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Reed Was Right

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    Early on Monday morning, I drove my half-brothers to the mobile home they once shared with their mom. I could tell from the outside that the place was very shabby, as was the entire area surrounding it. The lawn on either side of the dirt driveway was derelict and dry. I could see an eviction notice hanging on the outside of the front door.

    "You can wait in the car," Reed said from my passenger side, pulling out his key to the trailer. "We won't be long."

    "Are you sure? I can help you pack your stuff," I offered.

    "We'll be fine. We ain't got that much stuff anyway," he said as he and Landon got out of the car. I figured they were probably embarrassed by the state the home might be in, and they didn't want me to witness it. I checked a few emails on my phone and fifteen minutes later my half-brothers came out, each of them carrying two large trash bags, which they stuffed in the trunk of my car.

    "That's it, that's all our clothes," Reed announced, sitting back into the passenger seat and buckling up.

    "Is that all you own? Do you have a computer or something?" I asked.

    "We used to. One of Mom's boyfriends stole it," Landon said nonchalantly from the backseat.

    I refrained from asking how it was possible for two students to do their homework without a computer in this day and age. As low as the boys' grades were (Reed got D's in most of his classes; Landon averaged C's) I was now impressed that their scores weren't even worse, all things considered.

    I could tell the two teens were antsy to get out of here, so I drove off without further questions. I took them to their school, where I headed to the principal's office and explained that my brothers would be living with me for the next few months. She seemed satisfied to hear that and her parting words to me were "You're doing a good thing for these boys."

    Finally, I went to work, where for the first time in three days I got to think about something else beside my newly-found half-brothers. Since I'd had last Friday off, there was a lot of work to catch up on, and it was a welcome distraction from all my family drama. I was so busy that I lost track of time and I didn't make it home until 7 o'clock, where I found Landon doing homework in front of the TV.

    "Hey. Sorry, I didn't realize it was that late. You okay?" I asked him.

    "Yeah, I came back on the school bus," Landon replied. "Reed's at our friend's tattoo studio. He's assisting with a huge tattoo this lady's getting all over her back."

    "Aha. Did you eat?" I checked, feeling like Landon's parent for a moment.

    "Yeah, I raided the fridge for some leftovers," he said, and he finished up his homework while I had something to eat as well. Then, we both settled down next to each other on the couch, finally ready to relax after a long day.

    "Darren… Did you mean it when you said it's been a long time since you had sex?" my brother asked me out of the blue.

    "Yes," I admitted. 

    "How come?" Landon inquired. "I mean, you're good-looking and everything."

    "I dunno, I've just been busy," I said uncomfortably. "Plus, everything's done over apps these days, and I kinda hate hookup apps."

    "You don't need an app to talk to me," the teen added with a smirk.

    "Ahem, wh— what do you mean?" I stuttered.

    "Remember at the diner yesterday, when Reed said you should try one of my blowjobs? It— It kinda turned me on to hear him say that," my brother confessed, adjusting his bulge in his loose shorts and bumping my thigh with his knee.

    I could feel myself starting to sweat. I was both impressed and tempted by his forwardness. At the same time, I felt conflicted, like it would be taking advantage if I accepted his offer. It was true I'd fantasized about both of my brothers already, but there would be no going back from this. 

    Landon kept rubbing my thigh with his knee, making my dick grow steadily harder. I could feel the heat from his body, which burned just like the desire in his eyes. My hand flinched, almost as if to reach for his thigh. But we're family and he's only a teenager, this is insane! Then again… he already blows Reed – his full brother. What difference would it make if he does it to me, his half-brother?

    Before I could say anything or even make up my mind, Landon got up and headed towards his room. Thinking I was off the hook, I let out a deep sigh of relief. I traced the outline of my still-hard dick, wondering just how good my little brother would've been. The sound of soft footsteps made me jump, but I was even less prepared for what I was about to see. It was Landon, both calm and confident, completely naked, carrying the dildo and lube I'd bought for him. My jaw dropped and my dick pulsed.

    "I like having this in my ass while I'm sucking cock," Landon smiled, setting the dildo down on the coffee table in front of me. "I've been practicing with it like we talked about, though each time my hole always feels tight. I remember you had another suggestion for that. Would you be willing to help me relax?"

    Without waiting for an answer, Landon got down on all fours on the carpeted floor in front of me. He splayed his knees wide, making his cheeks spread and exposing his tight hole. It looked even tastier this close. My dick and my hormones settled any debate I was having. In a flash, I was on my knees behind him. I put a hand on each of his asscheeks and gently squeezed, savoring the view. Landon wriggled his hips, enticing me further. I let all the guilt and internal conflict dissipate and I dove in.

    Keeping a tight grip on his smooth skin, my tongue instantly found his hole. I drew circles around it slowly, loving the taste of my youngest brother. The sensitive skin was the color of pale pink that nearly matched the tone of the rest of his body. He didn't have a single hair. I kissed down towards his taint so that I was nose deep in his ass. He smelled pleasant, musk with a hint of sweat. I eagerly lapped in this tender spot between his hanging balls and hole, eliciting squeaks of pleasure from Landon. I tickled his ball sack with my tongue before licking back up to his hole. 

    "Oh, fuck! That's amazing," Landon gasped. "You're even better at this than Reed!"

    My brother's compliment only motivated me. I got down onto my back and I scooted my head in between his legs. I pulled down on his hips, bringing his hole to my hungry tongue, his dick and his nuts resting on my forehead. I sensed him shift into a kneeling position, straddling my head and feeling more of his weight on my face. It drove me wild. I audibly ate his ass, sounding like an animal. 

    After a few minutes, Landon spun around so he was facing my torso and legs. His balls now bounced on my chin as he tugged at his penis. I felt his hands at my zipper and Landon quickly had my fly down and my rigid dick was freed. My brother's hand wrapped around my dick and slowly started stroking me. He used his thumb to swab my precum around my sensitive tip, making me quiver. 

    I could've stayed with this for hours until I blew my load but only minutes had passed by. Landon tried to move, but I kept him glued to my face. Eventually, his position became stronger, and he was able to stand up. I sat up, wiping my face with the back of my hand. I stood up as Landon squirted a small amount of lube onto the dildo, setting it down on the carpet. Then, he sank to his knees and lined up the toy underneath his ass. 

    I slowly stroked myself and our eyes locked as he eased himself down. He paused, making a brief pained face, and then continued to push down with his hips. He gingerly lifted an inch or two before sinking back down. Just like he had done when I watched him blowing his brother, Landon started slowly fucking himself on the toy. As if they had a mind of their own, my feet started moving me closer to him. I let my shorts fall to the floor and I stepped out of them as I approached Landon. My dick hovered inches from his face and he looked up at me like a puppy dog. In slow motion, his lips parted, and I sank my tool into his teen mouth. God, it felt amazing to have a mouth on my cock again!

    For the first few minutes, I let Landon do all the work. I stood over him, my hands on my hips and I let him eagerly bob his head up and down my pole. He kept his hands planted on my thighs for support as he continued to penetrate himself with the toy. He didn't have any problem swallowing my entire shaft, as evident by what I've seen him do to his brother. It was amazing that at his age, he didn't choke or gag once. He greedily slurped on my dick, happy as can be. He seemed to be loosening up his hole nicely, as he increased his pace bouncing on the dildo. He slammed himself up and down on the rubber boner, moaning and grunting around my dick. 

    Landon's hands came to my hips and he attempted to get me to start thrusting. I took his cue and ran my fingers through his tousled blonde mop until I could grab a double fistful of hair. I kept his mouth firmly down on my dick and I started to pump in and out of his sweet mouth. I could feel every inch of his tongue along the length of my meat as I fucked my brother's face. I had to concentrate on not cumming with the added movement. I wanted to blow my load so badly, but also wanted to enjoy my brother's oral talent for as long as possible. I was in actual ecstasy as he deepthroated me.

    "Awww, fuck, bro. Reed was right: your mouth is amazing," I whispered in a husky voice.

    Now that I knew how willing Landon was, and how good he was, it was going to be difficult not to use his mouth whenever my dick got hard. As this thought floated through my mind, suddenly, I heard the front door open. I looked over to see Reed returning home. He had a sappy grin on his face as he took in the scene. He eyed his brother approvingly as I continued to pound Landon's throat.

    "I see you took my advice," Reed stated smugly before turning to his younger brother and asking, "You have that toy up your ass again?"

    "Mhm," Landon nodded before finally taking my dick out of his mouth to say, "I love having it up my ass while I'm sucking dick."

    "How about… we use the real thing?" Reed offered, tugging down the waistband of his sweatpants and pulling out his rock-hard dick. "You ready to get fucked, lil' bro?"

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