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Full Service


    "So this is where the magic happens, huh?" I asked as I entered the poster-covered room.

    "Yup, Dad," my son Reed smiled. "This is where my magic wand and I make it all happen."

    I was entering a tattoo studio on a Tuesday afternoon. I had the day off work and Reed was on spring break so he didn't need to go to school today. The studio was owned by a friend of his who let Reed use it. My son sure seemed to know his way around as he showed me to the chair I'd be sitting in. 

    "Ready to see the tatt you're getting?" Reed asked.

    "Sure am," I nodded. I'd gotten multiple tattoos in the past so I wasn't nervous. What made this one different and special, however, was the fact it was specifically designed for me by my son Landon. Today was the first time I'd be seeing it. 

    "Here we go," Reed said, showing me the stencil his brother had drawn. The first thing I noticed was the intricate tribal design. It took me a few seconds to understand what it was.

    "It's… a bird of some sort. An eagle?" I asked.

    "Close. A phoenix," Reed corrected me. "Landon thought it was appropriate for you. A rebirth. Rising from the ashes and starting anew and all that."

    My eyes watered and my hand shook as it held the stencil paper. It meant a lot that my son would draw this for me, and I couldn't be prouder to get it permanently tattooed on my body – by my other son nonetheless.

    "So where do you think we should put it?" I asked Reed.

    "Where do you want it?" he asked.

    "Not on my back. I want it somewhere I can see it."

    "Well you already have tattoos on your chest. We can go with your stomach, or your thighs," my son suggested.

    "Let's go with my stomach then," I said, already taking off my shirt. Before I sat in the chair, Reed lowered the back so it was horizontal like a chaise. I lay down, my bare back sticking to the leather.

    "Do you want it below or above your belly button?" Reed asked next.

    "Isn't it kinda weird for a man to get a tattoo on his lower belly?"

    "I mean, you can do what you want. I think it looks kinda hot," my son said, lifting up his T-shirt and flashing the tiger and snake that he had tattooed on his obliques.

    "Yeah, let's place it there," I agreed.

    My son lowered the waistband of my sweatpants down to my knees. He then rolled down the waistband of my boxers, down below the top of my pubic hair. The act felt slightly erotic even though Reed kept a very professional look on his face.

    "I'm gonna have to shave this a bit," he announced, pulling out a razor.

    Reed used rubbing alcohol to wash my skin and then carefully used the razor to clean up any stray hairs along my obliques and even some of my pubes. He motioned me to lay down on what looked like a massage table. After that, he printed out the stencil. With a look of intense concentration, he gently laid down the stencil in a similar fashion to his own tattoos. The phoenix's wingspan was diagonal, pointing to the top of my hip and the base of my dick. 

    In order to get the placement just right, Reed firmly pressed his forearm against my soft cock. I could feel myself getting hard but I knew this was probably the most important part of the process. Just as he finished, I could tell I was half-erect, and my dick pulsed. I prayed I would be able to keep it down, but I wasn't sure. My son even gave me a sly look when he felt my growing erection.

    "Uh, sorry," I chuckled, knowing he understood.

    Like a pro, Reed got to work. He again assumed a state of extreme concentration as he gingerly touched the tattoo gun to my skin. I'd had plenty, so the painful sensation was familiar and didn't surprise me. If anything, I was just amazed at how seriously Reed took his work at such a young age. It gave me a sense of pride in knowing he had a great work ethic. As he maneuvered, he kept pressing his forearm against my dick. The resulting friction soon led me to sport a full-on erection!

    An hour later, after much boner rubbing – some of which I thought might've been intentional – Reed finished with the tattoo. Asking me to stand up, he got on his knees to slather on some Vaseline and covered the area with saran wrap, taping the sides down with masking tape. Through all the pain, I had somehow managed to maintain my erection and there was nothing that could change that.

    "You know this here is a full service, right?" Reed joked, jabbing at my package with his index finger.

    Before I even had a chance to pull my sweatpants up or retort back, my son surprised me by pulling both my boxers and my sweats down to my ankles. My dick sprang free, slapping Reed in the face. He merely giggled, a weird sound coming from someone who looked so rough, and he immediately took my cock into his mouth. Enjoying the sensation, I let it all happen. This made it twice in just over a week that my son was blowing me. God damn, did it feel good, too!

    "Ahh, oh fuck, son," I stammered, sitting back down on the edge of the table.

    I had to lie down on my back to alleviate the pain from my new tattoo. Reed stood up as I did before bending at the waist to slobber on my cock again. I wasn't sure if he'd practiced since the last time this happened in my car, but he had half my length in his mouth without any gagging or signs of struggle. For the second time today, I was very proud of him.

    Reed tried and tried to deep-throat me but couldn't quite accomplish the feat fully. I stroked his hair as he moaned of my cock, his saliva coating his cheeks. He was turning into quite a good cocksucker; not as good as Landon, but there was time to fix that. All while this was happening, Reed had managed to undo his belt and pull down his jeans. He tugged at his underwear until that too fell to the floor. He stepped out of his clothes and then looked up at me with a smirk.

    "Wanna try fucking me this time?" he casually asked while stroking my dick.

    "Are… Are you sure?" I asked in disbelief of what I was hearing.

    "Yeah! It ain't my first time. Landon fucked me before, on Christmas Eve," he explained. "Actually, he was pulling out of my ass right when you knocked on the door."

    Hearing those words and realizing I had almost walked in on my son breeding his older brother sent me into overdrive. 

    "Fuck yeah, boy. Come ride your daddy's dick," I grunted, letting my hormones take over all rational thought.

    Reed kicked off his shoes and then hopped up on the massage table to straddle my waist. Mindful of my new ink and the sensitive area around it, he first turned away so his back was to me. He pulled off his T-shirt and I couldn't help but admire his smooth, toned back that was covered in tattoos. Reed reached back with both hands to pull his ass cheeks apart, showing off his beautiful, hairless pink pucker. He had me practically drooling.

    I reached forward and thumbed his hole before using my hand to slap my dick against it. Reed spat in his palm, using the spit to lube my cock some more. He started to sit down on the tip but struggled. He reached for the Vaseline he'd used earlier on my tattoo and fingered some into his hole. He tried again, gasping when the head of my cock first pushed past his tight sphincter. He lowered himself an inch, two inches, before stopping.

    "Fuck, Dad! Your dick feels fucking huge!" he cried out.

    I smiled, knowing what he must be going through. He wasn't the first inexperienced hole to have the pleasure of trying out my meat. He was being smart, letting himself adjust to my girth. Admittedly, I was so horny that it took everything in me to NOT slam my cock into him, regardless of how tight he was.

    Slowly but surely, Reed inched his way down my pole until I was fully penetrating him. Next, he gently eased himself up and down. I lay back and enjoyed the view of his tight hole stretched around my throbbing cock. His moans of pleasure as he took me deep was enough to nearly make me cum.

    Seeming to have loosened up more, Reed readjusted himself, getting into a low squat without ever letting my dick plop out. Using his thighs and knees for leverage, my son started bouncing his ass up and down my cock, careful not to rub against my belly too much. He started slowly at first but gradually picked up speed, fucking himself on my pole, moaning and whimpering in pleasure. 

    After a few minutes, Reed leaned back, supporting his upper body by putting his arms down and his hands on the cushioned tabletop in a crab-walk position. Now, it was my time to take over. Even though I was a bit sore from the tattoo, I got my feet up onto the massage table so I could thrust up into my son. Our bodies moved away from each other before slamming together, meeting in the middle with loud slaps. I pounded up and into my son's ass with enough force that my ballsack was slapping against his taint. 

    "Fuck, son, I'm not gonna last much longer," I groaned. In response, Reed started jacking himself off with one hand while keeping himself supported with the other.

    "I'm ready, Dad! Fill my hole!" he moaned, causing me to unleash my load. I painted his insides with my jizz just as he jerked himself to completion, sending his sperm all over his abs. I laid back down and Reed slowly lifted himself off my cock. He hovered for a moment, letting my cum drip out of his freshly-fucked asshole and onto my dick.

    "Phew, thanks, Dad. That was fun," Reed laughed, carefully getting off the table. "Now, let's go see what Landon's up to, huh? I think he'll be upset to hear we did this without him."

    "Don't worry," I said with a smirk as I accepted my son's hand, helping me stand up. "I think I can muster another load for your brother."

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