with my hand.

    "That's right, son, work Daddy's dick," he groaned overhead, his hair-stroking turning into hair-pulling instead.

    He could tell I couldn't take all of his dick in my mouth, so I was appreciative he wasn't trying to throat-fuck me aggressively like I loved doing to Landon. Either way, I was finding I was enjoying myself. I wasn't sure if it was the actual act of blowing a guy, or the fact I was crossing another line by sucking my own father!

    "Ahh fuck yeah, you and brother both have talented mouths," Dad moaned, his voice husky.

    He began thrusting his hips, just enough to push my limits. He made me gag more, but again I tried to remember my breathing. I let him take over and he fucked in and out of my mouth without going too deep down my throat. I focused on keeping my mouth wide and I used my tongue as much as possible. Dad groaned louder and thrusted one final time, shooting hot, salty sperm to the back of my throat. I swallowed every drop; every one of my little brothers and sisters.

    "You did well, son. Especially for your first time," my father sighed after his orgasm. I sat up and adjusted my rock-hard dick while Dad started the car. I knew tonight I'd be fucking one of my brothers' asses – if not both of them! 

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