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Eating Out

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    In utter panic, I tried pulling my underwear up from around my ankles and stuffing my still-hard dick inside it. My fresh cum was still dripping down the bedroom door. Inside the room, my two half-brothers gawked at me in disbelief. They'd just caught me spying on them; Landon with a six-inch dildo up his ass, Reed with his dick down Landon's throat. Acting rash and clumsy, I tripped on my own underwear… and I banged my forehead right in the doorframe.

    "AHHH!!!" I shouted, covering my forehead with one hand while still holding on to my dick with the other. I could feel a good amount of blood gushing down my face.

    "Darren?!" my half-siblings exclaimed once again. They made for the door, trying to hold me up and help me. With their dicks still hard and the dildo still inside Landon's ass, the whole scene was as comical as it was fucked up.

    "Are you okay? Do you need a doctor?" Reed asked me, placing my arm around his shoulders and holding me steady.

    "I'm fine. The cut ain't that deep," I said, my dick wagging left-to-right and hitting my brothers' thighs.

    "Are you sure? There's a lot of blood," Landon noted with concern.

    "I'll be okay. Just get me a towel," I asked.

    Reed looked around and grabbed hold of the first thing he saw: a pair of his used boxers off the floor. I was not in a position to be picky, so I held the underwear up against my forehead, noticing its VERY ripe adolescent scent. 

    "You sure you don't need a doctor?" he asked me a moment later, after we'd all calmed down a bit.

    "Yes. I'll put some ice and a bandaid on it and I'll be fine. You guys go to sleep," I said, rushing out of the room into the bathroom to clean up. Once I was ready, I got back in my bed and immediately passed out after that adrenaline rush.

    "How's your head this morning?" Reed asked, placing a plate with toasted waffles in front of me. They were burnt, but it was a thoughtful gesture.

    "It's alright. The bleeding stopped fairly quickly," I said, avoiding eye contact with either him or Landon, who was sitting quietly at the other end of the table.

    "So, I guess you know our secret now," Reed added matter-of-factly.

    I muttered, "You mean the thing about…"

    "Landon sucking my dick," Reed finished my sentence. "Yeah."

    I struggled to get my next question out. "How long have you two been…?"

    "A couple of years," Reed continued calmly. "I had a girlfriend back then and she would suck me off regularly. I got quite used to it. Then we broke up, and Landon took over for her."

    I looked up at Landon, who made eye contact with me before quickly looking away. 

    "Does anyone know?" I asked.

    "Only you," said Reed. "And from what I could tell, you liked what you saw."

    I wanted to protest, but it was in vain. I'd been caught red-handed and there was no more fronting.

    "I'm sorry. It's been a while since I've had sex," I admitted. "My sex drive is all messed up."

    "Riiiight," Reed smirked. I finally looked him in the eyes, sweat gushing down my face just like the blood from last night. Looking much calmer than me, my 17-year-old brother simply said, "Listen, man, I'm just glad you didn't get seriously hurt last night or freak out by what you saw. As far as we're concerned, everything's cool. So, I don't know if there's anything you wanted to talk about but, we're cool."

    "Actually, there is something," I stated. "I'm going back to your school tomorrow to talk to the principal. And I think… I think you guys should stay here for a while if… if you want to, of course. Until you figure out your next step.

    "Really?!" Reed asked happily, his and his brother's faces beaming with joy. "It won't be that long, I promise. As soon as I turn 18 in a few months, I'm gonna get certified to be a tattoo artist and I already know a guy who said I could apprentice with him. I'll get a lot more clients once I'm legit. I'll set up a website and everything. I'm sure I'll make enough money to rent a little apartment somewhere."

    "And once we save up some dough and get a bit older, we're thinking of moving to Vegas," Landon chimed in enthusiastically. "That's where the real money's at."

    "Sounds like you have a plan," I smiled proudly. 

    "Yeah, but we're gonna need your help," Reed said. "We don't really know how to do it all. We've never even had a bank account, all our work's been cash in hand."

    "Not a problem. We'll figure it out," I nodded.

    "Thanks, bro," Reed winked at me. "And you don't have to eat those waffles just to humor me. C'mon, breakfast's on me if you drive us somewhere."

    We drove to a nearby diner that was pretty full, which was to be expected on a Sunday. Thankfully, a family got up and left their table in the far back corner just as we walked in, so Landon made a beeline for it and made sure we got it. I hurried after him but Reed took his sweet time walking past the counter and booths. With Landon ahead of me, I noticed he was wearing the same clothes from when I picked them up on Friday, which worried me. Reed, meanwhile, was wearing tight gray sweatpants, clearly with no underwear. He seemed to thrust his hips forward as he walked to draw attention to his considerable package. Part of me wondered if he WANTED me to notice, which I did. Though, this time, with considerably less guilt.

    We sat at the last booth in the row and past the end of the counter. In the booth behind us sat an elderly couple yelling at each other, probably due to low batteries on their hearing aids. I sat with my back to the old man and my two brothers sat across from me. They were fooling around the way boys their age are prone to do and before long Reed was tickling his brother, making Landon knock over the salt and pepper shakers. 

    "Boys, c'mon," I chided, much to their amusement.

    The two teens kept at it, trying to tweak each other's nipples or jab the other's side. Their shenanigans had them roaring in laughter, even louder than the shouting seniors sitting behind me.

    "Knock it off," I scolded, trying to sound stern and serious.

    "Okay, Dad," Reed said to me mockingly but he and his brother finally calmed down a bit.

    The waitress came and went, dropping off our food. Landon didn't seem that hungry and merely nibbled on a muffin while Reed went to town on a massive omelet. I ate my non-burnt waffles and enjoyed the relative silence until I noticed a quick movement across the table. I was amazed to see that Reed had taken Landon's free hand and placed it on his crotch. I could easily see Landon fumbling with the waistband of Reed's sweatpants, trying to get at his brother's dick! They were certainly trying to be discreet about it, but my jaw dropped and a piece of waffle fell onto the table. 

    "What the hell are you two doing?!" I snarled, more in concern they could get caught than in anger.

    "What, you've never gotten a handjob in public?" Reed teased. "We'll be fine, just keep an eye out for us."

    There was just enough room between the table and the booth bench that I had a clear view of Landon taking Reed's dick out. Landon, acting like this was totally normal behavior, started stroking his brother. The couple behind me were paying their check and the waitress walked over to their table. Reed quickly tucked his dick under his shirt until she left. A few seconds later, Landon quickly resumed his work, even as the seniors started getting up from their table. I cautiously turned to look behind me. The old woman smiled at me before walking off arm-in-arm with her husband. I couldn't believe my brothers were actually getting away with this!

    The waitress returned to clear the other table and check on us, totally unaware of what was going on. A large group of college kids arrived to replace the old couple at the neighboring table and they were drawing a lot of attention while arguing who gets to sit where, to the point where many people were turning to look our way. I was worried that all the extra attention would cause SOMEONE to notice what was happening between my half-brothers, but everyone seemed fixated on the loud 20-somethings. It was almost as if all the commotion was an added thrill for the boys as Reed just sat back and smiled while his brother pumped his dick. 

    "Ah, fuck bro, just like that," Reed grunted, staring down at his dick and thrusting his hips up, fucking Landon's fist. 

    I was completely flabbergasted but also incredibly turned on. I was wearing only a pair of gym shorts, and I felt spurred on by my brothers. I hiked up the leg on the side closer to the wall and fished out my throbbing dick. I subtly – or so I thought – stroked myself under the table. Reed noticed the movement of my arm and a cocky grin split his face. He raised an eyebrow and motioned down with his eyes. I blushed, and smiled, but tried to keep a straight face. The waitress was back to take the college kids' order, but this time we all just kept going.

    "Oof, that's good," Reed whispered. "Go faster!"

    I watched as Landon increased his pace, his fingers coated in Reed's sticky precum. I could feel my own precum leaking onto my thigh as I kept the same speed as Landon. 

    "Put it in your mouth," Reed begged, and Landon was quick to obey. He bent down, mostly hidden by the table, and swallowed his brother right to the base. With Landon's nose nestled in his big brother's pubes, Reed pushed and pulled Landon's head up and down his dick, using his mouth like a fleshlight. Even with Reed's audible moaning, we still remained unnoticed. 

    "Oh, shit! I'm getting close!" Reed grunted. Next, he pushed down firmly on the back of Landon's head, making him gag and swallow his fraternal load. I couldn't hold on any longer and shot my cum under the table onto the floor, hopefully not shooting far enough to spray Reed's sweatpants with it.

    "He's got a great mouth," Reed remarked, cocking his head towards Landon. "You should try it out sometime."

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